Monday, August 27, 2007

Lead Follow Die or Get Out of The Way

You know you can go out
And hang out with the guys
And soak in all the friendship
That money can buy

And you can go play putt putt
On the biggest greenist golf course
But all it sometimes gets you is to where
You forget the original source

Of pride of what it takes to not
Be an almost but an actual basic man
And that is one who when challenged
Does what it takes to make a stand

And let the chips fall where they may
If you're right you're right
If you're wrong you're wrong
Put it on the line bring it to the light

But smart ass comments go nowhere
And neither does talking down
To guys who've walked it hard core
In jungles desserts and dusty towns

You better get back
To what it takes to dig down deep
There is more real value in this world
Than tring to be on top of some

Shiney designer dung heap


A simple nod from a man
Who knocked me hard to the floor
Meant more to me than any empty praise
When he saw I had tried to give it more

You get back up again and again
You get back in there and try anew
You train you study you sweat you push
Past the pain and the black and blue

You run till your guts hurt
On the roads the tracks and river banks
You dare desperation and despair to show up
Just so you can look'm in the face and say

No thanks


This ain't no beauty contest
Or which vacation picture is best
This is for sweat blood all of it
Fire power love and eternity

And some of us will
Accept nothing less

12:28 am
transcribed this time
8:24 pm
something for those whose
claim is they "used to be"
.....if they ever were....or either way;
You know the kind, I mean; The ones posin up
all rough puff as if they had anything
clear or helpful for the real now a days
blood on the line troopers and their contributions
as they make their efforts getting prepared,
and then their actually doing their jobs while on deployment.

As if........they had anything real now a days
clear of helpful for the blood on the line troopers.


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