Saturday, December 12, 2009

Red Jacket and all

What a baby
What a doll
What a woman
Freedom for all

A belief in work
A belief in guns
A belief in family
And havin some fun

The world better get ready
The world better stand back
Especially if you're a terrorist
Planning an attack

What a baby
What real style
Some basic values
And a Helleva smile

What a patriot
What an inspiration
She's definitely got the heart
For loving this nation

10:36 am
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10:38 am


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oba Mama


Oba Mama brings terrorist to New York
And puts them on trial
And oh how that makes the other
Terrorists laugh and smile

Oba Mama goes to China
And doesn't talk about human rights
So what about Tibet
And the Dali Lama's plight

Oba Mama comments on Hassan
And says don't jump to conclusions
But says the police are stupid
When it comes to his pal Gate's


9:07 am
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8:13 am


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I do want to live

But I ain't backin down
I ain't givin in
I'm goin with my kind
Seein it through to the end

I will face what comes
For the fathers sons moms and daughters
I ain't backin down
Come Hell or High Water

There's nothing without freedom
And I will not have mine taken
I will not turn away or break
Or leave the truth forsaken

There's evil loose in the land
And it comes in all shapes and forms
I will not let it put a spell on me
Or bind me blind me to conform

There's only one light
And I'm drivin hard into the wind
The rains leakin down into my collar
And they can send what they will send

But I ain't backin down
I ain't givin in
I'm goin with my kind
Seein it through to the end

8:29 pm
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8:14 am


Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Purpose of the Trial

Is to bring the terrorists
Into the heart of the very city
That was attacked without mercy
Without an ounce of compassion or pity

The purpose of the trial

Is to provide a setting for
Propaganda to those in the Middle East
Who are into providing nurture for
The care and feeding of the Beast

That would seek to destroy
Those infidels who make up the West
To bring in Shariah law and to open
Throats to the Sword of Conversions test

The purpose of the trial

Is to give an opportunity
For other mad men whose sole intent
Is to shed blood and blow up everything
That is not a camel or tent

The purpose of the trial is to
Expose the CIA to being killed
Because to apologists and appeasers
There could be no bigger thrill

Than to see all their suicidal ideas
Acted out on open stage
To give a podium for the lunatics
To express all their hatred and rage

America deserved those planes
The death destruction and slaughter
America brought it on itself
It should have to sacrifice its sons and daughters


It is worth all the money and risk even if
Islamic Jihadist Terrorists morale gets a boost
To show the world that now we are aware
That America's chickens have come home to roost

10:52 am
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10:55 am


Monday, November 09, 2009

I Don't Care

I don't care if others meant to or not
They helped Malik Nidal Hassan kill
With their politically correct multi-cultural
Divirsity and all the rest of that swill

Pumped out by the lame stream media
By the enablers of the tolerance lie
They're so busy being sensitive
They can not see what is before their eyes

Enough is enough
The line has been drawn
I am sick to death of all the posers
I am sick to death of being put upon

By an administration that won't even call
An Islamic radical terrorists by his name
Obama is a narcissist to the extreme
He has no sense of honor or shame

I don't care

I don't care if others meant to or not
When they down played all the warning signs
He was way way out there to the Nth degree
And now he's killed brothers and sisters of mine

I don't care

I don't care if others meant to or not
When they swept it under the rug
When they opened the door to a mooze slime
They became collaborators to scum bag terrorist slugs

Some heads had better roll
There better be some accounting here
And Malik Nidal Hassan needs to be tried and shot
And justice..

Justice had better be swift and simple and clear

7:55 am
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8:03 am


Friday, October 23, 2009

Hate Crime Legislation

It's not for the gays
It's against the white males
It's not for the minorities
Although they're portrayed as frail

It's not for the women
It's against the evil white man
Who has always been an oppressor
And everybody should do what they can

To make sure he pays
Pays with his money and life
If a white man dares to fight back
He might as well being using a knife

Or a gun or a crowbar
He should be presumed guilty as Hell
He should be put in the graveyard of History
And buried with the liberty bell

Black men are more valuable
Divirsity is the key
Brown men are more valuable
That's the way it should be

Hate crime legislation
Is another bureacratic tool
To manipulate the hate
And is meant to control the fools

Who can't see it for what it is
I don't need apologetic twits
Falling to their knees
And groveling as a way to fit

Fit in with the darkness
The mudslide coming down
Grab your ankles and grin
There's a new sheriff in town

And he's just obeying orders
He's just doing what he's told
And basic honor and integrity
Are just something to be sold

Here come the prosecutors
Like they're not already out of control
Like they're not political officers
Whose passion has gone deliberately cold

Hate Crime Legislation

It's not about who it's for
It's about who it's against
But if it's coming down to choosing sides
I'm not one to be

Sitting on the fence

12:33 pm
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12:36 pm


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Whitey got what he deserved
If not them somebody else
The girl was just doin her best
In a racist society to take care

Of herself

The prosecutors made no mistakes
Ones that count much anyway
Minorities numbers are growing
The White mans had his day

So the innocent were declared guilty
It's not like it hasn't happened to blacks
That's the real tragedy
It gets a little sloppy gettin pay back

So what
This is now Obama's world
Nobody better file any charges
On that poor misbegotten black girl

Rape Robbery and Ruin
Holy victims are having their day
Just bow your head and plea bargain
And let the system work it's way

Let her keep that money she got
By telling her sorry sad story
She deserves forgiveness
And maybe even a bit of

Black Liberation Glory

7:16 pm
Megan Williams to recant Logan County sex-torture testimony

By Gary A. Harki
Staff writer

Megan Williams will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron L. Potts, who represents Williams, told The Charleston Gazette on Tuesday night. "She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth," Potts said. "She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them."

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Seven people pleaded guilty for their part in abusing Megan Williams -- but now Williams says that abuse never happened.

She will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron L. Potts, who represents Williams, told The Charleston Gazette on Tuesday night.

"She has decided she has been living this lie for approximately two years and she has decided to tell the truth," Potts said. "She fabricated the story and she did this in retaliation because she was having a relationship with one of them."

But former Logan County prosecutor Brian Abraham, who was in charge of the case, said no one ever went to jail because of Williams' statements.

Instead, Abraham said Tuesday night, he decided early in the case not to rely on Williams' statements, but on the physical evidence and the statements of the co-defendants.

"It's ironic to me that today she's saying she made all this up. At the time she was criticizing me for offering them plea agreements," Abraham said.

"This isn't to rejuvenate her 15 minutes of fame, but to regurgitate her 15 minutes of fame. Is she proposing to give back all the donations she got?"

State Police found Williams at the mobile home of Bobby Brewster and his mother, Frankie Brewster, on Sept. 8, 2007. She was in a relationship with Brewster.

According to the admissions of those eventually convicted, Williams was physically and sexually abused. She was beaten repeatedly, held against her will, burned with hot wax, stabbed in the leg, and forced to perform oral sex on at least two defendants.

"Each of them made statements incriminating themselves and others. When you sat back and looked at it in its entirety, there was a pretty clear picture of what had taken place," Abraham said.

"As she got hooked up with her family and with additional handlers joined in, she continued to embellish. But we had her original statements that she gave. For the most part, they were consistent with what the co-defendants said happened."

The Brewsters and Logan County residents George Messer, Alisha Burton, Karen Burton, Linnie Burton Jr. and Danny Combs each plead guilty to crimes for abusing Williams. The crimes ranged from simple battery to kidnapping, sexual assault and one hate crime charge.

Burton pleaded guilty to a hate crime charge for stabbing Williams in the ankle while saying, "This is what we do to niggers around here."

