Monday, December 29, 2008

All Aboard

All Aboard
The Armageddon Train

Welcome to Hell Hamas
Welcome to the cleaning of your clocks
Welcome to the response to your rocket launching
Screw all your Arafat scarves and hurling of rocks

You may get free PR from the main stream press
You may get outrage on the Arab street
But how’s that doing against the air strikes
How’s it feel to know the solution is your defeat

I hope all the tanks are loosed
And change is coming to your world
I hope that death has your numbers reduced
And history becomes but a memory of when

Your rag of a flag unfurled


Welcome to Hell Hamas
How does justice feel
All aboard the Armageddon Train
Here’s to your being beneath the wheels

You may get free PR from the mainstream press
The Al Jazeera of the West
But you’re just about to get really schooled
And I don’t think you’re gonna pass the test

I hope all the forces poised
Cross the border and take you down
Listen up all you death wish boys

With your Jihad toys

It’s time for a change in Crazy Town

1:06 pm
transcribed this time
1:33 pm


Monday, November 17, 2008

Never Ever Never

Barack ain't a natural anything

He's complete contrivance
He's nothing but image and shine
He's from the Chicago machine
And he ain't no pal of mine

All he is is public speaking
No substance only tone
He is the road to nowhere
But he's not at all alone

All the queers out screaming
They'd be Barry Boy's friends
That guy stomping on the cross
That would be what they intend

Lock stock and barrel
They want it all for free
They want all the power
And without any accountability

Obama wants to shut down Quantanamo
And bring all the terrorists here
He wants to give them all a civil trial
And for everybody to chill and have a beer

The new standard is about bein cool
National Security is easier to understand
If the only thing it takes to be safe
Is to run around shaking everybody's hand

Pizza will show up special delivery
Fist bumps are goin prime time
He may be somebody's hnic
But he ain't never ever never

Gonna be mine

8:19 pm
transcribed this time
9:22 pm


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Panther Voting Intimidation and the don't see nuthin fool

Yeah the tip of the iceberg is always
all there is....

And that black guy assaulting my friend
Is really not part of a larger gang
Not really part of a larger movement
That rob steal and harangue

Yeah no big deal about the graffiti
The looks coming out of passing cars
The predatory nature building up
And comin straight at who you are

Yeah I know you don't see it
There is no pattern here
There is not stupidity building
To create intimidation and fear

But some of us see it
And we're not backing down
Some of us don't care what
You don't see head spun around

You don't see the girls assaulted
Or the young men beat up in school
But they know which among us are
With them

And which are the don't see nuthin fools

9:59 pm
transcribed this time
10:05 pm


A Real American

Wants to drill here and now is the time
Wants all the Mexican Nationals to go home
Wants simple prayer to not be a crime

Real Americans are like that
They like their flag their country their home
Real Americans are willin to pull together
But often times have had to go it alone



Marriage is between a man and a woman
And English first is just common sense
Just like protecting our border and security
Isn't done by endlessly sitting the fence

Community organizing doesn't replace hard work
And neither does makin up excuses to steal
It's not all that difficult to get...that difficult to get
I mean if you're an

American For Real

started 11/11/2008
4:22 pm


Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama is Pimpin

Obama is pimpin socialism
Obama is pimpin Acorn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned

Obama is pimpin the Black Panthers
Obama is pimpin Farrakhan’s game
His supporters are incompetent
Incorrigible and insane

Obama is pimpin for Muslims
Obama is pimpin for the UN
He changes where he says he goin
And he hides or dismisses where he's been

Obama is pimpin for Infirmative Action
Obama is pimpin for killing the unborn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned

Obama is pimpin for gun grabbers
Obama is pimpin for compromise
With any psycho sicko tyrant
He'll be glad to sit and listen to their lies

Obama is pimpin for the homeboys
Obama is pimpin for the effete elite
He wants to snatch victory from our troops
And give us all a well deserved taste of defeat

Obama is pimpin for Reverend Wright
Obama is pimpin for that rap crap porn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned


