Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Support The Troops

I Support The Troops
Is not just a bumper sticker

Is not just a phrase
Or a way to cover a fake flake
Poser’s position now- a- days


I support their mission
I support their heart and soul
Through the numbing boredom
Or the explosive moments

Calling on them to be bold

I support their letters
Their deeds actions work and sweat
I support them without reserve
I support them without regret

I admire their training
And their dark humor too
I support their initiative
And their willful perseverance

To follow through

I want the very best for them
I want their enemies in the ground
Whether with 223’s 308’s At-4’s
Or a Wart Hog’s 30 mm gun bearing down

I want their flanks protected
I want enemy supply shipments ceased
I want the enemy’s support system crushed
I want the violent crazies greased


I Support The Troops
Is not just a bumper sticker

Is not just a phrase
Or a way to cover a fake flake
Poser’s position now- a- days


I support their lives
I support their dreams
I support them totally completely
And with out reserve

And I always say
Exactly what I mean

9:11 pm
transcribed this time
9:27 pm


Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To all out there who improve
My attitude
Who have something to say
More than platitudes

Who are deadly serious
But also funny at times
Who care about our nation
And the Freedom loving kind

Bless our warriors
For stepping forward bold
Who put it on the line
Heart and soul

Thanks to all who work
To see through the MSM news
Through all their nit wit picking
And harping carping views

I’ve always liked saying Merry Christmas
Even when I’ve had the blues
But this year slightly more
Knowing how much it upsets
The not so sacred ACLU

1:03 pm
*transcribed this time
9:25 am


Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Dear George
We love you but

A conservative is one who
Believes in fiscal responsibility
Is one who would secure our Southern Border line
A conservative would have been in a save
Terri Schiavo's life state of mind

And for anyone taking notes

English would now be the national language
Sadr in Iraq would already be dead
John Walker Lindh would be lying in a grave
Somewhere with a bullet in his head

More than a few of the Lame Stream Media
Would have gotten a good chewing out
I do think you care but I'm just pointing at
A few areas more could have been done about

Sandy Burgler should have gone to jail
The gang of 14 should have been mocked
Infirmative action should have been firmly
Referred to as one huge steaming crock

Because the Republicans got strong from
The Conservative system of beliefs
Who needs gay Boy Scout leaders
Or gay marriages to cause our nation grief

Push it right out front
Quit relying and taking for granted the core
To Hell with appeasement liberals
And the Rhinos who hold open their doors

The Republicans got strong from
The Conservative system of beliefs
Not the other way around
So here it is simple and brief

Happy Thanksgiving
And no more taking for granted the core
Go straight for the heart of the value system

Help the Spirit of America soar

7:56 pm
transcribed this time
8:23 pm


Monday, November 06, 2006

NOW...that hanging around is about to take on a whole new meaning

How did Saddam leave his hole

Did he go out in a fire fight
Did he go out in a blaze of Glory
No we went out like a bully
Who made himself the hero

In all of his own stories


Did he blow himself up
Like he asked others children to do
No he went out for a dental exam
And to get himself a bowl of stew

Did he go out in a battle
Of rockets bullets and guns
No he went out for a hair cut
And left that to his sons

Did he go down fighting
Even if it came to hand to hand
No he went out for a change of clothes
And an unrepentant man

Did he go out meeting his maker
Did he go out dust to dust
No he went out to say he was a ruler
Who was firm but just


Did he go out like his Armies
That he sent to their death
No he went out for some fresh air
And to catch his breath

Did he go out like the Kurds
He had Chemical Ali kill
No it seems he found himself
Another destiny to fulfill


Did he go out in a fire fight
Did he go out in a blaze of glory
No he went out like a bully
Who made himself the hero

In all of his own stories

5:16 pm
For everyman who ever served
And ever will
And all the people who loved them
And do still
transcribed this time
8:46 pm


Sunday, September 24, 2006

It is one thing

It is one thing to focus
On the life part of living

Things such as a garden and loved ones
Our homes dogs horses or cats
But it is quite ignorant to not know just
How close death stands in all of that

It takes a year to grow a wheat field
It takes a fire hours to burn it down
It always takes longer to build than
It does to destroy a village a town

That's why you have to know where
The man in the long black cape stands
You have to acknowledge his presence
That is but his one simple demand

War is always first at least amongst
Those of my tribe my family my friends
Not as a cult of some dark obsessiveness
But to know when to step forth and defend

To know just how much value there is
In each and every breath we take
All we have are each others gifts
And by creativity what we can make

