Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stupid Dog's son

Stupid Dog's son sold him out
Set him up and baited him in
It's as old as the ancients and ages
It's as old as the wages of sin

Honor thy mother and father
Listen to them in the darkest of times
The journey is long and hard enough
It is a rocky and difficult climb

Sharper than a serpents tooth
Deeper than the cut of a knife
When the betrayal is by one
You've loved your whole life

For a few pieces of silver
For petty revenge and pride
Willing to enter into the foulest pit
And let a succubus take you for a ride

What is that you are willing to do
And what is it you are doing it for
It's hard to maintain the fight for right and light
And sleazy easy always keeps an open door

But what is there else to achieve
What else is there to believe
Family may argue and disagree
But should not plot to deliberately deceive

Stupid dog's son has made it hard
For his mother and sisters and brothers
He's opened them to unprincipled opportunists
As well as ignorant apologists and a host of others

Tucker you ignorant punk assed bitch
Now look what you've gone and done
You must have had to work-over over time
To turn your heart that cold and numb

9:28 am
transcribed this time
9:33 am


Monday, October 15, 2007

A nameless song

Let me die in the dust
An unknown man
Before traitors and despots
Use me as clay in their hands

6:08 pm
transcribed this time
8:41 pm


Friday, October 12, 2007

Stupid Palestinians

We don't have any money for infra structure
But here's 25 thousand if your kids blow themselves up
We don't have any money for schools and hospitals
But here's some more banners and guns to be corrupt

We don't have any money for roads and homes
But here's some more rockets to Kill Israeli kids
We don't have any more money for food and clothes
But Hamas is collecting souls for Allah with real cheap bids

Stupid Palestinians

Can't even tell whose playin them for fools
Can't see the outrage and open Alli Baba graft
They keep thinkin the squeeky wheel gets the grease
But really all they get's

The shaft



The rest of the Arab Community
Who think that they are above rebuke
Who think think they'll usher in a Calliphate
By helpin every proxy act of war sponsored by

Iran's Princely Persian pukes

10:52 pm
transcribed this time
11:08 pm


Monday, September 24, 2007


Are what those spewing apologetics
Call an out and out mugging
Kicks to the face head and shoulders
Hard will full deliberate slugging

Stomping them on the ground
Maneuvering to get in a fist
This is what symps call a minor altercation
This in importance is not high on their list

It's never racial
As long as it's black on white
But who cares what the ignorant think
Some of us know what's right

Blacks don't get to guerrilla around
Blacks don't get to intimidate
They don't get a free pass anymore
No more side steppin dates with fate

And bullies deserve what they get during or
Even after it's over and they're lying to fake it
Because if you want to seriously step up
To dish it out

You damn well be ready to take it

10:55 pm
transcribed this time
7:02 pm


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kill whitey

Kill whitey

Let's get six of us together
And stomp him to the ground
And then after all our bros show up
All you'll hear are the sounds

Of how we're all the victims
We're the famous Jena six
Jesse and Al will be there
Of course with their usual tricks

With plenty of company in tow
To descend on this small town
Thousands will mob the streets
And shut every business down

The media will support us
And keep hidden our past crimes
We've got those cameras focused
On just what we want this time

Kill whitey

We can do anything we want
And the odds are very good
That we will get away with it
Because we've been misunderstood

There will never be any lynchings
There will never be any long range shots
Because we are black and beautiful
And the perpetrator will be caught

Only we get away with it now
Because now it's our pay back time
We've got apologists on our side
Yes suhhh civil rights are doin fine

At least for us
We've got nothing to fear
There will be no consequences anymore
We've made that perfectly clear


Kill whitey

He's the only one who can be racist
He's the only troll that lives under the bridge
You can burn them like they did at Waco
You can kill him like they did at Ruby Ridge

OJ is innocent
And Michael Vick is only immature
There is no sickness anywhere
That rap crap thug life won't cure

Don't worry about personal responsibility
It'll be too late before they catch on
Just keep workin those easy marks
And using their stupid self inflicted guilt

To make them pawns


Till every blonde girl is a trophy
Till every blue eyed child is taught the lie
That he doesn't come from an honorable tribe
That unity for him must mean he dies

They'll buy into that fairness con every time
They'll bow and scrape to look like they're cool
And if that doesn't work just guerrilla past them
Play that race card on those cowering fools

Kill whitey

Kill him fast
Kill him slow
Kill his pride
Or any kind of truth he knows

He’ll never resist
We’ve got him down he’s lost his way
He’s forgotten how to strike and get away with it
And live to fight another day

12:06 am
transcribed this time
12:24 am


Saturday, September 08, 2007

What My Dogs Told me To say....