Or at least that’s the threat
That’s his followers chant
That’s the muslim messiah’s

Ongoing rant

7:43 pm
transcribed this time
11:21 am


Friday, October 10, 2008

Yeah Yeah

If we all just took the high road
If we just spoke like it's the fashion
To nod or politely disagree but never
Let ourselves come toward unclean passion

Let us have no fervor in our souls
Let us not feel this to our bones
Let us negotiate our freedoms away
Let's let these gangstesr steal our homes

Men are dying on the battle field
How do we be moderate about them
Franklin Raynes is a low life robber barron
How do we not castigate castrate him

So Many Villains
So little time
How do we stop them
And yet appear not unkind

Jim Johnson is a thief
ACORN is a criminal enterprise
Marxist socialist are stealing
Our nation

Right before our eyes


How can we not be angry
How can we not want to do great harm
When is it self defense
When is it surrendering to the

Serpent's charm

7:07 pm
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10:02 am


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


White guilt to the hilt

Do you mean all blacks are like that
Are you saying slavery wasn't wrong
Are you saying that all negroes can do
Is dance and sing a mastuh's song

White guilt to the hilt

Till we get a black president
Till we pay them all back
Forty mules and an acre
What ever it was I can't keep track

But more special priviliges
For the Black Liberation brains
Hustle hustle hustle
Let's play the reperations game

A bailed out ownership society
And a political loan sharks dream
A turn toward marxist socialism
And the beginning of one long

Bloody scream

2:03 am
transcribed this time
2:08 pm


Saturday, October 04, 2008

OJ is Guilty

Upon being asked:

Hey Genius, why did you post another thread on OJ being Guilty:

My Answer was:



To celebrate
To jump up and down about the end of this chump's freedom
To celebrate
To laugh hysterically at his supporters and friends
To celebrate
To mock and ridicule all who fed off his spilled crumbs
To celebrate
To enjoy watching his fate shatter and scatter to the winds

To Celebrate
And to especially let all those know who cheered
Wildly mindlessly and selfishly while jumping
Up and down

There’s justice and a backlash coming
And you all are going to reap exactly
What you’ve sown and been spreadin around

7:02 pm
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10:48 pm


Friday, September 26, 2008

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

They want to cut military support
In the middle of a war
They love that pork barrel spending
And ACORN is one of their favorite whores

They don't want America to drill
They don't want us to use our own oil
They're like crazy spiteful children
Who've grown lazy brazen and spoiled

Democrats are all for Gay Marriage
They don't care what the people think
They want sex taught to kindergartners
Not matter the harm of that or how it stinks

They want to take away everybody's guns
Democrats are the scum of the earth
Barrack Obama Boy is an extremist's extremist
Who doesn't know what the soul of a baby is worth

Democrats aren't democrats anymore
They're Socialists and Communist clear through
They're liars thieves and journalist partners
Are here to steal free speech from you

They'll warp and bend any story
Till it fits into something they can use
They love to distort and manipulate
And don't care who they abuse

Anything and anybody is fair game
Any child father mother or son
All they are now is about acquiring power
And don't care how it gets done

9:08 am
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9:14 am


Saturday, September 20, 2008

If Obama gets in

If Obama gets in

I think the main concern will be
The parking lots and gas stations
I think it'll get real narrowed down
As to the concerns in this nation

If you think Infirmative actions stinks now
Wait till the big eared monkey gets in
Then the truth about Muslims and tendencies
Will more than kick in

Oh it's going to be all joy joy
And Community Organizations all over the place
Wait till you see when he's got some power
Who he get in your face

They'll be singing the National Anthem
In the new rap style
And that's when he'll put his hand
On his heart and smile

If Obama gets in

There's going to be free money for everybody
Everybody that got him there
And if you don't like it then there will be
The committe of self pity to explain what's fair

Chicago had twice as many killed
As our soldiers did in Iraq
I'm sure with unconditional talks
We'll all be assured of no further attacks