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7:29 pm


Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Hard Personal Truth

I hate Obama

And everything he stands for
And for every lie he tells
He's a freedom stealing dirt bag
And should directly go to Hell

I hate Obama

Because what is there to like
He's as two faced as they come
His policies are destructive
And thinks we're all dumb

He's as arrogant as one can be
He has no humility in his soul
He gets our military killed
He's a socialist bought and sold

I hate Obama

Because of his associates
Because of what he believes
He doesn't care about the unborn
Or if God in Heaven grieves

He despises America's standing
He wants to take us down
While raising himself up as important
To a bunch of third world clowns

He thinks Capitalism is evil
Instead of Communisms way
He doesn't want kids pledging allegiance
And damn sure doesn't want them to pray

He's not above the race card
Which his minions love to employ
Every time they want to take a free swipe
At one of the good ol boys

He wants to cripple the population
Wants to bring them to their knees
He wants to bring about a crisis
So everyone has to ask him please

He's into redistribution of wealth
He's into that Chicago thug smug style
He wants the children singing songs of praise
And doing it with grateful smiles

I hate Obama

And everything he stands for
And for every lie he tells
He's a freedom stealing dirt bag
And should directly go to Hell

1:40 pm
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2:26 pm


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A fabulously fabulous man

In the middle of the world

Stands a fabulous man
Who is beautifully out front
And doing all he can

To make us all proud
And to not be afraid to show it
Because we are all really at least bi
It's just that we don't know it

We all want to be with the same sex
At least one time in our lives
Teachers The Military Business
Are the only one who are contrived

Are the ones who think they're straight
How confused can you get
Everybody is a little bit queer or lezbo
They just don't know it yet



In the middle of the world
Stands a fabulous man
Who is beautifully out front
And doing all he can

To help our soldiers serve
With respect toward orientation
Of the third sex world as being as important
As the security of this nation

The absurdity of the policy
Of don't ask don't tell
Shout it out loud and proud
Act up and tell them to go to Hell

Priorities are being presented
Look at the school safety czar
Queering elementary kids
Now how can that be corruptly bizarre



In the middle of the world
Stands a fabulous man
Who is beautifully out front
And doing all he can

He's telling the conservatives
How we really feel
Not only do we want to screw
Them politically

We want to do it for real

12:43 pm
statement of deniability:
this particular works is called satire
it is writing to reveal the witnessed
intent of the most absurd political
ideological idiocy to ever have a people
pushed to the edge


Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Prepared to Accept Some Taliban Involvement

Well Well Well

Here's another move that has me knowing
My real response would get me investigated
Would have me labeled as an American Patriot
And thus by this administration completely

And totally hated

Obama is a traitor a fool and evil man
He is an underminer of morale
He by being prepared to accept the Taliban
Has proved to be the enemies pal

He doesn't care about the lives
Of the men who put their lives on the line
He imposes on them rules of engagement
Because he's always despised the fighting kind

He's a hustler and a con
He's a low life and empty shell
He's getting brothers of mine killed
And he should forth with go to Hell

This poser is the devil's prodigy
This loser is the lowest of the low
He is here to bring about great suffering
Hopelessness and woe

12:04 pm
transcribed this time
12:08 pm


Sunday, September 27, 2009

To fight evil

To fight evil

One has to be brave
One has to go deep into the guts
One has to measure carefully
The full meaning of the ifs ands and buts

That is applied to the situation
Where does strength lie
What is it that blinds the truthful eyes
When does discretion apply

For slippery is the motivation
Of snakes and creepy crawly things
And circle talks that never unlock
But wind about in endless rings

That surround the everyday
And follow you into the night
How does not risking being wrong
Qualify one to pursue what’s right

9:17 am
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9:35 am


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Legal Lies the illegals

Legalize the Illegals

Legal lies and the illegals
It's as easy as pie
The white man is a joke
It's in the beholders eye

La Raza and drug cartels
Chicago and corruption
Try to find your liberty
And they'll call it racist disruption

Slur you with innuendo
Cut your feet out from under
Acorn caught in the open
It's all individual blunder

They are not organized
But tell it to a Czar
Contribute to your own defeat
Buy a Government car

Taking over Health Care
Took over the banks
Setting individual wages
You should just say thanks

They would never kill you
They aren't killing you now
The rules of engagement
Never apply to them somehow

Always be the peaceful one
Lay down in the street
Die politely and quietly
Always try to be discreet

Laugh at your own destruction
The suicide switch is on
Stand there looking amazed
When one day all of it is gone

They don't really want to crush you
They're not really on the attack
Just be happy in the knowing
That you never fought back

You never fired a shot in anger
You never ever struck a blow
Where is the edge of too late
And how is it that we know

10:35 am
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9:18 am


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Man who would kill the American Dream

I Hate Obama

I hate him and his ideas
I hate his radical psycho friends
I hate his false front smile
And the way he always pretends

Like he cares as he reaches
For our wallet and money
He sure seems to think he's got
The ability to charm and be funny

But it's always at our expense
He's taken over cars and banks
He's trying to neuter the CIA
And he doesn't even say thanks

When he runs up the debt
Beyond even the wildest dreams
Of all his Acorn Seiu Cronies
And all their mad socialist schemes

He's got death panels galore
The elderly just better take a pill
Because it's better for what he wants
He never seems to get his fill

Mark Holder and Van Jones
Are Oba Mamma's kind of guys
There's nothing they won't do
No low life thing they won't try

He wants you to report your friends
He digs the Illegal Alien Invasion
He thinks his phony smile and teleprompter
Are the keys to real persuasion

He's the darkness in the basement
He's the blood splattered on the wall
He's the knife on the kitchen floor
He's the shadow moving down the hall

Real Americans are waking up
And going to townhall meetings
But all he sees is discontent and
The lambs to slaughter bleeting

This man will not give up
His kind do not quit what they start
He's going to push it till it breaks
And that goes for you your family

And your friends' Hearts

10:10 am
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10:15 am


Saturday, August 29, 2009


You stinking pos
You better let this health bill sink
We don't need you jumpin in
And adden to it your stink

That you like to call bi-partisan
Your reach arounds across the aisle
Have only made the Hate America
Socialist bastards smile

Why don't you go back to Arizona
And get yourself a border Ranch
And see what happens then
When you give every illegal a chance

Over decent law abiding Americans
You're nuthing but a big sell out
I'm sure you'd get your come uppins
Of that I have no doubt

Look you've screwed the pooch
Now it's time to get out of the way
It's your constant compromises
That put us where we are today

You're a rotten no good Rino
It's as simple as that
And what we need is a conservative
Principaled and familiar with the facts

You love the media attention
Go and be their favorite boy toy
You bring to us no honor
You bring to us no joy

My good friend Teddy Kennedy
What good ever came from that
You no longer measure up
As a matter of fact you fall down flat

You messed up campaign finance
You were in the Gang of Fourteen as well
You come off like a pavlovian dog
Every time some scum bag Democrat

Decides to ring the bell



You stinking pos
You better let this health bill sink
We don't need you jumpin in
And adden to it your stink

That you like to call bi-partisan
Your reach arounds across the aisle
Have only made the Hate America
Socialist bastards smile

9:10 am
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9:13 am


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bill Mahers the truth ....again

America is a stupid country

When you look through the eyes
Of Bill Maher and his soul compromise
He portends to offer intellectual wit
But really it’s a weakling’s disguise

He’s fast on his feet
But stays out of water deep
And having the deck stacked
Is how he manages to keep

The table from being overturned
And him ending up on the floor
With a derringer at his head
From Doc Holiday’s favorite whore