What my dogs told me to say to people
Who sympathized with sick Michael Vick

Sadists and their cruelty
Say I'm barking up the wrong tree
But are too scared to come down
And play with me

Because I'll rip out their throats
Show them my charms
As I savage their legs
And tear at their arms

While the blood spurts out
And they scream and moan
As they try to get away
But find they're all alone

To face the consequences
To face the beast
Who serves our families
And asks the least

An occasional meal
A pat on the head
And they'll alert to warn
They'll fight till they're dead

To protect the ones
Who showed them care
They wiggle and wag
To say they're glad you're there


So it's no big deal
If I get criminally used
If my suffering is real
When I am abused


So if it's no big deal
That I get torn apart
Then come on down
I'll show you insane

Me I'm an animal
I'm supposed to have heart're a human
You're supposed to use your brain

7:52 pm
Hunter, Jack, Wind, Lightning and Loki give their best regards..
to dog lovers and people with common sense
But are growling at the retards

Crouched behind their no defense fence


Monday, August 27, 2007

Lead Follow Die or Get Out of The Way

You know you can go out
And hang out with the guys
And soak in all the friendship
That money can buy

And you can go play putt putt
On the biggest greenist golf course
But all it sometimes gets you is to where
You forget the original source

Of pride of what it takes to not
Be an almost but an actual basic man
And that is one who when challenged
Does what it takes to make a stand

And let the chips fall where they may
If you're right you're right
If you're wrong you're wrong
Put it on the line bring it to the light

But smart ass comments go nowhere
And neither does talking down
To guys who've walked it hard core
In jungles desserts and dusty towns

You better get back
To what it takes to dig down deep
There is more real value in this world
Than tring to be on top of some

Shiney designer dung heap


A simple nod from a man
Who knocked me hard to the floor
Meant more to me than any empty praise
When he saw I had tried to give it more

You get back up again and again
You get back in there and try anew
You train you study you sweat you push
Past the pain and the black and blue

You run till your guts hurt
On the roads the tracks and river banks
You dare desperation and despair to show up
Just so you can look'm in the face and say

No thanks


This ain't no beauty contest
Or which vacation picture is best
This is for sweat blood all of it
Fire power love and eternity

And some of us will
Accept nothing less

12:28 am
transcribed this time
8:24 pm
something for those whose
claim is they "used to be"
.....if they ever were....or either way;
You know the kind, I mean; The ones posin up
all rough puff as if they had anything
clear or helpful for the real now a days
blood on the line troopers and their contributions
as they make their efforts getting prepared,
and then their actually doing their jobs while on deployment.

As if........they had anything real now a days
clear of helpful for the blood on the line troopers.


Saturday, August 25, 2007


Channon Christian
Christopher Newsom


This is how it starts
When justice is denied
And all the press will do
Is swear they haven't lied

This is what will happen
When savages aren't killed back
They continue their marauding
They continue their monstrous attacks

This is what brings it on
This what turns into to blood
When everybody negotiates
When Hell rises from the mud

And stalks our streets and towns
And targets our young and old
This is how it happens when
When just vengeance isn't swift and bold

Rap Crap and Hip Hop slop
Is wilding music for slug thug life
People better wake up because
They're coming for your children

You and your wife


The press gets off Scott free
But believe me if they bleed
You can bet your life that story
Would be one that'd lead

And these so called national leaders
Giving cover for the gangs
They ain't nuthin but the political wing
For those who want to see you hang

Or robbed or beaten or raped
On the corner or invading your home
Just know that if you go down fighting
You were not fighting alone

I say it's time for pay back
I think it's time to call in some debts
These dirt bags may be stupid and sadistic
But they haven't met cold efficient and operational



Let’s put some fire in our guts
And steel in our back bone
Let’s let those brave enough to know
That they are not alone

11:02 pm
yet another story NOT
being covered by the press

1.) Young, white Tennessee couple out on a date gets car-jacked by four black men.

