Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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The Holy Miracle of Katrina

It's in every Holy victim’s sacred book
It's in every Holy victims chants
It's in all the victim dictum's papers
It's in all mindless babbling rants

It's not an exchange of ideas
When you hear the crazy speak
They're like spoiled children overjoyed
They gave the adults' noses a tweak

They don't think logically
It's to an occult they belong
You see it in their tantrum dances
You can hear it in their poor me songs

They didn't get up and leave
Mayor Nagin didn't use the buses there
While Governor Blanco sat on her hands
And twiddled and twisted her hair

All the surrounding states got to
Put up all kind of criminals and thieves
And they took all that they could get
Before they had to get up and leave

It's all in the hustler’s manual
It's the hand race card players play
They just stomp their feet and whine
As the only approach to try to get their way

They're generous with other people's money
They're quick to lay off the blame
But it is sickeningly disgusting to see how far
They'll go to maintain

The inane and insane

2:43 pm
transcribed this time
3:23 pm


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