He needs a knife in his guts
To teach him a manner or two
He needs a gun butt to his face
For his mouthy mousy point of view

10:23 am
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10:26 am


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now you see it or Now you won't

Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi

No I'm not a racist
No I'm not an evil man
No I won't hold you back
From doing all you can

Here's a few quota's your direction
Here's a little affirmative action
Here comes a ton of so called tolerance
That only encourages your fractious faction

The Crips are not racists
Only the KKK
The Bloods are not racists
So just watch what you say

La Raza is not racist
Nor are the Latin Kings
So why don't you shut your mouth whitey
And quite sayin anything

If you want to talk about corruption
You better pick a man
That denigrates your own race
And stick with that weak kneed plan

We've got an Affirmative Action President
And now we're puffed up with pride
Obama himself is helpin his friend Gates
Get a free Race Master Baiting ride

So it’s Hitler Hitler Hitler
Nazi Nazi Nazi all the way
Now all of you stinking apologists
Get in line and help us get our way

8:49 pm
transcribed this time
9:11 pm


Violence and Violins

Violence and violins

Won't you sing a song for me
Won't you make it sweet and with a beat
That destroys our dreams and liberty

Let's include some race baiting
Let's include some government fraud
Let's destroy the capitalistic system
And wipe out any references to God

Come on all you people
Use all your hammers and nails
Let's bring down this arrogant nation
Let's do all we can to make it fail

Denigrate the police
Take away all the guns
Tax everybody's ass off
And all while havin fun

Flyin around the world
With snot nose daughters in tow
And one helleva a bitch of a wife
Who for the first time is proud you know

Now that they get the chance
To fuck it all up to the max
You just sit back with your feet in the air
It won't hurt much if you just relax

Don't be talking about stoppin us
Because nobody's sayin we lied
When we said access will be through us
But access is denied

1:02 pm
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1:07 pm


Monday, July 20, 2009

Muslims meet at a Hilton in Illinois

Mudslime meeting at the Hilton in
Oaklawn Illinois declare they want a khalifah

Where do these guys live
On what streets do they drive their cars
What was it again they said about America
And what again is pushing it too far

Do they also get to spit in our face
Do they get discounts for their meetings
Are they laughing crying out snickering
And snearing Allah Akbar as their greeting

Are they absolutely guaranteed
A free and completely untroubled ride
Who is it that lets them get away with this
Who is it that says only they get to decide

Do these kind never have an accident
Do these kind never have their tires slashed
Coincidentally of course when they go out
And announce Americans should be trashed

Is every inch of their pathway covered by
A camera recording every step of the way
Is their any here among us who would say
It would be terribly disappointing if they really

Had a bad bad bad day

4:30 pm
transcribed this time
4:36 pm

Protesters Gather Outside Islamic Conference Near Chicago
Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19: Protesters gather outside a hotel in Oak Lawn, Ill., as an Islamic extremist group held its first official conference Sunday on U.S. soil.

Protesters gathered outside a Chicago-area hotel Sunday as an Islamic extremist group reportedly linked to Al Qaeda held a conference in an attempt to step up Western recruitment efforts.

Roughly 500 members of Hizb ut-Tahrir — a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda in Iraq's onetime leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — met inside a Hilton hotel in Oak Lawn, Ill., to host "The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam."


Friday, July 17, 2009

Should Israel take out Iran's Nukes


Maybe Iran will sneak a nuke into somebody's posession
Who can bring it to America and then Oba Mama can apologize
And then all the liberals can wring their hands and say
We all truly deserve this because of Bush's lies

We all deserve the shock wave and death
We all deserve the fall out of radiation
We all deserve this for being such an arrogant
And condescending non Euro Peein type nation

We all deserve this because we're the only
Country who had slavery in the world
We all deserve this because we don't mind our
Own business when rag heads stone to death girls

We all deserve this because.....
Global warming isn't a hustle and is real
And terrorists aren't terrorists anymore
We're just not sensitive enough in the

Way we feel

7:44 pm
transcribed this time
7:49 pm


Monday, July 13, 2009


LATINA goes before
Confirmation hearings

Wait till you don't get promoted
Wait till you get fired
Wait till you get less money
Or probably not even hired

Wait till more illegals come in
Wait till Spanish is the game
Wait till you see the hit list
And on it is your name

Wait till you go to prison
For false charges on a crime
Wait till you're being raped in your cell
And then maybe it'll cross your mind

What this bitch will do
Even if she doesn't know it yet
It's just what she is after this long
And she'll never have one regret

For being a Wise Latina
And being smarter than any white
Here comes the mud slide
To block out freedoms sight

The confirmation hearings
Will be a sham
There here to work their agenda
There here to perpetuate the scam

It's my turn no matter what
This is not about qualifications
This is about a vulture culture
Openly predating in our nation

9:02 am
transcribed this time
11:46 am


Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do we reduce the black prison population...

We empty out the prisons of blacks

And give them uniforms and AK's
And then we profusely apologize
For everything we did or say

I mean as long as your white
You tax everybody to the max
Justice is based on equal outcome
Not truth honesty and facts

You strip legal citizens
Of all their ammo and guns
Cause you don't want the bubba factor
To get in the way of what you want done

And that's change the country
Change it way down deep at it's core
You redistribute the wealth
It's time to fling wide open the doors

And let the people out
Who couldn't help but commit crime
They were just part of the struggle
Just doin the white man's time

That's how you reduce
The prison population of blacks
You just admit right out in the open
It's not their fault ever the deck was stacked

Rapists murders drug dealers thieves
These are all just silly labels put on by the man
They're all just prisoners of conscience
Doin the best they can

And give them money and cars
Give them absolute authority on the street
It's time they got a taste of power
For having to suffer at America's feet

Rise up and free the oppressed
Free the Holy Black Race
It's time to have to look right into
Their justly angry ragingly violent face



Isn't that what you mean to say
But you're just too stupid to write it out
Write it out wide in the open so everybody
Can see what you mean without a doubt

But of course you'll just criticize this
You'll nit pick it and accuse me of hate
Because you're the monster of ignorance
That dulls down all possible intelligent debate

Till there's nothing left to do
But kill the other side
But you're locked into denying that
So you'll hang onto your righteous pride

But judgment day is coming
You can hear it on the prophets lips
Whether you call it Armageddon
Or the Apocalypse

12:04 am
transcribed this time
12:27 am


Friday, July 10, 2009

Sonia muddying up the waters

Sonia muddying up the waters of
justice running clear and clean

She's a racist pig
She's the new female face
She's the new wise Latina
Here to muddy up the place

She's looking for an excuse
She's looking for the angle in
She's got that selective empathy
It's pay back time for the white men

She is what she is
She is the new face of repression
And the facists who support her
Are openly ignoring her confession

You can see it in her joking
You can see it in her ruling
She's lookin to ride right over
Those she can't be foolin

She's part of the La Raza movement
Part of the illegal alien invasion
She's here to judicially activate
And change the face of

The very nature of our nation

10:10 pm
transcribed this time
10:33 pm
this is a response written into
the revealing of her letting yet
another white man rot in jail for
an extra six years because of the
orientation of her "empathy".
read about it if you wish at: ... RTID=35527


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Twasn't nuthin strange about your daddy

And Tawana Brawley was pure as snow
The knee-grow Panthers aren't idiot slugs and thugs
And OJ was innocent as we all know

Obama isn't a socialist
And William Ayers is a real cool guy
Reverend Wright is a patriot
And Angela Davis can really fly

Tookie williams was a hero
An innovator in the hood
Jesse Jackson isn't a race hustler
And is most certainly misunderstood