Besides the Black gangs and Illegals
Will all suddenly rise up and protect us
And there will be clear and unmistakeable
Memos sent out as to who to trust

And believe me you won’t be on the list
If you've got a brain in your head
Or a heart in your chest
You're on the short list to end up dead

Or fired or falsely accused
Of some hate crime or another
And it won't be you they're talking about
When you hear the praise phrase brother

If Obama gets in

You will either go along
And sell out others who simply
Want to be free


You're going to die fighting
Or on your knees

11:06 pm
transcribed this time
11;10 pm


Friday, September 19, 2008

Now the Obamarama

Is lying on his television ads
He’s misquoting Rush
He’s taking him out of context
The Messiah’s brain is mush

He’s a two faced liar
A Chicago machine hack
Using Spanish stations
To make up for what he lacks

He’ll do and say anything
His advisors worked at Fannie Mack
Where they took out millions
They love the deck and their cash stacked

He’s a socialist slash communist
An America hater too
His supporters are blind numb bobots
Running on automatic view

Franklin Rains and Jim Johnson
Should be accountably called out
They stole peoples investments
Thievery is what they’re all about

And they are directly connected with
The main stream’s media chosen one
Whose presented as the new born savior
Whose presented as the new born son

How crazy do you have to be
To not even want to take a stand
Against Iran acquiring nuclear arms
What a pathetic dangerous excuse

For a man

11:40 am

Monday, September 15, 2008

To Hell with Unity

The Hell with Unity!

I only need those of sound value and bravery.

Compromise with those who only seek
to weaken and reduce resolve?.............Never.

I don't mind an actual conversation but..
If you are of a seditionist, weak kneed, limp wristed,
perpetually insulted mind set.....No.

I do not believe nor will I fall into the trap of all of us.
If you are an impediment you need to step out of the way
or suffer the consequences.

I don't mind somebody who needs training
or wants to learn.But for those seeking special priviliges.
Who offer only sick slick tricks.
Stand down.

I have nothing but contempt for anybody
who seeks a path that puts our young warriors
at needless risk when they are engaged
in an essential mission.

No petty arguments.
No lofty conversations.
No soft pedaling.

Not this time.
Not ever again.


11:00 am
transcribed this time
9:46 am


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Speaks plain and true
She not only says what she says
But she will follow through

She's easy on the eyes
But also on the mind
It's nice to know we're not
Going around the next corner blind

She doesn't like corruption
She'll hang you from a tree
She knows what it takes
For this land to remain free

She's worked for a living
She's a mom to the core
She loves her children dearly
She's got one going to war

She's respects and loves our troops
And stands by their side
She honors their contributions
Her patriotism she does not hide

She knows we need energy
The kind drilled up from the ground
She wants American independence
Her judgment is sound

She's sparked our enthusiasm
She's ignited the flame
She believes in true service
And knows leadership is not

Just some game


She’s intelligence in high heels
With an ability to decide
And I don’t think it hurts
She’s M4 qualified

10:25 am
transcribed this time
10:30 am


Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Dog Has Free Will

The destiny of my dog's free will


My dog has free will

I can tell
Every time he wags his tail
Every time he barks to let me know
He wants outside

My dog has free will

Because he pays attention
To detail
And has damn well earned
His healthy pride

My dog has free will

Because he lets me know
When somebody is at the door
Even before they push the bell
And because most of the time
Most of the time

Doesn't pee on the floor


My dog has free will

Because he actually
Has a real life smile
And I have seen him train himself
To go the extra mile

By running in the back yard
With the rest of the pack
My dog bite another dog
When the other went on attack

I like my dog
And my dog likes me
And together we move forward
Deliberately to meet our destiny

8:34 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest dispositional dispatch

Obama is

An unpatriotic run around
Squealing monkey of an imitation man
He can talk all that fast talk
As much as he can

But now he's hanging out there
By a thread bare rope
But he'll never get it back to
Swooning girls change and hope

His rock star days are dead
No puff pieces or deflection
Can cover up his lack of depth
And any kind of sense of direction

