Tuesday, September 06, 2005

True Hate

True hate is indifference

You can see it in the main medias approach
You can see it in the democrat party as it stands
You can see it in the metro sexuals of hollywood
And their perversion versions of a man

You can see it in the NEA
The National Endowment for the Arts
None of them care about creativity
None of them have any steel real hearts

You can see it in the so called musicians
That punch out their hip hop slop
You can see it in the cut out dolls
Producers throw out to represent pop

And don't get me started on poetry
And the scam of the sham that is slam
They all talk the same lame game
They're all rinky dink think

And none of them give a damn


Hate is nothing but indifference
They all want it for the name and fame
None of them want it for that thing inside
That thing that burns to learn like a flame

And comes to get you in the night
That comes to you as a tear in your day
That comes to give you some courage
In case you need it for what you have to say


Hate is nothing but indifference
And that's why I don't need punks
Grabin their crotch and goin Yo dude
And pumpin out flunked out junk

I don't need the lies and excuses
The obstructionists that get in the way
The back stabber blabber and power grabbers
And the mealy mouthed things they say

And I especially

Don't need the fake tough guys
Swearing they're takin off the gloves
Cause nothing but absolutely nothing
Can kick your ass down the street like love

9:41 pm
transcribed this time
9:46 pm