Cynthia McKinney is a genius
Barbara Boxer is a whiz
And definitely respects the military
And knows what the definition of

Twasn't nuthin strange about your daddy

And Marian Barry never did crack
Rag Nagin is a completely competent mayor
And didn't get re-elected simply cuz he wuz black

Sonia Sodomy Mayor is a wise Latina
Which is what makes her always right
Especially in the matters of fire fighters
And of course over any man that is white

Frank Lucas was an entrepreneur
And never had a Chevy name Nellybelle
Never smuggled smack in the body bags
Of Viet Nam Veterans

And isn't currently residing in Hell

9:37 am
transcribed this time
11:01 am


Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberals are truly scum

Liberals are truly scum
Liberals are truly trash
Liberals when reachin for your butt
Swear their just reachin for the cash

But they want both
Matter of fact they want it all
They want control over everything
They want to see the Angels themselves fall

Liberals are truly evil
They're satanic and damned to Hell
All they want is to drag some pour souls
Down there with them to dwell

Liberals are crazy and perverted
Justice lives not in their heart
They sacrifice the Holy unborn
They tear their fragil little bodies apart

Liberals are truly scum

8:25 pm
transcribed this time
8:26 pm


I am accepting no responsibility

For any young black or brown
Who is somehow under the delusion
That I'm the one holding him down

All it looks like to me is an excuse
To break into my home
Attack me on the streets
To bleed me to the bone

But I'm tellin you flat out
I ain't takin it anymore
They better educate themselves
Or we're all gonna be dancin

On the killin floor

And I got no qualms about it
Considering the injustice I've seen
My compassion has been compressed till I'm
I'm nuthin but lean and mean

So if thugs idiots and race hustlers
Want to keep puttin the pedal to the floor
You better be coming to kill me
Cause I ain't takin bein pushed around


7:52 pm
transcribed this time
8:06 pm


Stupid Stinking White Guys

Still getting special privileges
Still pulling off their racist ploys
Just more of the same ol games
From the good ol boys

Obviously the test was rigged
Or the black man would have won
Any body can see that simple truth
Unless of course they're a Zionist pawn

Stupid stinking white guys

I'm telling you Farrakhan has them nailed
Reverend Wright knows what's up
I certainly hope Jesse and Al raise Hell
Obviously this is beyond corrupt

This is nuthing but another
The fix is in scam sham
A brother just can't get no justice
From the heavy hand of the man

At least The Southern Poverty Center
Is doin what they can to bring
About the fall

God Damn America
God Damn whitey one and all

12:05 pm
in reference to the firefighters
finally getting their promotions
years later after it had to be taken
all the way to the Supreme Court.
Just because the test was fair
and they did the best...that's no
reason common sense or decency should
have anything to do with it.

Know what I mean?
Know what I mean?


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead
Not that it’s a bad thing to
Advocate children sleeping in your bed

As a thirty-five year old man
That’s been accused over and over again
Of molesting children and being
Their oh so very special friend

Michael Jackson is dead

Not that it’s a bad thing to
Dangle a child off a balcony in the air
Not like that’s considered crazy
By anybody anytime anywhere

Michael Jackson is dead
And so are all the parent’s souls
Who sold their children to that pervert
For him to play with and to tenderly hold

Michael Jackson has passed
And is destined for Rock N Roll history fame
I mean maybe right after he gets done
With that little stint with Eternal Damnation

And Hells ever burning flames

Michael Jackson is dead
I really don’t have anything else
It’s just something I like to say
Kind of like a little pick me up song

I like to sing to myself

11:30 am
another idiot
another epitaph
hurry up all you pieces of crap
take your final bows and get on
with your long overdue dirt naps


Living The Feudal Way

Turning lead into gold

Or a sandwich
Or a ride on a motorcycle
Through the dust storms
Of an Apocalyptic Hell

Turning lead into gold
Or gasoline
So you can get from here
To there and be alive to tell

Where the next stragglers
Are hangin out with bigger guns
Hell is gonna be full of crazies
Doin what they do for crazy fun

Not many will go back to the old ways
Where there's a code for woman and man
Theories will only go so far as those
Who are left left strong enough to stand

Who will find the food
Who will provide protection
What will be the price
Who will determine the manner of selection

Living the feudal way
Living by blood and sword and stone
Who will wield the steel
Who will provide the sinew muscle and bone

It sure won't be snot nose spoiled brats
It won't be fat cats trading wares
Who will ride forth for flaxen beauty
Who will once again dare to defend the fair

written last night
06/26/2009 thru to
9:51 am
transcribed this time
1:00 pm


I have no guilt within me anymore

None that I haven't turned into
A raging burning hate
I'm sick of this reparations
Infirmative action duh bait

I don't think it generational
I don't think it's due to education
I think it stinks of the seeds of greed
And despising the heart of this great nation

Black and Hispanic gangs are everywhere
They're on the net showin off for fun
Flashin their signs do rags and gold teeth
Laughin as they point their guns

And the FBI can't find them but
They're not the real threat don't you know
They're not returning vets worse yet
They don't look like they have a tea party

To which they may want to go

12:45 pm
transcribed this time
12:55 pm


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Poem

You can agree or disagree with me
You can speak your mind with passion
But do not approach to intimidate me
Or put your hands on me in

Any shape or fashion

I can be persuaded by reason
I can be moved by belief
But I don’t take too lightly
Initiating a threat that I might be

Facing a lot of grief

If I don’t just shut up and go along
Like I’m not allowed any questions at all
Last time I looked I was a regular citizen too
But I don’t recall electing some kind of Deity

To City Hall

When did wanting to know
What is simple honest and true
Get turned into something that can
Be labeled an accusation and then

Hurled back at you

If somebody wants to converse with me
I’m definitely willing to listen to both sides
But please..please give me the same courtesy
Because it’s kind of hard to hear you through

All that anger vindictiveness and pride

10:34 am
through last night
and some today


Worshiping Worshiping Worshiping

Worshiping at the shrine of all
Of Obama's bullshit and shine

You're an out and out idiot
with your standard talking points
You won't be satisfied till it's all
Bammy's crown we all anoint

You're a Kool aid drinking dink
Thinking slick tricks are the fix
Something seriously is wrong with you
You're like a dog gettin his licks

You're sick demented and narrow
You talk to hear yourself talk
You got your feathers all in a ruffle
But you definitely ain't no cock of the walk

Do yourself a favor
And take yourself off the line
Hell it would take eleven of you
But you still wouldn't add up to a dime

2:24 am
no ill will or bad intent is meant toward
our faithful loving canine friends


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Senate Apologizes for Slavery yet again

But Blacks Want Cash

Please Please Mr Blackman

Accept my apology
Accept my house and money
Everything all of you do is cool
Hip and very very poignantly funny

I'm sorry I existed at the same time
You breathed in air
I'm the one who's inferior
I don't even know how to care

I don't even know how to begin
Maybe you could impregnate young white girls
And abandon them for the evil that they are
That would be a way to show the world

You're never going to take it again
It's all my fault there's even such a thing as crack
I bet it was a CIA plot to keep you down
Just another example of the man stabbing you in the back

Please Please Mr Black Man
Accept my apology
It is me and my filthy kind
That still keep you from being free

Your gangs are the just and noble warriors
Protecting the sacred hood
Whitey don't know what be goin down
He think you be jiven sayin you're misunderstood

He needs a nine up his azz
And an Ak at his head
Tellin him to give up his ride
Or he's gonna wind up dead

Some stupid crackahs tryin to pass off
That blacks can be prejudice and hard core
You get to pimpin out their mommas
They won't be sayin that crap no more

Homie gonna get his reparations
One way or another
A honky ain't good for nuthin
Cept what he can give up to a brother

