Monday, March 29, 2010

Not all Canadians are nuts but to the communists and socialists

I'm offended

That roses have thorns
That birds fly in the sky
And be they hatched or born
A lie is a lie is a lie

What is an opinion
What is a fact
You can stand the wind
But only when it's at your back

Stand up for the truth
Stand for freedom's call
It's not a popularity contest
Sometimes it's a free for all

Some can dish it out
But they sure can't take it
When challenged openly and honestly
They bluster up and fake it

It's not often convenient
To fight for your rights
But if we close our eyes
What good is our sight

9:51 am
transcribed this time
12:59 pm


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will Rogers

Would have been put on a watch list
By Janet Napolotano now-a-days
Good ol Will would have gotten in trouble
For his poking satire at filling quota's ways

This is the land of equal opportunity
Not of equal result he'd have said right outloud
Seems he spoke the same truth one on one
As he did out front of a boistrous crowd

Will Rogers was an American and
llegal aliens would not have faired very well
I think he would have done it good naturedly
But I still think he'd have given them Hell

The Black Panthers would have been the target
Of some cutting edge satirical humor I believe
I don't think he'd have gone along at all
With Eric Richard Holders blatant attempt to decieve

And what red blooded citizen has any doubt
As to his take on Government madly spending money
Only people who worked hard long and honestly
Would have thought his responses very funny

Gays getting married gays in the military
I believe his opinion would have indeed been clear
Privately each to their own but public policy wise
Going that far might have been.... a bit queer

And as to actually giving terrorists civil rights
I think it would have been short piers and long hikes
And our beloved Will
Would have finally found a man

He didn't like

1:01 pm

Monday, March 01, 2010

They don't care

They don't care

If terrorists get civil rights
Or Muslim soldiers poison food
The security of the United States
Is entirely dependent upon their mood

They don't care

If Hasaan showed a million signs
That he was disturbed and deranged
Divirsity is far more important
Than any spilled blood guts or brains

They don't care

If it endangers everybody
To give KSM a public trial
They think their caring is daring
And that gives them a self righteous smile

They don't care

If the ROE's
Get's good Marines killed
It makes them feel warm inside
And gives them a thrill

They don't care

About chopped off heads
And all the screaming hate
They think it's all our fault
Because we haven't closed Gitmo's gates

They don't care

They don't care
They don't care
Your kind get to make the sacrifices
They get to decide what's fair

12:42 pm
transcribed this time
12:48 pm