Monday, February 28, 2011

My response on Obama's latest political jab

You've got a lot of nerve

While giving parties
As the world burns
While lecturing us endlessly
Like you've got nothing to learn

We're in two wars and you
You're pushin the agenda of the gay
And while the Middle East convulses
You've got nothing basically to say

You won't secure the border
You're incompetant beyond belief
You don't care about our citizens
You don't care about their pain and grief

You encourage chaos in Wisconsin
You haven't met a single union thug
You wouldn't back up no matter what
You wouldn't want to give money and a hug

You spend all our money like it was yours
Like their never will be a consequence
You don't respect our fighting men
Because to you America isn't really worthy

Of any kind of defense

You're a socialist slash communist
And that's not a passing remark
You're something that's climbed up
Out of the Chicago

Slime crime and dark

8:02 pm
I'd like to see an opponent rise in opposition
to Obama's wise ass attitude and selfish
self entitled smug comments


Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'll punch your ticket

I'm your travel agent
I'm your free ride home
I'm here to introduce to you
The real bad to the bone

You're gonna get your Virginians
Your gonna enter fates gate
And rudely find out the truth
That you're the one full of hate

No more Jihad Jhonny
No more AK 47's
The Death Angels are here
And it's a long way from Heaven

Allah Akbar this
Check out my 5 point 56
Right between the eyes
Now the problem's fixed

8:38 pm
transcribed this time
8:57 pm


Thursday, February 24, 2011

While the world burns

It's time to get down with Mo Town
No more visas from the Middle East
Another student and a weapon of mass destruction
While Obama and Michelle party with the Beast

Daffy Ghadafi gave direct orders to the terrorist
To bring down the Lockerbie plane
The Lybian leader praised the boy child
And joyously proclaimed the new Muslim Reign

Us oil is going through the roof
Gas is going to go sky high
Grifters and con men have all the access
And contest each other to tell the biggest lie

Socialism and Communism is rising up
Soros is directing the symphony of the mad
The Main scream media lays down cover
As morals and values are discussed as fads

Wrecking balls are swinging
On America's basic foundation
The single most corrupt regime
Has no love at all for our nation

The US Navy can't evacuate American citizens
Because it's Barry Gordy's day
The US Navy can't shoot pirates
But at least the first couple is having a good day

We've gone from Camelot to Bamalot
Air Farce One is landing
Everybody is told to eat carrots
While ribs Michells oh Hell is demanding

Black History month is on
But there'll be no pictures tonight
Everybody tighten your belts
The world is burning the world is burning

And doesn't it make such a pretty sight

7:43 pm
transcribed this time
7:47 pm


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Cenk the Dink

Hey slick

Nancy pelosi is a piece of garbage
Contrasting what you believe
All you've got is smear and fear
All you've got is the intention to decieve

What a no border idiot
What a babbiling fool
What a wire to wire liar
Seriously puffed up on

Thinkin you're cool

Why don't you go to Juarez
And cover the real news there
You could get the scoop on the poop
About how Los Zetos aren't

Being treated fair

8:16 am
another all time loser on
transcribed this time
10:54 am


The Left

The Left are mindless crazies

They are anti individualists
They are soft of crime
They go easy on Islamists
And only have one line

Shut up
If you don't agree with me
Shut up
With your ideas about being free

They criticize
And tell endless lies
They are willfully blind
And act all surprised

If you ask a question
That is not pre-prepared
They want to blame you
For their being perpetually scared

They are hateful
Intolerant and self destructive
And like Michelle Obama
Obsessed with telling others

How to live

9:53 am
transcribed this time
10:51 am


This Just In

This just in

Four Americans were killed by Somali Pirates
When the Seals boarded they found them all dead
Outraged... Obama announced if as few as twenty
More citizens were killed

The American Navy would fire over head

9:34 am
transcribed this time
10:18 am


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eternal vigilgence..

Eternal vigilgence..

Thank you for your time and work
Thank you for your dedication
It is good to see the efforts
Of a patriot of this nation

Your research is not easy
But necessary as Hell
But then that's the way it goes
When you're ringing freedom's bell

The daylight's shining down
The truth shall out
Resolve and perseveance
Will burn away the doubt

And leave us all standing
Beneath a bright blue sky
With the reward of a soul
That survived the attacks

Made by a pack of lies

Thank you for your dilligence
Your love and integrity
Your honor and sacrifice
Your fidelity to being free

9:08 am
written for the work done
by a Jihad Watcher who got
momentarily shut down on facebook
but she's back now..Endure and
and push on fellow
patriots..check out Iris Mentus
and/or...Jarrad on face book
for critical info on the undermining
influence of Muslim culture.


Thursday, February 03, 2011

The single worst president....ever


He's a socialist in the
Hate America Club
He's astonishingly arrogant
Ignorant and smug

He's way in over his head
He has no idea what's going on
He thinks it's all about posing
And image and making us his pawns

He has no economic understanding
He thinks capitalism is bad
He thinks liberty freedom and values
Are nothing but passing fads

He's empty hollow and shallow
And petty to his core
He's like a submarine commander
Busy installing screen doors

He completely lacks
Any kind of empathy or humility
It's just goes against his nature
To see any of us being free

10:28 am
transcribed this time
11:18 am


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mayor Blooming Idiot Berg

Who the Hell do you think you are
Mayor Blooming Idiot Berg.

What a foul mouthed facist you are
What an idiot to the extreme
Who the Hell are you
To stomp on the American dream

You're a puke a punk and a loser
You back the Mosque and it's stated goals
You're a rotten no good communist
And you're lost touched with your soul

Who the Hell do y;ou think you are
Trampling on citizens rights
Go ahead and keep pushin it
Like you won't end up in a fight

2:07 pm

Blooming Idiot Berg sends undercover agent to Nevada
to check out gun video said activity..and violate
who knows how many boundaries