He's slowly committing political suicide
He just can't help himself
There he stands all empty image
Like he ever was

Anything else

9:21 am
transcribed this time
9:26 am


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Religion Of Peace

The Religion of Peace
Is dancing in the street
Somewhere some US soldier died
Oh how they'd love our defeat

The Religion of Peace
Is praying for another slaughter
Somewhere some idiot father
Found it necessary to honor kill his daughter

The Religion of Peace
Is lying with law suits in the US
Using our freedom and toleration against us
To create an Unholy mess

The Religion of Peace
Wants Sharia law imposed
They want the death of the West
They want infidel blood to flow

The Religion of Peace
Wants nuclear arms
They prey on suckers and chumps
Who are duped by evil’s charms

The Religion of Peace
Is in mosques and convenience stores
They are meeting in secret cells
And oh boy do they have plans for

Blood and more blood and gore

The Religion of Peace
Has taken hold of Satan’s hand
And they have in their darkest heart
A list of sufferings they demand

The Caliphate draws near
The glory approaches with the sun
That rises over every Jihadist psycho
And what the mullahs say they want done

9:30 am
transcribed this time
6:15 pm


Here Comes The Mob

The gang mentality
Here come the thugs
To rob you of being free

And the punks will argue
Against you every time
You're always supposed to
Be in a tolerant state of mind

Here come the shadows
The slime the crime and the hate
And you're the one who's the target
And you're not allowed any debate

There are those who are enablers
Who try to pose amongst the good
Who will flat out side with evil
And tell you you're the one who misunderstood

They will imply you're stupid
Or can't keep up the conversational line
And don't you throw words back
Or you'll be accused of a crime

Here comes the mob

Coddled criminals swinging
The Sleaze bags and the scum
They are merciless and evil
There's no excuse for what they've done

And there are more of them out there
And then there are those that stand back
And come in as the second wave
To make you hesitate if you're attacked

They want to put doubt in your mind
They want to petty detail it out
They want their stupid conversation
To be what it's all about


There's real danger on the streets
There's real blood that can be spilled
And if you wait till it's too late
It is they who will impose their will

Choose your witnesses carefully
Prepare yourself for the fight
Prepare yourself body and mind
To stand and do what's right

9:15 am
transcribed this time
6:10 pm
written in reference to the two
Marines who stood up for a young girl
being accousted and payed the price
that is sometimes exacted for attending to such bravery.

The headline isn't telling you they were black, but I am.


August 11, 2008
A wolf pack of at least 30 thugs viciously attacked two hero ex-Marines in Brooklyn after they rescued a teenage girl who was being assaulted, police and witnesses said yesterday.
And when the brother of one of the former servicemen tried to come to his rescue during the July 25 melee in Coney Island, he was beaten into a coma.
The former leathernecks, Valentyn Olenyev, 23, and Boris Bukler, 22, Russian émigrés who served tours in Iraq, were walking a female friend to her parked car on West 23rd Street at 12:30 a.m. when they spotted two men holding the screaming teen by her hands and legs.

"She was yelling, 'Help!' " said Olenyev. "I asked her, 'Do you need help?' She said, 'Yes!"
"It wasn't our intention to get into a fight," said Bukler. "We said, 'Let the girl go, and we'll leave.'

We told them, 'Stop.'"She was screaming, and all we did was look to help her. I got a bottle smashed over my head, and after that, I started fighting. But I got beat down."I was getting my ass kicked by 50 people."Their friend called Olenyev's brother, Ivan, 22."When I showed up, there were a lot of people there, people on the left and people on the right, and then - 'Boom!' - I got hit and passed out,"

Ivan told The Post from his hospital bed.Police sources said he was pounded senseless by 240-pound Timothy Dixon, 23, who was swinging a metal baseball bat.Ivan suffered multiple facial fractures and will require plastic surgery.The NYPD is looking for Dixon, who remains at large.The teenage girl fled after the melee.