Please Please Mr Black man
Accept my apology
Please turn into Muslim coverts
And slaughter us for our infidelity

11:24 pm
transcribed this time
11:36 pm


Another Sonia Sodomy Mayor Ditty

I've seen her kind my whole life in San Antonio

They'll play the race card
They whisper behind your back
They'll lie and set you up
And act like it was a brave attack

All they do as art is blah blah blah
Latina this and Latina that
They're embittered and constantly angry
And think they're entitled to dish out crap

They're liars sneaks and thieves
Conniving to get you down
Trying to get their homies to try
Put you on the ground

That's what kinda bitch she is
She just wants to do it legal style
But she's still all tacos and margaritas
And a razor blade up her sleeve for style

11:07 am
transcribed this time
10:22 am


Monday, June 22, 2009

On the David Letterman/Perez Hilton type........ and their perverted hype

He gets it

And he'll lie till the day he dies
He'll try to turn it all around
Till his brains turn into french fries
And he burns your house down

He's crazy lazy and
Happy as a loon
To be sittin at the toilet
Waitin for the dinner bell

With his super sized spoon

He'll twist it up
Excuse it all away
Demand more explanations as he
Holds any rational thinking at bay

He couldn't escape a cage
If it had no locks
He keeps right on chow'n down
On the snacks he gets

Out of the cat litter box

And that proves he's a genius
An intellectual shining star
Because defending the indefensible
Could never reveal

How cluelessly classless you really are


He gets it

He gets it alright

11:57 am
a brief sketch of a persistent
apologist for the scum bag
David Letterman Perez Hilton type
And their perverted hype


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barabara Boxer.....Who the hell

Who the Hell

Does Barbara Boxer thinks she is
She showed utter contempt and disrespect
She needs to be contacted often
Boldly truthfully swiftly and direct

She knows what she did was wrong
She can make petty arguments all day long
But General Michael Walsh has stood his watch
Faced our enemies took rights side over wrong

The snideness with which she attempted
To undermine one of America's best
The demeaning tone in her voice
It is to her lowliness and dishonor it attests

She needs to be barraged with mail
She needs to be taken to task
She has truly revealed herself to be
Foul ugly rude crude and crass

Her arrogance knows no measure
Her ignorance is beyond the pale
Respect is always earned
And in this and many of her encounters

She has seriously totally and completely failed

12:00 pm
here is a video of her vile actions

here is where you can write her of your

you have to scroll down a bit a
pick out a category from her …list.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


You’re nit wit throwin a snit fit
You quote scripture to hide behind God
But it's plain and simple
You're an ankle biting fraud

Throwin out babble scrabble
Isn't speaking your mind
And mouthing off about nothing
Is not showing you've got a spine

You're all empty rhetoric
Hot air and gas
Who the Hell do you think you are
That gets you a free pass

You forgive Letterman's deviance
But rail against Ann Coulter's style
You're nuthin but snide on the slide
And one big stinking steaming pile


You efite intellectual elite
You half baked fake flake
You've been justly impaled
upon the sword off the

Sacred Lady rising from the Lake

3:32 pm
transcribed this time
12:22 am


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama's gutless ignorant silence about the Iranian elections

He could say

He cared about truth and justice
Cared about the people's will
Cared about the Iranian citizen
That protested and was killed

He could say

He gave a damn about democracy
That he wants people to be free
That he wishes all those well
Who are bravely seeking out liberty

He could say

Women should be treated
Both courteously and fair
And that education and opportunity
Always help clear the air

He could say

An open and honest review
Would be a good start
And that freedom lives inside
Every man and womans heart

He could say

A lot if he wasn't too busy
Making us all go broke
Or he wasn't off in a corner somewhere
Laughing at Letterman's stupid filthy jokes

9:37 am
9:40 am


Sunday, June 14, 2009

FIRE David

On the so called advice of being cautious
Taking on David Letterman’s filth
About Sarah Palin being slutty and the
Completely inappropriate remarks about
Her young daughter

Yeah just what we need

Is more nuance
And rising above the fray
And a way to co-operate with leftists
And to do it in a polite way

Yeah just what we need

More moderates and Rinos
Blathering on about My Friends
More mindless bi-partisan ship
And wearing double layered depends

If anybody in the State run media
Even utters one critical thought
We need more go along songs
About how our principals can be bought

With our nation's future
And that we can accomplish world peace
If we treat our enemies as allies
And our allies as idiots who should decease

Talking bad about Hamas-icide
Or worrying about N Korean nukes
Like Hugo Chavez should be listened to
Instead of walking out on the puke


And most definitely David Letterman
Should get a free ride
The whole respect for women and children
Should simply be quietly set aside

MSNBC’s Theresa Brewer fits right in
With Chrissie Matthews and Olberink
We should just let them take free shots
And never ever challenge what they think

Bill Maher is only a comedian
Not a rotten excuse for a human being
What culture war and agenduhhhh
What propaganda presented for seeing

I say smack’m all
Take’m all on all fronts
Miss California loses her job
But not the punk who called her a

The C word


Not me
Not anymore
Let’s ride right into’m
Full Bore

11:55 am
transcribed this time
12:07 pm


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contessa Brewer is a Bitch

She's nothing but a sychophant
For David Letterman and his show
And for MSNBC to not fire him
And her reveals they know no low

Calling Sarah Palin slutty and making
Filthy sex comments about a fourteen year old
That's not anywhere near a joke
And is nothing but filthy perverted and cold

And for airhead snotty Contessa
To defend that in any manner shape or form
Exposes her to be the rotten spoiled brat
She is and way way outside any norm

Rudeness and crudeness are not humor
And neither is being sick twisted and vile
She was blatantly ugly in her demeanor
And exhibited absolutely no class or style

2:51 pm
in reference to an interview of John
Ziegler by Contessa Brewer of MSNBC
concerning David Letterman using his
top ten ruse to step seriously over the line
When he made a smutty remark about A-Rod
Knocking up Governor Sarah Palin’s fourteen
Year old daughter and another also to refer
to Sarah Palin as being slutty. ... 0#31206590

David Ziegler is a radio talk show host on
KGIL 1260 AM out of LA.
He is also producer of a film
"Media Malpractice/How Obama got elected"

N....yet again

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Negro Panthers

Now the charges have been dropped

But it couldn't be because they're brothers
It couldn't be because they're black
It couldn't be they're connected to ACORN
He's not stabbing our America in the back

He's settling race relations down
In the new South African style
He's going to redistribute the wealth
And do it with a smug look and a smile

Step on through the looking glass
And know what he's got planned
It's pay back time for the Honkeys
It's pay back time for the man

Listen to the compelling stories
Marvel at the wit and charm
Even regular citizens now
Want to be seriously armed

Witness the new dear leader
Appointing his board of czars
Do you really think a one of them
Care one bit who you are

The New Black Panthers
Were standing outside the voting booth
And slapping clubs into their hands
To make sure everybody knew the truth

Eric Holder has declared that tactic
Shall now not be considered intimidation
Justice has left the building
And being laughed at by this sick administration

Prepare yourself for what's coming next
Prepare yourself for more
This is what "God Bless America" sounds like
When it's sung by pimps and whores

10:15 am
transcribed this time
10:17 am


My official position is

I don't care


The media will just rail it across the head lines

I don't care

They won't connect the dots on Acorn
They won't publish on the Negro Panthers
They won't go after Bawney Fwank
Because he has all the correct anthers

They won't go after Dodd
They won't flush out Air Force one
They could give a whit about the fence
If it ever gets built if it ever gets done

