Monday, December 29, 2008

All Aboard

All Aboard
The Armageddon Train

Welcome to Hell Hamas
Welcome to the cleaning of your clocks
Welcome to the response to your rocket launching
Screw all your Arafat scarves and hurling of rocks

You may get free PR from the main stream press
You may get outrage on the Arab street
But how’s that doing against the air strikes
How’s it feel to know the solution is your defeat

I hope all the tanks are loosed
And change is coming to your world
I hope that death has your numbers reduced
And history becomes but a memory of when

Your rag of a flag unfurled


Welcome to Hell Hamas
How does justice feel
All aboard the Armageddon Train
Here’s to your being beneath the wheels

You may get free PR from the mainstream press
The Al Jazeera of the West
But you’re just about to get really schooled
And I don’t think you’re gonna pass the test

I hope all the forces poised
Cross the border and take you down
Listen up all you death wish boys

With your Jihad toys

It’s time for a change in Crazy Town

1:06 pm
transcribed this time
1:33 pm