2.) The couple is kidnapped and brought to the home of one of the car jackers.

3.) The young man is sodomized, castrated, and then beaten and stabbed to death while his girlfriend watches.

4.) Over the next few days, the girlfriend is repeatedly raped, has one of her breasts cut off while she is still alive, and has drain cleaner poured down her throat to hide DNA evidence.

5.) While this is going on, the black girlfriend of one of the four kidnappers is in the house but never calls police.


Vick Vick Michael Vick

Vick Vick
Michael Vick

What a trick
Way to be slick
What a tough guy
What a something something

What guts
What class
What a shining example
What a stinking something something

Vick Vick Way to choose friends
Way to spend your bucks
Way to invest your time
Way to be a stupid perverted something something

Way to be a player
Way to not give a whit
Way to be a punk
Way to be a rotten piece of something something

11:19 am
transcribed this time
11:23 am


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pro Jihadist puts up a video on live response

I am going to kill you

All you jihadist
All you smart asses talkin trash
Your world is going to come
Tumbling down in one big bloody crash

You're going to get shot in the head
You're going to get shot in the chest
You're going to go down hard
Courtesy of the best

You're weaklings and brain washed
Your leaders send you off to die
Your fanatics liars and lunatics
You kill your own and don't even cry

The old Iraq attacked Kuwait
The old Iraq attacked Iran
What were your reasons then
What was your great blessed plan

Now you bomb market places
And it's women and children you kill
You've got no place in your heart
That's quiet and peaceful and still

Dying is your only release
Dying is your only way out
You've let your soul be taken over
You have no idea what you’re about

Except mindless selfish horror
Except blinding yourself to the light
That you are not the resistance
You are the cause of the fight

You are the sickness in the body politic
You are the disease and contamination
You don't believe in freedom or choice
You've chosen eternal hell fire damnation

So you can post your videos and comments
But judgment is drawing near
And when the bullet is passing through you
And your mind for the first time goes clear

Don't say nobody told you
Don't pray like it's not too late
For the ravages of unbalanced savages
Will reap their whirl wind of fate

Whether it be by plane or a gun
Whether it be by an SRK knife
Somebody somewhere is going to
Turn you in because they have chosen life

And then your idiot pig vomit ways
Will come to a shrieking halt
And I'd bet till your dying day
You'll always say it's somebody else’s fault

It's already whispered on the wind
It's already like the river running true
There are defenders of the sacred
And they are coming personally for you

And be it

One way or another
Today or some other
Whether it's me or
One of my brothers


I am going to kill you

All you jihadist
All you smart asses talkin trash
Your world is going to come
Tumbling down in one big bloody crash

You're going to get shot in the head
You're going to get shot in the chest
You're going to go down hard
Courtesy of the best

You're weaklings and brain washed
Your leaders send you off to die
Your fanatics liars and lunatics
You kill your own and don't even cry

11:00 pm

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Go ahead

Go ahead keep blaming men
Like you'd know a real one If you saw one

There is this whole Holy Cow of Now
That's been going around for some years
There has been this man bashing and trashing
And Feminisms crock of crocodile tears

There is this worshiping of the metrosexual
There is this veiled hatred of testosterone
Although in a good man it helps make it safe
And can cause a good woman to moan

There is the hetero-phobia spewed about
This worshiping of the gilded style
This promotion of the ultra non threatening
And appreciation of the shallow empty smile

And it all wants to blame the man the male
And it never wants to consider its own actions
As to why evil flourishes and idiocy rails and flails
Amidst all these struggling human interactions

Like good men can be taken for granted
Or simply treated as if they don't exist

Sorta like
All women can't help but being whores
Because as we all know
That's something no man can resist


But no
Go ahead

And idiotically generalize and ignore
The sacrifices and good that's been done
Go ahead keep blaming men
Like you'd know a real one if you saw one

10:37 pm
transcribed this time
11:14 am


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On the supposed non danger of ragtag thugs