Israel should compromise with Hamas-icide
So what if N Korea launches nukes
I don't care about the on the air heads
They're a bunch of liberal wussy pukes

Spend all the money you can
The returning vets are the real threats
Latinas are always better than whites
And it's all said without regret

Here comes a social earth quake
Here comes a cultural hurricaine
I no longer will negotiate or educate
The rabidly no brain insane

10:17 am
my response to the liberal
abortion doctor being shot
it’s just another excuse
to profile pro-life people
as terrorists along with returning vets
transcribed this time
11:56 am


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Swords Allowed

No swords allowed
At the Naval Academy's Graduation

He is a threat and a disgrace to all who serve
He has no honor so he sees none in others
He has no idea why those of us who have
Worn the uniform call each other brothers

Now he wants the midshipman
To not wear swords at their own graduation
There is no respect in this clowns heart
For warriors or the freedom of this great nation

He's an opportunist and a smug one at that
He's arrogant and condescending at the same time
He soft pedals on Korea launching off nukes
He's ignorant and or out of his freaking mind

This man is as dangerous as any ever seen
Our enemies are all dancing behind doors
They want him to continue his damage
Till we're weak enough that they can score

A big enough hit to take us out
Because they can tell he has no will to fight
He essentially doesn't believe in anything
He's always shifting there is no wrong or right

And here he is at the Naval Academy
Showing his true colors for all to see
He trusts the Palestinians but not our men
He knows nothing of the price paid

For liberty

9:15 pm
transcribed this time
9:26 pm


Friday, May 22, 2009

A Message for The New York Four

We will kill all of you

We will kill all of you radical muslim slime
We will kill all you converts to hate
We will not willy nilly deal with you
We will take you directly to your fate

We will shoot you in the chest
We will hang you from the gallows
We will expose your immorality
And your belief system to be shallow

We will take away your future
We will take away your threat
We will kill you in the open
And not have one single solitary regret

You are the disposable
You are dangerous and crazy
You've been totally brain washed
You've been mind clouded into hazy

We think it's time for your total extermination
We've decided that would be for the best
You say you're not afraid to die

We're going to put that to the test

8:44 am
transcribed this time
8:53 pm


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventuring with Ventura

He used to be a Seal
He used to be a man
He used to have integrity
And try to understand

Now he's just an embarrasement
A look at me fool
A big bad bully boy adolescent
Being used as a leftist tool

He's undisciplined and unmannered
His laxness has made him vile
His thoughts are about as coherent
As his hideous

Crazy out of control hair style

8:24 am
transcribed this time
8:55 am


Monday, May 18, 2009


PC isn't an angle

PC isn't an angle
PC isn't a mistake
It's real live evil
On the prowl to break


It will start with your beating heart
And work its way to your bones
It's here to make you feel less safe
And that you're always alone

It only wants a little
Then it wants a lot
All your precious treasures
It thinks can be bought


That goes for your freedom
That goes for your land
That goes for your peace of mind
It doesn’t give a damn

If it kills four year olds
Your mother father daughter or son
It wants to do what it wants to do
Get done what it wants to get done

PC loves to corrupt
Intimidate and demean
From blatant to insidious
It is the mud of a flood

Carrying the infectiously unclean

8:00 am
transcribed this time
9:53 am


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Colon Bowel

What’s that you’re spewing out
What are you talking about now
With all your attempts at undermining
And support for not so sacred cows

You are not a republican
Although you play one on TV
And you are not a moderate
You’re just a fraud to me

Oba Mama is the first president
Due to infirmative action
Which is how you got to be a general
Which is how you got your traction

Rank was all that mattered
It was the end game in your plan
Back when you supported Reagan
To get promoted to be the man

Go ahead and exit stage left
Go ahead and gin up the guts
Go ahead and plant your nose
Firmly up Arlen Spectors butt

3:03 pm
transcribed this time
3:05 pm


The Party of No

Would you liked to be raped
Would you like a home invasion
Would you like to see the Mexican Rag
Flown over our nation with great elation

Would you like a weaker defense
Would you like to see more apologies
For this greatest nation on earth
And it’s contribution to being free

Would you like to see prayer still banned
In all of our public schools
And the continued sanctioning of portraying
Christians as nothing but a bunch of fools

Would you like to see Infirmative Action
Shoved down our throats some more
Don’t you want rap crap music
To help turn our daughters into whores

Don’t you just love the gay agenduhh
Being pushed on all of our kids
They pose it all up as being tolerant
But really it’s just morality on skids

Would you like to be shot at
As part of a gang initiation
Don’t you want to be part of the
Baggy pants and backwards hat club

Of liberation


Wouldn’t you like to see abortions
Kill more and more innocent babies
Shouldn’t all of our thinking be based
On compromise lies or at least maybe

Don’t we want that big nanny state
Don’t we all want our taxes higher
Don’t we all want to stick our hands
Into a burning non discerning fire

11:48 am
transcribed this time
12:07 pm


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dear Janet

Dear Janet

Am I the new enemy now
Because I believe in life
Because I believe a man and woman
Make a marriage as husband and wife

Are all my brother veterans
Now on the dangerous list
Are we the ones you conspire against
And to who you raise your new iron fist

Is illegal now the same as legal
Do criminalaliens get privileges on demand
Am I supposed to take a backseat
Here in the heart of my own homeland

Should I pay even more in taxes
As you go on an unrestrained spending spree
Are you trying to take away our constitution
And then blame it all on me

Are you the new Dear Leader
Who likes to define freedom of speech
As only something that agrees with you
But for the rest should be out of reach


5:34 pm
transcribed this time
5:40 pm


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on

The Holy Miracle of Katrina

It's in every Holy victim’s sacred book
It's in every Holy victims chants
It's in all the victim dictum's papers
It's in all mindless babbling rants

It's not an exchange of ideas
When you hear the crazy speak
They're like spoiled children overjoyed
They gave the adults' noses a tweak

They don't think logically
It's to an occult they belong
You see it in their tantrum dances
You can hear it in their poor me songs

They didn't get up and leave
Mayor Nagin didn't use the buses there
While Governor Blanco sat on her hands
And twiddled and twisted her hair

All the surrounding states got to
Put up all kind of criminals and thieves
And they took all that they could get
Before they had to get up and leave

It's all in the hustler’s manual
It's the hand race card players play
They just stomp their feet and whine
As the only approach to try to get their way

They're generous with other people's money
They're quick to lay off the blame
But it is sickeningly disgusting to see how far
They'll go to maintain

The inane and insane

2:43 pm
transcribed this time
3:23 pm


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Street Gangs

We the people
Are the only ones left to deal with

The violence and the thuggery
The graffiti and intimidation
They are here to steal it all from us
They are here to ruin this nation

One person One business
One street One neighborhood at a time
You can see them a mile away
Unless of course you are willfully blind

They're wearing stupid pants
They're wearing their tattoos
They're wearing their commitment
To put an end to you

They are organized and moving
They have money and are armed
They are protectors of the hood
They are proud of their harm

The police will not stop them
The courts will let them go
The small amount of raids
Are mainly for the show

Politicians love them
Especially the browns and blacks
They are coming like a landslide
They are on the rise and attack

Figure it out yourself
Figure out the risk
It really doesn't help
To sit around going tsk tsk tsk

You have to operate alone
You have to move and not get caught
I may go down hard
But it will not be because I have not fought

10:09 am
disclaimer note
of not intending violence
even though I think Sharpton and Acorn
are part of the political wing of the violent
overthrow of our heritage


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Medieval versus Evil or How the cowboys not only had to re-win the Old West but take back all of Western Civilization