The two former Marines, meanwhile, insist that the violence had racial overtones, although the assault has not been labeled a bias crime. Bukler said, "Those in the crowd were yelling, 'Hey, white boys, you're in the 'hood now!'

From an article in the New York Post


Thursday, July 31, 2008

She uses the truth as her shield

She is quick with the quip
She is this generations intellectual
Kitten with a whip

She laser beams in
And then throws back her hair
And casually rips apart lies
Till their no heart is laid bare

She is wit and charm
Beauty and grace
She hits with William Buckley like power
But has an Angel's face

She is a rare original
She is a one of a kind
She stands to the fore
And speaks her mind

All the pie throwers miss
And end up beat up arrested and in jail
After Miss Coulter's long long legs
Dance her away without fail

Acadamia nuts may study history
But she makes it as she lives
And she may make it look easy
But she has worked hard to

Have that much to give


She is a rare original
She is a one of a kind
She stands to the fore
And speaks her mind

7:47 am
with respectful consideration to of
course...Ann Margaret.


Hey we could sew our own shirts

Weave our own sweaters
Make our own shoes
Do it all alone to make it better

We could grow our own crops
Dig our own wells
Because that's how they make their money
When we buy what they offer to sell

You'd think this was America or something
Why just the other day
I was trying to reinvent the phone
But got lost somewhere along the way

God Forbid the waitress makes any money
God Forbid somebody make me a dinner
That I might be able to take it easy for a while
And in the end we all come out winners

I was trying to dig up some iron and steel
So I could make my own car
But needless to say but I'll say it anyway
That didn't go too far

You'd think this was America or something
Because when other people tell me how to spend my money
I kinda get to lookin at them like
They're crazy busy bodies who aren't very funny

But most of the time
I try to laugh anyway

4:05 pm
transcribed this time
11:35 pm


Monday, July 28, 2008

Allah is a Whore

Allah is a whore
Who has sex with pigs for money
Allah kills his own daughter for honor
And would stomp to death the Easter Bunny

Allah is a psycho who wraps
Suicide belts around his grand kids
And then sends their families gifts
For what they gloriously did

Allah laughs his ass off at people
Who still try to figure out why
When he spends all his time on
How to plot and scheme to make you die

Allah made up Mohammed
And Mohammed was a pedophile
There isn't a goat or camel anywhere
That is safe from being defiled

Allah hates women and children
And loves to watch Infidels wrack their brains
Trying to figure out why CAIR works the system
To bring America defeat and long suffering pain


Kill Allah
And all his followers too
Death to Seventh Century fanatics
Long Live King Richard the Lion Hearted
He knew where to go and what to do

4:34 pm
transcribed this time
4:39 pm


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Once you're in a fight

The only responsibility is
To do everything to win
And not bow and scrape and cry
And try everything to be their friend


I am not the black man's keeper
I am not his whipping boy
I am not his convenient excuse
Nor victim to his race hustle ploy

I will not take the abuse
They think they have the right to give
I am going to carry on and they best
Not attack me if they want to live

I am sick of seeing my kind exploited
Living by some rules scum bags ignore
I will have nothing to do with the rap crap culture
Where every man is a thug and every woman

A bitch or a whore


I do not need their permission
I do not need them to understand
I will associate with whom I choose
I will not submissively extend my hand

I think white women who date blacks
Really aren't white anymore
And I think if you have their baby
You've truly sold out your genetic core

I will think what a free man thinks
I will say what I want to say
I am proud of my Nordic heritage
And will be till my dying day

I know what happens on the corners
In the parking lots and on the street
I can see an animal moving and know
The only thing they understand is defeat

I will not be intimidated or shamed
Into giving up my inalienable rights
You will not take from me my soul
Without engaging in one Helluva fight

8:29 pm
transcribed this time
8:52 am


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You see the old ones

And one day you realize
They were once young too
You always thought of them
As the old veterans as one is want to do

But suddenly it becomes clear
When what you see and hear
Is the ferocity of heart
That also knows compassion is dear

