Thursday, July 31, 2008

She uses the truth as her shield

She is quick with the quip
She is this generations intellectual
Kitten with a whip

She laser beams in
And then throws back her hair
And casually rips apart lies
Till their no heart is laid bare

She is wit and charm
Beauty and grace
She hits with William Buckley like power
But has an Angel's face

She is a rare original
She is a one of a kind
She stands to the fore
And speaks her mind

All the pie throwers miss
And end up beat up arrested and in jail
After Miss Coulter's long long legs
Dance her away without fail

Acadamia nuts may study history
But she makes it as she lives
And she may make it look easy
But she has worked hard to

Have that much to give


She is a rare original
She is a one of a kind
She stands to the fore
And speaks her mind

7:47 am
with respectful consideration to of
course...Ann Margaret.


Hey we could sew our own shirts

Weave our own sweaters
Make our own shoes
Do it all alone to make it better

We could grow our own crops
Dig our own wells
Because that's how they make their money
When we buy what they offer to sell

You'd think this was America or something
Why just the other day
I was trying to reinvent the phone
But got lost somewhere along the way

God Forbid the waitress makes any money
God Forbid somebody make me a dinner
That I might be able to take it easy for a while
And in the end we all come out winners

I was trying to dig up some iron and steel
So I could make my own car
But needless to say but I'll say it anyway
That didn't go too far

You'd think this was America or something
Because when other people tell me how to spend my money
I kinda get to lookin at them like
They're crazy busy bodies who aren't very funny

But most of the time
I try to laugh anyway

4:05 pm
transcribed this time
11:35 pm


Monday, July 28, 2008

Allah is a Whore

Allah is a whore
Who has sex with pigs for money
Allah kills his own daughter for honor
And would stomp to death the Easter Bunny

Allah is a psycho who wraps
Suicide belts around his grand kids
And then sends their families gifts
For what they gloriously did

Allah laughs his ass off at people
Who still try to figure out why
When he spends all his time on
How to plot and scheme to make you die

Allah made up Mohammed
And Mohammed was a pedophile
There isn't a goat or camel anywhere
That is safe from being defiled

Allah hates women and children
And loves to watch Infidels wrack their brains
Trying to figure out why CAIR works the system
To bring America defeat and long suffering pain


Kill Allah
And all his followers too
Death to Seventh Century fanatics
Long Live King Richard the Lion Hearted
He knew where to go and what to do

4:34 pm
transcribed this time
4:39 pm


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Once you're in a fight

The only responsibility is
To do everything to win
And not bow and scrape and cry
And try everything to be their friend


I am not the black man's keeper
I am not his whipping boy
I am not his convenient excuse
Nor victim to his race hustle ploy

I will not take the abuse
They think they have the right to give
I am going to carry on and they best
Not attack me if they want to live

I am sick of seeing my kind exploited
Living by some rules scum bags ignore
I will have nothing to do with the rap crap culture
Where every man is a thug and every woman

A bitch or a whore


I do not need their permission
I do not need them to understand
I will associate with whom I choose
I will not submissively extend my hand

I think white women who date blacks
Really aren't white anymore
And I think if you have their baby
You've truly sold out your genetic core

I will think what a free man thinks
I will say what I want to say
I am proud of my Nordic heritage
And will be till my dying day

I know what happens on the corners
In the parking lots and on the street
I can see an animal moving and know
The only thing they understand is defeat

I will not be intimidated or shamed
Into giving up my inalienable rights
You will not take from me my soul
Without engaging in one Helluva fight

8:29 pm
transcribed this time
8:52 am


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You see the old ones

And one day you realize
They were once young too
You always thought of them
As the old veterans as one is want to do

But suddenly it becomes clear
When what you see and hear
Is the ferocity of heart
That also knows compassion is dear

You can see him running down the road
He still carries his ruk sack well
He still pounds it down up and around
Still walking the edge of Heaven and Hell

He may even fall short
But for sure he gets back up again
Because even when alone
Honor does not bend on any depend

And they would yank you up
By the back of your pack or shirt
Throw you over their shoulder
And take you away from harm and hurt

And you would do the same
If it all went down hard and fast
You go with the guts and sweat
You go with your brothers

First or last

7:05 pm
transcribed this time
7:48 pm