On the supposed non danger of ragtag thugs

And they were never going to take down the towers
And they were never going to bomb London's trains
And they were never going to go slit throat crazy
And rejoice in suicide insanity and inflicting no brain pain

Ahhhh yes that Achminijhad is a calm level headed guy
I'm sure he's just joking about wiping Israel of the map
I'm sure that whole wanting nuclear fissionable material
Is as innocent as a camel sticking his nose under the tents flap

There will never ever be any real harm done
The Kobart towers and Muslim snipers on the East coast
Are just isolated incidents that Islamo Fascists
Are pretending to to cover over their being such milk toasts

No big deal we can all just look away
No big deal we can just bury our head in the sand
But you know it's one thing to miss a few of the details
But something else to remain

A willfully ignorant man

10:49 am
transcribed this time
12:09 pm


Monday, June 04, 2007

I'll say it

I'll say it

Nobody's gonna take my white pride
For a multi-culture vulture guilt ride
I'm not always runnin it full throttle
But I'll be damned if I'll be made to

Cower or hide

I'll say it

English only is the way it should be
So that daily life can remain orderly
Celebrate your heritage if you want
But you're not stealing mine from me

I'll say it I'm tired of your lies and attitudes
I'm sick of your thug life style
And the blood diamonds that go
To make up your rap crap

Hip hop slop smile

And you can take your Sombrero
From outer space alien invasion hype
And shove it where the sun doesn't shine
Until it's nice and cured and ripe

And then smash it into Juan Hernandez's
Grinning smirking huckster's face
That ought to be a serving that serves
Up well to his ignorant La Raza-ista base

I'll say it

Johnny Sutton is a traitor
A punk a sick twisted man
He and Nifong belong in Hell together
Their fraud and treachery be damned

I'll say it
I'll say it again
I'll say it to the enemy
My foe or friend

Nobody's gonna take my white pride
For a multi-culture guilt ride
I'm not always runnin it full throttle
But I'll be damned if I'll be made to

Cower or hide

But do they think there's no end
To how low you can set the bar
Do they ever think that they could be
The ones pushin it too far

Do they think we'll all meekly kneel
And wait for the bullet instead
Hell there's blood everywhere but
That seems to be ok as long as

We're the ones who are dead


Here comes the Senate's bill
Here comes no sovereignty's legalization
Here comes the carving up of my
Beloved homeland my Nation

What if it was made illegal
To fight for what is right
What if they keep taking
Till they take everything in sight

Do they think we'll all meekly kneel
And wait for the bullet instead
Hell there's blood everywhere but
That seems to be ok as long as

We're the ones who are dead


Do they think we'll all just agree
Agree to not be free
Why do I feel my life on the line
When I say

Not me

10:22 am
transcribed this time
10:51 am


Monday, May 28, 2007

To the 911 conspiracists

You are lunatics

You are beyond the pale
You are inferior and your thinking
Is illogical stupid and frail

You haven't got the guts
To face the dangerous world
So you make things up
And present them as wisdom's pearls

But they're really crap
Just weak minded gibberish speak
Real bad ideas stink to high heaven
And yours thoroughly completely reek

10:11 am
to all those rosie thinkers
who think the twin towers were
taken down by planted explosives


Sunday, May 20, 2007

The cost of Amnesty

The Cost of Amnesty

Will be the loss of Sovereignty
Pain death and sorrow
Will be the loss of hope
For our future and all tommorrows

The cost of Amnesty
Will be violence and insurrection
For Chaos will surely reign
Without order or direction

The stinking illegal culture
Will permeate through and through
And bribery murder and corruption
Will affect what every US citizen can do

It does now but not like when
They tear this nation's fabric asunder
Like that won't bring down
The lightning bolts blood and thunder

Like that won't bring down
The lightning bolts blood and thunder

8:57 pm

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That's It....I've had enough

Bush is apologizing for firing his own employees
The US attorney generals Clinton fired all ninety-three
He's got the troops driving up and down gauntlets
Getting their legs blown off up to their knees

Must be those pesky rules of engagement
Must be having to get along with psycho Iran
Must be that he's such good friends with Mexico
He's forgotten how to be a man

Hey this is our nation and it's got borders
This is our sacred sovereign home land
And Bush is letting Johnny Sutton run around loose
Neither of which is acting like much of an American