You can see him running down the road
He still carries his ruk sack well
He still pounds it down up and around
Still walking the edge of Heaven and Hell

He may even fall short
But for sure he gets back up again
Because even when alone
Honor does not bend on any depend

And they would yank you up
By the back of your pack or shirt
Throw you over their shoulder
And take you away from harm and hurt

And you would do the same
If it all went down hard and fast
You go with the guts and sweat
You go with your brothers

First or last

7:05 pm
transcribed this time
7:48 pm


Friday, June 20, 2008

On the Obamanation

On the Obamanation

He's a scum bag Marxist
He's an Infirmative action clown
His story changes and rearranges
Depending on the town

His wife obviously feels entitled
But strangely victimized too
That's what gives her that vindictive streak
There's nothing she won't do

Both want to be authentic
Both pretend to the spiritual game
Look at the preacher they chose
Black Liberation Theology gone insane

He hangs out with a known terrorist
William Ayers is his name
That's the way he's wired
That's what's inside his brain

He makes business deals with Rezko
Like it's all a coincidence
He's as corrupt as they come
He looks down on common sense

He's an elitist of the first degree
He reads his teleprompter well
He loves his Palestinian contacts
He just soaks in the stories they tell


Because Israel deserve what it gets
Israel is the cause of it all
Israel is somehow deserving
Of having to take a fall

Because they don't want their soldiers
Kidnapped from their post
Or their kids killed on school buses
Which for Hamas is something to boast

The Obamanation is going to reign
Reign down Hell and Death
And you can count on his betrayal
As sure as you need that next breath


His values shift and change
It is power that he seeks
He's dangerous as a man
Precisely because he's weak

And his supporters are rabid
Rabid like they know it's their turn
Know it like if it isn't
Then there'll be buildings that will burn

The Obamanation is a symptom
Of conniving and the deciet of a ruse
Look how little it takes to set off a riot
And tell me we're not lookin at a

Real short fuse

11:11 pm
*finished 12:06 am
transcribed this time
12:21 am


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part of it

Part of it is conspiracy

Part of it is chaos
And then there's the uninformed
And then there is the pressure
To absolutely conform

Part of it is the gangs
Dividing up all the parts
Of various neighborhoods
And feeding off the young ones hearts

Part of it is the schools
Running all that diversity scam
You are what you do but for that
You actually have to give a damn

Part of it is this strange politeness
This obsession with being fair
They use democracy and tolerance
To redistribute shares

Earning is out the window
At least in certain areas of town
Everything is getting to be a hustle
As to who can get who down


There's still freedom and strength
But as always it's deep within
Each and every individual
And for that you have to begin

To want to know the truth
To want to know what's right
When is the season of reason
And when is the start of a fight

Because if you blink at a
Critical moment in precious time
Everything can be taken from you
It is life liberty and our souls

That are on this line

9:46 pm
transcribed this time
10:13 pm


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dancing the fools dance

Dance the fools dance all you want

Talk about your sympathy and empathy
But don't lecture me anymore
Because your superiority complex doesn't work
When you get your head slammed to the floor

He who would be kind to evil
Would do evil unto the kind
You can see it in the words
Coming out of your screwed up mind

You are a waste of human breath
You hide behind the holy and divine
You're a waste of food and water
And damn sure a waste of good peoples time

But I got a moment or two
To do a step a swing a check
But I don't think you'd like it much
It would kinda be like a car wreck

And I wouldn't feel bad about that either
You're an apologist for a loser
For a twisted freak of an unborn baby killer
An unrepentant self indulgent

Self important boozer

9:12 pm
a reply to a guy
who wants to go all soft talk on Ted Kennedy,
just because Teddy's suddenly close to death.
Hey we're all close to death.
Ted earned the waters he entered into...
Let him swim with his decisions and choices.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lyin of the left

A lyin of the left

He always was for abortion
A murdering of the Unborn
He was always a drunken reprobate
Always in reasons side a thorn

He was a murderer who ran away
He left a young girl to die
He left and covered his tracks
And lived his whole life as a lie

He consorted with communist tyrants
He was an appeaser to the max
He was a thief to the everyday working man
And justified it by calling it a tax

He was arrogant and self righteous
He deliberately changed our immigration law
He cared nothing for our Sovereignty
He was a tub of overflowing character flaws

He needed a crane to lift him
And place him on the Senate floor
Where he railed flailed and wailed
To pimp out America as his favorite whore

And now everywhere I hear the voices
Of consolation adoration and so called sorrow
But this is my epitaph for him today
Or if I have to wait....


