Saturday, May 20, 2006


Iran away from common decency
Iran away from sanity
Iran toward my annihilation
Iran toward my vanity

Iran away from the good life
And chose cheap power instead
Iran toward pychotic despotism
And away from using the brain in my head

Iran away from civilized progress
From education and learning new ways
Iran toward the darkness of demons
Toward the crushing of hope for

A brand new day


Iran from leading my people
Into the new millinium of light
Iran away from the truth
Covered my ears and shut my eyes

Real tight

Iran toward the sword
The justice of cold steel rain
Iran away from goodness and mercy
To worship death and pain

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
1:21 pm
with Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD,
Ansar-e Hizballah, and more than a
few of the mad mad mullahs in mind
No nukes for you
No wiping anybody off the map
No 40,000 suicide bomber threats
No more soft responses to your crap

Turn toward civilization
Turn away from lies
Turn around and live

Turn around or die


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Maybe a little turn about fair play

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
How many have been wounded under fire
Was any reporter killed by a road bomb
By an IED going off under a tire

I don’t care what they’re doing it for
I don’t care if they were brave or true
Just give me the dead and injured numbers
Don’t bore me with what they were trying to do

All I need to know about reporters
Is how many have lost a limb or eye
Just get me some sensational action shots
I’ll fill in the who’s and what’s and why’s

Don’t waste my time about their hardships
Don’t sap it all up about their love of home
Although I would be interested in maybe
If they were ever really scared and alone

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
Was it a record amount today
All that counts is how much blood there was
And not what their hearts and souls had to say

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
And is there anybody I could possibly blame
All I need to know is their bloody body count
And of course everyone knowing how to

Pronounce and spell my name

10:31 pm

Friday, May 12, 2006

How much do they want to take

They want to take
Till there's nothing left

Like it's all about a conversation
Like nobody actually lives or dies
Like good men don't fight the fights
And crybabies don't cry cry cry

It's all about tricky words
It's all about the soft attack
Some just can't do a face to face
Without coming around your back

It's all about kissing the right butt
When the penalties start coming down
But me I'd rather go down swingin
Then be some kind of a suck up clown

Some people lie and distort
Some people morally equivocate
Till they see that hammer raised
Raised upon high by the hand of fate

I keep seeing the etiquette of manners
I keep hearing the arbiters of style
Espousing it’s not important what you say
As long as you do it with a smile

And continuing on

With their no plans for America
Except to negotiate freedom away
Like their incessant braying and nagging
Will keep persistent malignant evil at bay

9:22 pm
transcribed this time
10:14 am

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Stinking Peace At Any Cost Freaks


The rotten compromising politicians are the
Source of any stench relating to Viet Nam
Comparisons as well as the present day goings on
Struggles for the salvation of civilization

Just like now........

With the press and their endless
Carping and harping on casualties

Like they care
Like they give a damn at all
Like they want anything but praise
From their buddies down the hall

In their journalistic palaces
Or in the Hotel bar
Or on their flights to nowhere
Or driving in their rented cars

Screw their pen and paper
Their narcissistic glory
Their dreams of Pulitizer Putz Prizes
For the Breaking Story

They don't know what sacrifice is
They don't know what courage can do
They don't know what battles are
Or what any of the troops go through

They have no vision for this nation
Or know what freedom means
Except they get to do what they want
They alone get to paint the scene

With their own colors that run
With their own gutless words
With their one flag's the same as another
And the Eagle is just another bird

All they are are manicured freaks
Empty dresses blow dryed hair and suits
Who have absolutely no soul connection
For those who carry the ruk sacks

For those
Who wear the boots

8:26 am
transcribed this time
10:29 pm


Thursday, May 04, 2006

As To the 20th Hi-Jackers Sentencing

The "we" that I am a part of did not lose........
It is not the sentence that any true patriot
Of this country would choose

I say

Others in the conspiracy of willfully dangerous stupidity
Have revealed their position..
But I am not bound by their ignorant chants and rants
Nor intimidated by their threatening inquisition


I am not part of the weak
I think Moussaoui should die
I approve of his life being taken
In the blink of an eye

I approve of illegals being rounded up
And being shot if they resist
I think La Raza is the butt of the problem
And the Brown Berets are the cysts

Mary O McCarthy is a traitor
Who ought to be taken out and hung
I think the Durham Douche-bag
Is nothing but lying Dung

But the La Crosse players are idiots
For bringing a stripper in
For setting themselves up in a situation
That they could never win

Cynthia McKinney needs to go to jail
But the press won't hound her on this
Because they're afraid they won't be
Cool...if a black panther raises his fist

I think

Iran needs bunker buster nukes
Rammed up their facilities ass
Because I am not part of the weak
And ammunition is cheaper than gas

7:44 am
transcribed this time
7:52 am