Tuesday, January 25, 2005



What we need is more emotion
What we need is the focus on sympathy
What we need is the story presented
In a way that requires our empathy

Why are they leaving
Is it just because they're poor
When are we going to look down there
As to who has more

What region are they from
And who has the power
Is it easier to write up
When it only takes the hours

To look in one country
As to where the injustice lies
Do you think it anymore the truth
Because the story makes us cry

If you want to help help
But don't make that decision for me
Don't you think there's more than
They only want to be free

Anybody askin Vincinte hard questions
Where did all the money go
That we gave to bail them out
And what do they have to show

What about our veterans and citizens
Are we to hang our heads in shame
Is this about culturism vs nationalism
And hypenated american names

Any pressure headed their direction
To make it a better place
So refugees don't have to flee
To find any saving grace

Or is it easier to take
From the good ol US of A
Than drugs and thugs and corruption
That don't want to hear what you have to say anyway

8:59 pm
*mailed to a local tv station
after another lead in report
ran all day about...."mexico's lost children"
transcribed this time
9:39 am

Saturday, January 08, 2005


What bias


No wonder
You can't see it


You're so far left
You're left out
You play babble scrabble
With out any doubts

You hate being white
You hate your own nation
You compromise and apologize
And want to give reperations

You loathe the military
All police are bad
You never met a criminal
Who's story wasn't sad

You admire Ted Rall's scrawl
Think Hanoi Jane is cool
And completely go along with
The college speech code rules

Open the borders
Let them all in
And no one will hurt us
If we treat them like friends

You're not whacko
You're not nuts
It's everybody else
No ifs ands or buts

Insulated and innoculated
Arrogant most of the time
You're scared of guns
But you want mine

You name call
When arguments fall through
Facist racist bigot
Homophobic nuthin new

It turns your stomach
To see the flag unfurl
But you like the UN
Like their take on the world

You suck up to
Mean spirited girls
Like what maybe they'll
Allow you one small whirl

And oh yeah
Hollyweird is fine
With their influence-za
And droppin more than a dime

No wonder
You can't see it there
You probably can't see it

2002 maybe
transcribed this time
11:58 pm

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I hear the trap door swinging

I hear the trap door swinging

I hear the hangman's song
And think of all the pedophiles
And where they all belong

I hear the whoosh and snap
Justice is such a fate
I hear the wood and rope
Creaking from the weight

I see the next one step up
I see no offer of a hood
They all need to know
That they are now understood

And I love the hangmans song
And I could sing it everyday
Till there were no more molesters
To make our sacred children

Their prey

11:13 pm
transcribed this time
12:22 am
written in relation to
some of the more evil activity
going on around the recent Tsunami
And the kidnaping of a western 12 year old boy
There...stolen from his family

Not that I don't believe this to be
a generally applicable sentiment
Toward this activity in general


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Stinking Racist Gringos

Stinking Racist Gringos

All they’ve ever got are complaints
Like they never heard of Guadalupe
Like they never heard of a Saint

Whitey ain’t nuthin but an oppressor
And a taker of people and land
And as soon as they are overwhelmed
Then they’ll understand

Here comes the flood of illegal immigration
Of excuses corruption and pain
Here come the diplomats stonewalling
Like they can’t hear you call their name

But the press is certainly sensitive
They know exactly what to do
They know exactly who to blame
And what rights need to be pursued

By the culture first lawyers
With their outstretched greedy hands
With their under the table mordida
And they’re tangle it all up plans

Here come the Latin gangs
Spreading out their web of connections
Extending into Mexico and Al Queda
Who’d have guessed that direction

Except the brown hating people
Who stand in the new worlds way
It’s spoken in the Arts Organizations meetings
Getting their funding by the NEA

Stinking Racist Gringos

There time is almost over
All National Borders will end
And then La Raza will rise
And will put in power the real men

The movement is spreading
Who among us dares to speak out
Who dares to call it what it is
Who is not cowed by fear and doubt

10:22 pm
transcribed this time
6:43 pm