7:19 pm

Sunday, May 04, 2008

If only the State Department

If only the State Department

Would let more and more Muslims in
Maybe that would prove we want to be their friends
Maybe if we let them change our culture our schools
Our neighborhoods maybe if we'd let our values bend

They wouldn't want to kill us
They wouldn't want to use their knives
Their bombs rockets and bullets
To take our very lives

Maybe if we'd let them establish sharia law
They wouldn't go ranting into the street
That they absolutely hate democracy
And want to murder ever infidel they meet

Maybe if we closed down Gitmo
And used more sensitive terms
They wouldn't want us six feet under
And being food for worms

Maybe if we tried real hard to understand
Maybe if we gave in a little more
Then they wouldn't want to slaughter our men
While calling our mothers daughters and wives

A bunch of filthy whores

8:33 am
transcribed this time
8:37 am


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When addressing my Northern Euro-centric Heritage

I don't know what roads you've walked
I don't know what trails you've gone down
But I don't think you've seen the riots
And the mobs that can burn it all down

And I don't know if you've seen the anger
Run on an unrepentant edge gone insane
Maybe you haven't been falsely accused enough
Maybe you haven't been hammered by the blame game

Till it drew blood and stole your efforts rewards
Maybe you haven't been threatened on the streets
By drug slug thugs and gang slang hang
From the likes of Hyenas after the smell of meat

Maybe that's why you're endlessly ready
To bow before the Black Liberation throne
Maybe that's why you're willing to accept
The New Black Panthers consolation bone

But I for one will stand on my own free will
I will live by the code together or alone
I know my kind by the fire in their heart
I know by the history written on rune stones

But if all I'm left with after all the hustle and con
Is I deserve less and less because I'm a bad man
Then the only thing not bein understood is

Just exactly how

Bad I am

10:54 pm
transcribed this time
11:19 pm


Friday, March 21, 2008

Like closing your eyes keeps out the dark

All the Blacks

Jumping up and down
After the OJ trial
All the celebration
And gotcha back smiles

It'll never be over
Because the media lies
Because it's never hate
When a white person dies

Rap is a good thing
It's just a different style
It's not stupid and ignorant
Aggressive and vile

Race baitor debators
Really don't exist
Suddenly Jesse Jackson
Has no agenda to insist

When it's Reverend Wright
And his Anti American rant
Can't call that out in the open
No we can't can't can't

No such gang as bloods
No such gang as crips
They need more acquiescence
They need more back flips


An out of control murder rate
And teen age mothers giving birth
Abandoned families with no father
All add to the lack of worth

While Aids is screaming on
Charlatan Sharpton is who we need
Like it's not those who distract confuse
And are intentionally oblique

Who water evil's seed

9:33 am

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The only one who doesn't seem to know Jack is....


I don't want you to change
I want you to stay just as you are
Oblivious to the hatred
The wounding and the scars

To me your level of willful ignorance
Is just enabling of the hate whitey game
You don't care who it hurts as long
As you're the one who doesn't get the blame

Try it out in the projects
Or on certain corners of the streets
Go to a local rap concert
And see what kind of people you meet


I don't want you to change
I want you to stay just as you are
I want you to run into the full
Blunt force trauma of hard swung re=bar

Because no riots ever happened
No ones ever been beat down
No sir you'll never see it coming

Especially when it's blood red
And certain types are comin round

To paint the town

8:16 pm
On excusing the Reverend Wright
transcribed this time
8:21 pm


Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't..................Just don't