Scooter Libby is in jail by virtue of a perjury trap
Border agents are convicted and in jail
One so far has been viciously assaulted
How much more can Bush miserably fail

Why aren't Mosques blown to smitereens
When even one shot comes at one of our guys
How much of this Muslim holiness does the
Blood of our warriors have to buy

Why is gas so damned expensive
Like what they don't owe us a good deal
Arab Sheiks Mad Mullahs and their Jihadist
Are the Ali Babas are the thieves who lie

Cheat murder and steal

And What in the Hell are the Royal Marines
Doing being captured by the idiot Persian squad
Never give up your weapon never surrender
Swing your sword like it's in the hand that serves

The wrath of God

That's it.............I've had enough
If you're not for me
I'm damn sure not for you
Nobody takes my freedom and

Sells me into slavery

10:52 pm

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We will always

Appear stupid to you
Till it's time to think something out
We will always appear timid
Till it's time to rise above self doubt

We will always appear not courageous
Measured by your concept of brave
Till there are real sacrifices to be made
Real lives to be protected and saved

We will always

Appear controlling to you
Till it's time to not be manipulated
Till it's time to do something instead of
Always question why we're hated

We will always appear inflexible
Like our life values are for the birds
Till it's time to offer up something
Besides big pompous gas bag filled words



Not being thought well of by you
To me is rather like a treasure
Rather like an award
That at times brings a hearty pleasure

11:59 am
transcribed this time
8:04 pm


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann is an edge runner

She is going to take chances
We are all in a war for our lives
And all the cry babies have to offer
Is conversation that is contrived

Certain people always cry foul
Amongst losers victim's dictums rule
And any who sells her out to them
Is a collaborator miscreant and a fool

Our nation is being given to Mexico
We're fancy dancing around Iran
The budget is out of control
It's like they giving it away as fast

As they can

Islam hits the streets for cartoons
They don't care about truth or facts
Notice how quiet they are when
Throats are being cut

It's as simple as that

The Saudis get to build skyscrapers
Because they happen to have oil
The Wahhabi are insane and the
Royal princes are self indulgently spoiled

France loves Muslims
And gets their cars burned every night
Hugo Chavez reads Numb Chumpsky
Which of those dim bulbs radiates light

Ted Kennedy is a drunk and a murderer
The left are out and out insane
They're always outraged and insulted
That's their mindless game

Oh but don't say faggot
Don't say queer
Just let them run the Boy Scouts
Let them indoctrinate school children

It's all not real clear

Civilization is at stake
And I'm choosing sides
Vikings stand by their Valkyries

There ain't no easy ride

9:24 pm
Sometimes people just can't take a joke
I'll put the exact words she said at her
speaking engagement here....a bit later
transcribed this time
8:56 am


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Violence Is a Language I speak

Violence is a language I speak

It is done as the last thing
It is done in self defense
It is done when the enemy attacks
And abandons all pretense to sense

It is born out of allegiance and honor
Respect for one's blood in the fire
It is done with savage efficiency
If struck low I will reach higher

This heart burns for freedom
And truth will be its clarion call
I will always carry in my soul
The memory of how I saw my brother’s fall

And they will not be shamed by anyone
And no one will besmirch their name
I have taken an oath to protect and defend
And I wear it like a flame

I will with relentless perseverance
Push to carry on and follow through
I will stand my guard with watchful eye
And I will do what I must do

Violence is a language I speak

It comes from old and ancient times
It is based on a warrior’s code
Every time that horse has come unto me
I have saddled up and rode

And I will do so again without hesitation
If me or mine is in imminent danger
There are worse things in this life
Than death

His presence to me
Is not one of a stranger

8:29 pm
transcribed this time
4:32 pm
written at the end of a post
I did on MATT....matt dot com
when a little weasel tried to use
the race ethnicity card to question
my time in the service, The USMC,
and my respect and loyalty to any others
who may have done their time.

Matt is a pro illegal Alien site trying to
pass itself off as neutral...and I say this
because Lionel Sosa it's founder
joined La Raza which if you think about it
couldn't really be more of big indicater
Than say donning a "Santa Anna was right" hat
while wearing a "Che Quevera" shirt.