Sure My Lady
We The People

We're supposed to hand over our heritage
Our feelings and beliefs
We're supposed to express ourselves
By hanging our heads in impotent grief

Just like with the Stinking Illegal Alien Invasion
Just like with the reducing of military spending
Just like with the head long dive into Socialism
With the endless reckless spending

Just like with paying for abortions overseas
And the taking out of the medical conscious clause
Just like with the Black Caucus going down to Cuba and giving
The murdering slug thug Castro Bro's a bunch of applause

We're supposed to sit back and take it
We're supposed to pay for it all
While Muslim Boy bows at the waist
To the Saudi King and answers their calls

To say America is arrogant and dismissive
It's to them he will apologize
For the rest of us we get a screw job
And more transnationalism Acorn and lies

So what if Korea launches a rocket
And missile defense gets cut
And China is harassing one of our ships
It's we who have our heads up our butts

Like that race hustling pimp Sharpton going
After Sheriff Arpaio for protecting our homeland
We should all just lay down and die
Noboby but nobody should ever take a stand

Now the Somali Pirates hijacked US citizens
While they were flying the American flag
To him it's just another piece of cloth
Another to be burned spit on disrespected rag

Hugo Chavez is visiting Iran
While they're building nuclear bombs
Meanwhile he's setting up a civilian defense force
To make sure we all stay calm

Yes My Lady the judges get the last say
At least according to the God Damn America fans
What to do what to do with rustlers and thieves
In the days of old when we the people were bold

We pointed to The Brand

With a rope in our hand

8:35 am
transcribed this time
8:53 am


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The second by second American Revolution

There is no spill over of violence from Mexico
And if there is it's probably our fault
Mexico needs American money because
The Mexican army doesn't have enough balls

To take it out of the drug dealers vaults

All Hail Barak Hussein Obama
The new leader is wonderful and great
Be careful of making any youtube videos
You wouldn't want to be accused of hate

When are those damned lazy wounded soldiers
Going to get off their butts and pay
For their valuable health care because we have
Better people who deserve to have it come their way

We're going to borrow our way out of a recession
We're going to spend our way out of debt
This is one lying sick slick magic socialist negroe
Who doesn't have one ounce of regret

For wanting to change America
Into an image of his own
And you get to pay for the bail out
And for every idiot dead beat's home

Suck it up kids it's going to get much worse
Turn in your guns at the corner mall
And make sure you don't hold back
He wants ammo magazines he wants it all

Enforcement of immigration law
Has been declared unpatriotic to the core
The illegals are our friends even though
San Fran Nan does act like a drug cartel whore

So shut the Hell up with your criticism
Your spewing out of utter nonsense
The next thing you know you’ll be asking
Why again aren’t we building THE FENCE

9:51 pm
transcribed this time
10:07 pm


Friday, March 13, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Long long ago

In vigilante land

Some people got their tires ice picked
Some people got paint thrown on their cars
The nit wit pickers looked near
The pencil necked geeks look far

But they never could find out
Who was doing this vandalism and harm
They really got upset when a mysterious
Dark dressed figure broke somebody's arm

One dark and forlorn night
When the moon was black as death
But nobody ever said nuthin
Not even an utterance under the breath

Some people don't learn nuthin
They think it all a game
The only way they ever change
Is the age ol primal way of

Pain screaming in their shut down brains

7:34 pm
written in response to
a dog soldier bein spit on
note of disclaimer
This here poetry thingy is but
to express feelings and I dang sure
wouldn't be advocatin breakin no laws
or nuthin.
transcribed this time
7:42 pm


Friday, February 27, 2009

Speaking in front of Devil Dogs

Here is a boy

Standing in front of men
Who put it on the line
He's just taken up space
And taken up time

He stands for nothing
But BS and crap
He's not the kind you punch
He's the kind you slap

Real men of honor
Know who they are
They know by the sun
They know by the stars

Nobody gets a pass
In my book any more
Who hasn't in some way stood up
And stepped to the door

And nobody gets credit
Or gets a free ride
Off the backs of others
Who have taken strides

To go out on patrol
To protect their brothers back
Who have met head on
Ambushes and attacks

He looked like a boy
Standing in front of men
And all I know
Is he better not

Screw with them


But he already has
It's already done
And here we all are
At the beginning

Of the setting sun

We have to pass through the darkness
To get to the light
What color shirt do I have to wear this time
To do what's right

10:56 pm
transcribed this time
11:04 pm


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama and hating whitey

Obama and hating whitey

He thinks it gives him leverage
When others open their mouth
And play on the stereo type
Of the redneck from the South

Like we all own pick up trucks
With gun racks in the back
With shot guns at the ready
To perpetuate some racist attack

He thinks it makes him cool
He thinks he is the man
That can lead his people his people
To the promised land

He has no bad words to say
Against Reverend Wright
And Eric Holder is a leader
In the civil rights fight

Farrakhan is his friend
As well as every other pimp
He's a real live Socialist
And not a dupe a useful idiot or symp

He's into being smooth
He's into showing style
He and Michelle are proud of what they do
You can see it in their smiles

Michelle is the angry one
He just wants to be a star
We are a nation of cowards
And that's just the way we are

Obama and hating whitey

He thinks it gives him leverage
When others open their mouth
And play on the stereo type
Of the redneck from the South

Like we all own pick up trucks
With gun racks in the back
With shot guns at the ready
To protect ourselves from a riot or attack

But I guess that just goes to show
What happens when you close the door
Somehow you miss the news that
Some of us have moved up

To M4's

11:12 am
please note disclaimer
this is just the ramblin response
of another Crackah and I don't need
the secret service wasting their time at
my door even though I'm against abortion
and I thought the chimp cartoon was funny
transcribed this time
11:30 am


The N double A CP

Fuck the N double A CP

The National ASSociation of Communist Pricks
Should just shut the fuck up
Lying stinking opportunistic race card players
Couldn't be anymore corrupt

Fuck them twice for not addressing
The black gang disease infecting our nation
They could give a damn less as to what
Really screws up the situation

And that's their toleration of Rap
And ignorance and black on black crime
They're all a bunch of bitches just
Flat out stupid crazy out of their mind

They love that they have aids
More than any other race
It makes them even more a victim
And that's a plus in their place

Where victum translates into
The entitlement state of mind
This is all going to come to a head
And I say it's

About damn time

9:15 am
written in response to the latest statement of "outrage" by this outdated social club of morons
over the cartoon of the chimp getting shot as an analogy to the Socialist Porkulus Giant Crap Sandwich Bill.


Friday, February 20, 2009

To me.........

