Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Go ahead

Go ahead keep blaming men
Like you'd know a real one If you saw one

There is this whole Holy Cow of Now
That's been going around for some years
There has been this man bashing and trashing
And Feminisms crock of crocodile tears

There is this worshiping of the metrosexual
There is this veiled hatred of testosterone
Although in a good man it helps make it safe
And can cause a good woman to moan

There is the hetero-phobia spewed about
This worshiping of the gilded style
This promotion of the ultra non threatening
And appreciation of the shallow empty smile

And it all wants to blame the man the male
And it never wants to consider its own actions
As to why evil flourishes and idiocy rails and flails
Amidst all these struggling human interactions

Like good men can be taken for granted
Or simply treated as if they don't exist

Sorta like
All women can't help but being whores
Because as we all know
That's something no man can resist


But no
Go ahead

And idiotically generalize and ignore
The sacrifices and good that's been done
Go ahead keep blaming men
Like you'd know a real one if you saw one

10:37 pm
transcribed this time
11:14 am


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