Friday, May 27, 2005

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I don't want to nuke

It takes away the long shots with my 308
It takes away my shot gun blasts to their guts
It takes away my standing on some barren hill
Screaming see I told you I'd kill you for havin

Your heads so far up your butts

I don't want to nuke Mexico
It would radiate my new ranch land down there
I need to sit out on my newly acquired porch
And breathe in some clean fresh air

From finally pushin back against a culture
That definitely does not have my interest at heart
I've been ticked a long long time about the flood
That has vet benefits hospital care and school standards

All falling dangerously apart

We're supposed to feed and educate them
Because they've got rotten arrogant leaders
That talk out of both sides of their mouths
And all because somebody hasn’t

Turned them into bleeders

Murderous criminals come up here
And then just go back to get away
While Mexican National diplomats
Thumb their noses and tell us all to

Have a nice day

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I'm still fairly well conditioned
I've still got skills with a knife and gun
I want the satisfaction
Of a very personal job well done

9:51 pm
11:56 pm


Anonymous said...

you know what American doesnt feed us . we feed ourselfs. you dont work dont us ,YOU dont do anything for us. we ourself work for ourselfs. You know what we may not have leaders but at least we dont have one that is a two face, races ass, red neck mother fucker ,that is worth shit compare the every single mexican person living in this earth,

Anonymous said...

for anonymous said... first of all why hide your name? oh yeah your illeagal so you dont want I.N.S. to come pick you up.... and you cant spell correctly either...still cant grasp english you dumb ass.? we dont do anything for you? funny you know if wasent for the U.S.A. your illeagal ass would be back in mexico making 4.00 a day...not over here taking avantage of the U.S. like the parasite you are and denouncing my country...when you are finaly able to finish your fith grade education, you will understand that hispanics that came to america leagaly dont care much for you either...this is not about race its about breaking the law ..thats why your called an ILLEAGAL ALIEN.DUH...

Anonymous said...

hey niels, this may be a little late but welcome home... i am proud to call you a vietnam veteran... my second cousin went there and never came back he is still listed as mia...thanks for your service ...and oh yeah i loved your poem but nuking them would be faster.....kilroy

robert said...

what the world should do is nuke the USA. every single american is a waste of human organs, flesh and bones. it wouldnt make me sad to see usa go under a mushroom cloud, hell, it would be the happiest day of my life. in 9/11/2001, when a group blew up the WTC and sent over 3000 americans to their deaths, i didnt cry, i laughed. it was almost the best day of my life. every time i see a news article of US troops dyeing in iraq, it brings a smile to my face. i really dont give a fuck about usa, and you my friend just strengthen the hatred many people in the world have towards the usa. i really wish the germans did attack the usa during WWII, i dont see why they didnt. i also laugh at hpw usa lost the war in vietnam, most hilarious thing ever.

neilsthepoet said...

You're lying, Robert.

You're just some punk ass snot kid who thinks he's pullin on the clever lever with his secret agent fake flake half baked plan.

Screw you.

You're a joke.

7:35 am