Afghanistand is just an OJT training camp
A live kill training drill
All we are doing is keeping the filth from
Developing a home base to hone skills

The mountains will always be the moutains
The plains will always be the plains
Alexander the Great knew this
You just play the keep it tamped down game

You patrol you fly you see you shoot
You work your intell you develop your sources
You keep your foot in the door
To determine what the world's course is

10:06 pm
transcribed this time
10:11 pm


Monday, February 16, 2009



Is an extension of Hugo Chavez
Is a reach inside our Nation
Is a collection center for Socialism
For every donation at a station

Citgo represents dictatorship
Citgo is corruption and crime
Citgo is here to steal from you
Your future your wealth and time

Hugo is a psycho
He just got his third term
He's a disgusting pig of a man
And a low life loud mouthed worm

Citgo sends its money back
To he who would make a deal
With Iran Russia and Cuba
Citgo's operations here are but

A liscence to steal

Citgo is the place to go
To donate to your own demise
To invest in a lose lose
Corruption propaganda and lies

2:47 pm

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Who the Hell do you think you are

Telling us we shouldn’t listen to Rush
Meanwhile you enable slaughtering the unborn
And then smugly come out and inform us
We’re the ones who rightly deserve to be scorned

Bipartisan means agreeing with you right
That about sums up your idea of debate
And if a journalist does dare ask a question
It’s almost like they’ve declared their hate

What was that

There’s no lobbyist in your administration
Oh unless you decide to make an exception
Is that like cheap political expediency
Or just out and out immoral deception

Have you gotten Al Qaeda’s notice of surrender
I mean since you decided Gitmo should close
Aren’t those the guys that would cut off
An Americans face just to spite his nose

Oh well maybe your meeting with Iran
Will bring peace and harmony to the world
I bet you could negotiate Wiping Israel off the map
To not meaning having to kill every Jewish boy and girl

How’s that doofus of a vice president
You’ve got yourself a real doozy there
Have you ever seen a more baffoonish buffoon
Or at least one filled with that much hot air

Could his timing be any more off
Isn’t he about as far as awkwardness goes
Man you gotta admit with what he’s said lately
He might as well have been publicly picking his nose

You appoint Tim Geitner to be head of the IRS
But it seems he’s failed to pay his own taxes
Is it that you're so sure everybody’s gonna bend over
You're just checkin to see what the max is

Now Daschle has made his mad dash
Rather than face utter humiliation and losing
It seems you’re vetting your dog more
Than the cabinet members you’ve been choosing

9:40 pm
written over several days
transcribed this time
9:42 pm
He's only been in office barely
two weeks and one can barely keep up
man this guy is in way way way
over his head


Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Snow Job in Kentucky

He's a racist

That's why Kentucky is suffering
That's why there are so many dead
They're white so they don't count
That's what's in his head

Maybe he means it
Maybe it's just in his genes
Maybe Revenge is more important
Than any responsibility could mean

It's whitey's turn to get it
It's whitey's turn to die
It's whitey's turn to wait
While someone sits on the supplies

The sign on the office says
The Buck stops here
And his inaction is making his
Intentions very clear

It's a historic moment
He's the first black
And it looks like he's lookin
To get a little pay back

10:54 pm
transcribed this time
11:01 pm


Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm sick of being fair

Fair is just something they use
To put the screws to me
Fair is just something they abuse
To make sure I'm less free

I'm not going to rise above it
I've not going to be a nice guy
I'm not even going to do enough
That somebody can say I gave it a try

Oooooh Ooooooh remember back to Selma
Haven't we come a long way
And shouldn't we still apologize
At least a hundred times a day

Can't we wish him all the best
No I can't and no I won't
Can't we hope for him none the less
Here it is plain and simple no I don't

He's promised to screw it up
And I believe that he will
And I believe that he could care less
That America's fighting men will pay the bill

He's an out and out socialist
He's surrounded by corruption and fraud
He's got Barney the Banking Queen
Eric Holder and Christopher Dodd

Hillary is Secretary of State
While Billy Boy's been rakin in the money
And nobody sees a conflict of interest
But maybe Senator Frankin will help us all

See it as funny

Reid’s now turned around and seated Burris
Chicago Machine is at it’s most grandiose
The race card is bein played hard by the left wing guard
We’re getting infirmative action by the double dose

For the safety of US citizens he's going to close down Gitmo
And declare Water boarding too tough of a way to get the truth
But when it comes to his own security

It seems he wants
The secret service doubled and a thousand snipers on every roof

11:13 pm
transcribed this time
11:21 pm


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jeepers Creepers

I don't care what justifications you use
Faggots in the military says more about you
Than any of your fake twisted sister logic
Of trying to make it like it's about an open view

Queers have no place amongst America's finest
No special priviliges no special deals
Lord knows what inherent sickness is in you
That has you finding all this as having enticing appeal

It's just rancid insane and stupid on its face
It just goes to show results mean nothing over time
All of your symp wimp ilk are possessed and obsessed
Over promoting your milk toast eutopia pc state of mind

You're nuts narcissistic and thus only care what you think
You could care less what it does to the men on the line
Everything and everywhere is just supposed to be a
Big baby playground for the likes of your stupid selfish kind

Pimp yourself out if you think nothing's wrong with it
What lame excuses do you have there
If nothing is so wrong about it how about you
Gettin on your knees and hoistin your rear in the air

Seriously impose it on yourself
According to you you're breaking no moral code
No but of course you won't all your wonderful ideas
Are for others to bear up under to carry your load

Listen up you wet behind the ears no experience pup
What's needed is young men who want to be hard corp f*ckers
The Marines are looking for a few good men
Not it's fair share of a bunch of c*ck suckers

9:53 pm
transcribed this time
10:00 pm


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sure.....oh yeah definitely

Maybe if we just got on our knees as they bound our wrists
When they brought in a camera and a long dull knife
Maybe when they started reading some crazy jihadist shit
If we just kept politely quiet

They wouldn’t cut our throats and take our life

10:24 am

Maybe baby

Maybe if we all just toned it down about
Violent criminals there would be less crime
Maybe if we spoke softly and encouragingly
We could all get along over a period of time

Maybe if we spoke lovingly and gentle
To Hamas they would finally come to understand
That we the people of the earth are all one
Maybe if we gave them a little more money and land

Maybe if we tolerated the poor sad Mexican illegals
Who only come here to do the jobs we won't do
The world would see the US in a better light
It's borders that divide us and keep us from an open view

Maybe if we didn't oppose the psychotic crazy jihad
America's image would once again begin to shine
Just like in Europe they have plenty of Muslims
And they certainly are diplomatic and benign

Maybe if we gave gang members basket ball courts
Or light sentences when convicted or at least free shoes
They wouldn't be so angry and have to do bad things
Come on let's get together and try something new

Maybe if we kept our conversations quiet and intellectual
And always deferred and spoke in soft tones
Nobody would run over us and put an idiot in office
Who will over see us all paying back acorn encouraged

Sub prime home loans

Maybe if we talked real nice there could be bail outs
For everybody and nobody would dare to call it treason
Not that every dictator tyrant or slug with any authority
Doesn’t always have a perfectly good reason

Maybe if we just got on our knees and said please
Maybe if we didn’t let others get too loud or out of hand
We could all go down crying and dying
But at least we would have made it..Look like..

We were trying to make a stand

10:14 am
transcribed this time
11:20 am


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Che Chic
Revolutionary fashion statements

Che is a guy
Faggots wear on their shirts
It's a way communist and prissy sissies
Think it's cool to flirt

They don't care he's a murderer
They don't care about his firing squads
He just looked so darned cute in his beret
He was such a sexy good looking fraud

So what if he lied
So what if he stole
So what if he was heartless
And had no soul

His hair was shiny
Long thick wavy and black
So how important could it be
He stabbed

His fellow revolutionaries in the back


It's all about image
It's all about shine
It's all about what they're were thinkin
Lookin at his behind

That's about as far
As their pee brains go
They're not interested in the truth
They don't want to know

That death and corruption were everywhere
And journalist were targeted and killed
If any of the revolution's bean cans
Were opened and truth did happen to spill

People from all over were locked away
For what they thought
And they stayed chained in their holes
Till their bodies did rot

For daring to disagree
For thinking another way
Other than what Castro said
Or Che decreed what you could say


Ahhh yess it's all so Chic
And the revolution's cool
When it's coffee shop talk
And the bloods not forming in pools

As the brains are splattered
All over some pitted stone wall
While Che Che baby sat back
Feet on his desk and watched it all

So re-write history all you want
Make him your hero make him your star
Be a super duper useful pooper scooper idiot
And cling to what you stupidly ignorantly are

11:00 pm
transcribed this time
1:52 pm