Don't talk rude

To the plo sympathizers
To the American Troop haters
Just join the club of the polite
Non disproportionate use of force

Club of debators


Don't be insulting

To the socialists
And the no borders crowd
Just bow your head when
They get upset and quietly

Wear your shroud


Keep the conversation civil

When they speak of abortion
Or grabbing all your guns
Keep your response toned down
Make sure you keep it light

And fun


Sure Americans are dying

Killed by the illegals
Over four thousand a year
But don't get overly angry
Where as.... it is ok to cry out

A torrent of tears


It is not what you say

But the way you say it
It is not what you stand for
But the way you pose
When you stand next to

The always open door


Not me
I don't think so

I hate the enemy
I hate their evil scheme
They'll play one against the other
In their sick sick fervor

To destroy freedoms dream

6:54 pm
transcribed this time
7:36 pm


Monday, February 25, 2008

Behold the Son

Behold the Son
Of his father
Behold the Son
Of his mama

Behold the bold
The black the beautiful

Barak Hussein Obama


He believes in change
He believes in hope this time
Brother have you got a nickle
Sister can you spare a dime

He believes in inspiration
He believes in the new
He believes in Farrakhan
And the new world view

His election campaign is pushin
Pushin for a better way
And that's why in their office
There hangs a poster of Che

Women feignt at his speeches
His words flow out like widsoms pearls
He will end all poverty
He can up lift all the good boys and girls

He stands by the Reverend Al Sharpstongue
Who's always been an honorable man
Who's always been for tolerance
Because together you know.. we can

He can defend America
With diplomacy as his rock
Hey when you're going up against crazies
You can never have enough talk

Yes He knows they've killed us
But maybe it is something we did
Maybe we are the Great Satan but
What from our true selves have we hid

He can save your houses
Even if you took out too big a loan
He can redistribute the wealth
We can all live in a big happy home

He loves all the people
Everyone has a right to be free
Even if they’re illegal Mexican Nationals
Sovereignty is just a technicality


Behold the Son
Of his father
Behold the Son
Of his mama

Behold the bold
The black the beautiful
Beyond any criticizm
Barak Hussein Obama

9:14 am
transcribed this time
9:59 am


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bow down before the Muslims

Bow down before the Muslims

Crawl and beg and plead
It's management again
Planting that rotten appeasement seed

Everybody just give in
Everybody live in fear
Of the crazy burkha psychos
If they happen to draw near

Be careful don't offend them
Don't jest or tell a joke
Or they will get their lawyers
And make you all go broke

Bow down before the Muslims

Sharia law will rule
Just ask that British Cardinal
That give in give up fool

But you know if you don't like freedom
Why don't you go back where you came from
Why don't you get the Hell out of our face
With your brow beaten women made dumb

You want to complain about America
You want to complain about our stores
While you honor kill your women because
Secretly they’re all wanton crazy whores

Take your sickness someplace else
Take it all straight back to the Middle East
Take it all back to your Seventh Century
Version of humping the dark and evil beast

7:38 pm
this is based on Walmarts decision to
go with an "apology" to a burkha covered
brain washed one when an employee joked
Don't rob me when he looked up and saw
her veiled presence.

We don't need sensitivity training
They need freedom awareness
or better yet just leave and take a Mexican
National Illegal with you.
transcribed this time
7:52 pm


Thursday, January 10, 2008

About those fast boats

About those fast boats
Making a run on US Destroyers

Kill them all

Blow them out of the water with rockets
Blow them out of the water with chain guns
Blow them out of the water with cannon shot
Have at...............havin a little fun

We need tough hard ruthless men
Not policy from diplo-dunks
We need leadership that will kill
These scum bag psycho punks

We need blood on the water
We need bodies blown into the air
We need to show these perversion Persians
What happens when you throw out a dare

We need their total unmerciful slaughter
We need their absolute desolation
We need to deliver unto them their death
No mercy no prisoners .... annihilation

9:18 am
transcribed this time
9:22 am