Monday, May 30, 2005


On why not to give Zarqawi
The death penalty

That's a great idea ...

Give all the terrorists in Bagdad
Real long expensive trials and then
Real long expensive appeals

And then real long jail sentences
Where they get to play tennis watch tv
And are supplied counselors so they can
Work out how they feel

And if that takes books out of school
At least we were just and true
And if that takes food out of mouths
At least we did what good people do

And if that takes aways doctors
And nurses and medical supplies
Then that's the price that must be payed
We must approach this with understanding

Forgiving eyes

Besides the people of Iraq are used to it
They've been tortured and raped and killed
The least we should do is spend countless millions
On those who made sure those mass graves

Were over flowingly filled

10:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:49 pm

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial's always personal

Guns up, baby!
Guns up!

Sometimes the tears fall
And I remember the rain
Sometimes the blood fell
And I remember the pain

Sometimes the sun went down
And night came at you hard and black
Sometimes you didn't know where they were
Front or side or back

Sometimes you laughed
Because the gunner was funny and cool
Sometimes you listened very carefully because
He was a teacher in the life and death school

But you always learned you answered
When you heard the guns up call
I never met a nicer guy
I never met a guy that had more balls

And sometimes I remember
And I hope he's doing alright now
I hope he made it back
I hope they're all doing ok somehow

2:12 pm
usually I don't use any explicatives
but I've been drinkin and it is memorial day
and you know.....sometimes Marines actually
talk like that..


Friday, May 27, 2005

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I don't want to nuke

It takes away the long shots with my 308
It takes away my shot gun blasts to their guts
It takes away my standing on some barren hill
Screaming see I told you I'd kill you for havin

Your heads so far up your butts

I don't want to nuke Mexico
It would radiate my new ranch land down there
I need to sit out on my newly acquired porch
And breathe in some clean fresh air

From finally pushin back against a culture
That definitely does not have my interest at heart
I've been ticked a long long time about the flood
That has vet benefits hospital care and school standards

All falling dangerously apart

We're supposed to feed and educate them
Because they've got rotten arrogant leaders
That talk out of both sides of their mouths
And all because somebody hasn’t

Turned them into bleeders

Murderous criminals come up here
And then just go back to get away
While Mexican National diplomats
Thumb their noses and tell us all to

Have a nice day

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I'm still fairly well conditioned
I've still got skills with a knife and gun
I want the satisfaction
Of a very personal job well done

9:51 pm
11:56 pm

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Apologist

The Apologist is

A knee crawling tennis shoe licking squirmy worm
A symp wimp all the way down to his bones
Who can never face up to personal responsibility
And is scared to death to be alone

The apologist wants quotas for jobs
The apologist want to give reparations
The apologist always wants to say we
As if they speak for us all and all situations

The apologist is smug and self righteous
Is absolutely without a doubt right
An apologists wants to collect taxes
And give them away to every minority in sight

The Apologist is

Completely self decieved by false superiority
The apologist can't see that they're blind
The apologist deep down inside unequivocably
Definitely dedicatedly sincerely

Hate their own kind

9:37 pm
with some attention
added to grammatical detail
10:17 pm

The traitor from within

This one is a living
example of one

That will take you down
If his hatred gains any further ground
He is completely disassociated
He can't even hear how he sounds

This one will help those
Who pimp and whore out the race card
He doesn't care who it makes suffer
His identity is twisted distorted and marred

He's a carrier of the self hatred disease
He's ashamed all the way to the core
He wants to take more from you
So he can look good giving away more

To the right non white people
To the people of the special priviliged class
This one is a living example of one
That I would unhesitatingly refer to as trash

8:31 am

Saturday, May 21, 2005



Mexico is Spanish for...........Hen house

Ie: The Fox is in the hen house.

8:47 pm

Monday, May 16, 2005

If I believed this I'd get a fellowship to Berkley

There never have been any terrorists

There are only people in the world
Who are misunderstood and depressed
People who by no fault of their own
Have become innocently dangerously obsessed

Enough to strap bombs on children
To fly planes into buildings in the USA
But no matter what it's not their fault
What have we done is what we should say

How have we brought this on ourselves
What did we do to deserve being killed
Maybe if we'd all sit Richard Gere like meditating
Our hearts with peace would fill

And it would all instantly be better
And we could all sing Ditzy Chick songs
About how wonderful the UN is
And how America is of course wrong

There never have been any terrorists
And those poor confused killers would go away
If we would all apologize and listen to the
Wise wise words that Michael Moore has to say

3:38 pm

Sunday, May 15, 2005

There's no such thing as reverse discrimination

There's no such thing as Reverse Discrimination

They are just hateful manipulative arrogant
It's my turn no matter what thieving scum
They think nothing of taking off whitey
They self justify every rotten thing they want done

They're into the free ride and the self righteousness
They love the special priviliged holy vicitim game
They don't want a level playing field never have
They love those quotas and gurantees they'll gain

9:55 pm
transcribed this time
9:56 pm

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Poor seventeen year old Malvo

Poor seventeen year old Malvo

Seventeen year old Malvo sat in the court
Seventeen year old Malvo testified today
Seventeen year old Malvo nearly broke down
When he said what he wanted to say

Which included absolutely positively
Not a hint of any remorse
But what is important to remember is
That seventeen year old Malvo said it of course


But what do you have to do
To be considered in the extreme
How many people do you have to kill
How many destroyed lives and dreams

6:17 pm
transcribed this time
11:44 pm