Sunday, January 14, 2007

Violence Is a Language I speak

Violence is a language I speak

It is done as the last thing
It is done in self defense
It is done when the enemy attacks
And abandons all pretense to sense

It is born out of allegiance and honor
Respect for one's blood in the fire
It is done with savage efficiency
If struck low I will reach higher

This heart burns for freedom
And truth will be its clarion call
I will always carry in my soul
The memory of how I saw my brother’s fall

And they will not be shamed by anyone
And no one will besmirch their name
I have taken an oath to protect and defend
And I wear it like a flame

I will with relentless perseverance
Push to carry on and follow through
I will stand my guard with watchful eye
And I will do what I must do

Violence is a language I speak

It comes from old and ancient times
It is based on a warrior’s code
Every time that horse has come unto me
I have saddled up and rode

And I will do so again without hesitation
If me or mine is in imminent danger
There are worse things in this life
Than death

His presence to me
Is not one of a stranger

8:29 pm
transcribed this time
4:32 pm
written at the end of a post
I did on MATT....matt dot com
when a little weasel tried to use
the race ethnicity card to question
my time in the service, The USMC,
and my respect and loyalty to any others
who may have done their time.

Matt is a pro illegal Alien site trying to
pass itself off as neutral...and I say this
because Lionel Sosa it's founder
joined La Raza which if you think about it
couldn't really be more of big indicater
Than say donning a "Santa Anna was right" hat
while wearing a "Che Quevera" shirt.