Thursday, April 11, 2013

All so you can take a bow

The Black Gangs Chicago riots version

Well well well

Aren't you the sweetest kind of
Multi kulti freak
You're so open and forgiving
So kind and generous when you speak


About givng away my freedom
Giving away my safety in my home land
All so you can take a bow
As a tolerant wonderful man

Who rewards gangs with open disregard
Of this nations laws and guiding rules
Ahhhh yes those insignificant minor details
Are only for the less enlightened fools



And thus

Up go the hospital costs
But what do you care
Up goes the number slaughtered
And families hearts laid bare

Up go the murder rates
The gangs theft and crime
But all that to you reads as petty
Beneath you and a waste of your time


What an arrogant dream schemer
What a brain washed drone
When here comes the riots
And all you can do is lie prone


And think that you can get away with it
By sitting up all pretty and striking a pose
But let me tell you something buddy
That's not the way it is or it will go

Because there's a price to be paid
For freedom and an ability to think
And I will stand and deliver

Whether it be blood or ink


5:14 pm
transcribed this time

12:28 pm

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wake Up America

Wake up

America needs every
Man woman and child
To protect our nation
From those who would defile

Our liberty and freedom
Our very way of life
There are those who would
Cut our throats with a knife

Blow up our school buses
Bring about Sharia Law
Seventh Century Monsters
Think Infidels all have a fatal flaw

We are not dead
We believe in women being respected
Witness Egypt demeaning them
By quote having their virginity inspected

Crazy is Crazy
And Islam is pushing hard
In their religion it is ok to lie
Cheat deceive to use any canard

To get their way
To bring about the Caliphate
To Hell with your fundamental principals
Let's bring on the reign of hate

Wake up America

America needs every
Man woman and child
We must take our stand
Against all that is evil and vile

1:34 pm
transcribed this time
1:44 pm


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Another useful idiot

Another lost child
Another youthful soul
Brought down and defiled

By the inability
To differentiate
Between divine love
And evil conniving hate

Today we bear witness to
The foolish foolish young
Whose vision has been blurred
By the Serpents tongue

What words of praise
Were uttered her way
What conniving lies
Brought the dark to her day

Usually it's quite simple
Usually it's the same old canard
All they have to do is play
That Holy Victim card

And then everything is excused
The Kassans rocketing in
Indiscriminate death and misery
What ...suddenly don't appear as sin

School buses being bombed
The Fogel family murdered at night
How is that every justified
How does that ever become right

Except in the mind of the brainwashed
How does one become so naive
That suicide vests are the way to attest
To how much a believer believes

11:54 am
transcribed this time
11:56 sm


Monday, March 21, 2011



Corruption without measure
Here to steal our lives
Our sacred National treasure

Here to waste our future
Our freedom and way of life
Obama parties on
Him and his idiot wife

Money to George Soros
This mad man is insane
Bribery thievery and influence
Is what he's peddling in the game

The Middle East burns
And he's doing basket ball picks
Time to go to Rio
Isn't he cute and slick

This whole administration
Is taking us off the rails
The only way we win
Is if the fools fail

Take it to the edge
Take it to the extreme
These ghouls traitors and clowns
Are killing the American dream

11:42 am
transcribed this time
11:49 am


Sunday, March 13, 2011

West Bank Family Murdered

West Bank family murdered
Palestinians celebrate

I don't want

I don't want more determination
I don't want more resolve
I want more psycho Palestinians dead
That's how it get's solved

I don't want strong firm words
I don't want more hardened attitudes
I want bullets guns and explosives
Not more placating platitudes

I would like to see
A mini-gun run in the street
When the Islamic savages
Are celebrating cheering for our defeat

I would like
To frankly blow them all to Hell
I'd like to see body parts flying
Send them back to where monsters dwell


Jdam them all
Jdam them all
Demons Jihadists and crazies
Shoot them leave them where they fall

11:44 am
transcribed this time
1:36 pm


Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stench

What a steaming pile...

What a disgrace
I don't even know
How she manages to show her face

After saying what she says
After proclaiming where she stands
She has no sane connection
To a regualr wokin man

She hates our military
She always plays the race card
If we are what we eat
This witch must devour a lot of lard

Obviously she's crazy
Filled with arrogance and contempt
She doesn't think things through
She doesn't even make the attempt

American is on the brink
And she's what's wrong
Her and every other sorry loser
Singing that lunatic communist song

9:01 am
poetry as a barrage
delivered after the report back
of recon on Sheila Jackson Lee
transcribed this time
11:48 am


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ovomit the pig

Ovomit the pig
Returns the Churchill bust
Sells out America
And laughs at honor and trust

He dismisses the military
And pushes his crazy healthcare
Passes out special exemptions
Redistributes under the lie fair share

He's a black liberation theologists
He wants cap and tax
He says one thing to our face
And another behind our backs

Border Agents can die
For all Ovomit gives a damn
He no only lets them invade
He lets them occupy our land

He drags his feet
When decisions need to be made
Like maybe it'll go away
If he justs lets it all fade

He says he's a Christian
But he's Muslim in his actions
He celebrates Rammadan
And considers Israel a distraction

He spends our money
With no concern at all
If it harms our way of life
Drives us closer to a fall

9:00 am
transcribed this time
10:36 am


Friday, March 04, 2011

Eric Holder: Black Panther case demeans my people

Eric Richard Holder is a punk

Is a race card player
And a hustler delux
When you need BS
He ships it in with a truck

A dump truck
To be specific in discription
He doesn't speak in code
He doesn't speak in encryption

He hates America and thinks
It's only his people that have rights
He knows all about wrong
Mainly that it's color is white

He's a scum bag and hatchet man
He's the hammer coming down
He doesn't give a damn
How many illegals are invading your town

Or if Black Panthers are standing
Out front with billy clubs in hand
He simply declares it not intimidation
And what he says stands

He walks by Acorn
He lets that whole thing go
Power and corruption
Hey where's my share

That's all he wants to know

11;15 am

transcribed this time
11;48 am


Monday, February 28, 2011

My response on Obama's latest political jab

You've got a lot of nerve

While giving parties
As the world burns
While lecturing us endlessly
Like you've got nothing to learn

We're in two wars and you
You're pushin the agenda of the gay
And while the Middle East convulses
You've got nothing basically to say

You won't secure the border
You're incompetant beyond belief
You don't care about our citizens
You don't care about their pain and grief

You encourage chaos in Wisconsin
You haven't met a single union thug
You wouldn't back up no matter what
You wouldn't want to give money and a hug

You spend all our money like it was yours
Like their never will be a consequence
You don't respect our fighting men
Because to you America isn't really worthy

Of any kind of defense

You're a socialist slash communist
And that's not a passing remark
You're something that's climbed up
Out of the Chicago

Slime crime and dark

8:02 pm
I'd like to see an opponent rise in opposition
to Obama's wise ass attitude and selfish
self entitled smug comments