At the edge of nothing is everything
The protectors role is one that's true
Only by hard training and reverance
Is it seen when it's necessary to do

What by no other means can be done
Not by words or written letters of intent
Sometimes only by the deeds of warriors
Can it be said what is truly meant

And that is tyrants monsters and sadist
Want everybody else to obey their rules
Not to administer justice but to exploit
Enslave and slaughter appeasing fools

You can not negotiate with evil
You can not compromise with it's lies
For a free people to remain free
Must at times risk action

Sometimes you must make the enemy die

Or they will surely take it all
Without one single long look back
If they are coming they are coming
And the best defense is an attack

You can not negotiate with evil
You can not compromise with it's lies
For a free people to remain free
Must at times risk action

Sometimes you must make the enemy die

9:44 am
transcribed this time
9:53 am


Saturday, September 09, 2006

ABC's docu-drama..."The Pathway To 9/11"

It's only the truth

It's only our national security
It's only our fate and lives
It's only a rationalization away
To produce something completely contrived

How about it

Are you going to change the script
Are you going to bend over and cave in
Are you going to fold to the manipulations
Of the Clinton Political pressure and spin

9:19 pm
my comment to ABC
about their docu-drama
"The Path to 9/11"
transcribed this time
9:34 pm
here's the link to ABC's feed back department:



Saturday, August 12, 2006

I love them all

I will run and train and sweat
I will wear their colors till I die
I will do it to be the man I am
I will not be blinded by the lies

I will spar with the young ones
Who leave their bruises and scars
I will pray to the darkest of nights
And still somehow see the stars

I will remember their laughter
I will remember their smiles
I will remember how they walked
Those long and wearing miles

And I will never disgrace them
I will carry them in my heart
I will live my life to the fullest
For it is they who gave me my start

It is they who gave me my chance
They would not want me to not live
They would want me to celebrate this life
To find a way to engage and love and give

I will work with those still wounded by the
Memories or the all too real feel of steal
I will give it the whole of my soul
I will never compromise or make a deal

10:19 pm
transcribed this time
11:29 am


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Trouble Makers

Trouble makers

Some trouble makers are as beautiful
As the sharpened knives of cold steel
Some trouble makers are as beautiful
As they are hard intelligent and real

Trouble makers take hand to hand
And occasionally some lessons in self defense
Trouble makers aren't afraid to make up
Their minds and don't endlessly straddle the fence

I love trouble makers whether they are
The one's carrying guns and or knives
Or are in some kind of medical function
Where they're out there saving lives

I love the young men training to be pilots
Or to pound down the ground and carry packs
I love the old veterans who would shoot you
With a forty five if you were stupid enough to attack

Trouble makers don't like illegal aliens
Trouble makers run boards for others to write
Trouble makers aren't afraid to contribute
To care to share to dare to step up to a fight

Trouble makers smile and read books
Laugh out loud while listening to a radio station
Trouble makers will break down into tears
And know in the next moment they will

Fight to the death for this freedom loving nation

11:02 pm
transcribed this time
11:06 pm


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kill Hezbollah

Kill Hezbollah

Strike them down in the dirt
Strike them down from above
Strike them down in the name of justice
National self defense family and love

Fly down on them with jets
Let the Apaches rain down steel
Let Hassan Nasrallah’s desire for martyrdom
Become all too suddenly violently real

Send in the special ops
Send in the enemy’s GPS locations
Let the terrorists know
They have no hide-a-way nation

Artillery shell them from afar
Shoot them from just a few feet
Let them pay the price for their misdeeds
Deliver unto them a complete defeat

Roll in on them with tanks
Fire those 120 millimeter rounds
Leave them no safe haven
Rubble down the whole damn town

Use those bunker buster bombs
On their underground meeting places
And everybody around those crazies
Had better find a whole new set of graces

Besides chanting death to Israel
Besides chanting death to the USA
They best quit burning flags
And find themselves a saner way

Kill the Hezbollah leaders
Kill their lunatic base
Kill them from a distance
Kill them face to face

5:31 pm
transcribed this time
5:52 pm


Sunday, July 23, 2006

What's your idea of politics

What's your idea of politics

Give away your right to own a gun
Surrender sovereignty to the UN
Open the borders wide wide open
And let every undocumented idiot in

Worshiping at the shrine of no mind
Run by the holy sacred cows of NOW
Rationalizing that Gay Boy Scout Leaders
Would be a good idea someway somehow

What is your idea of politics

That there haven't been enough abortions
That rap isn't totally and completely crap
And that English shouldn't be America's language
And nobody should try in the least to adapt

What is your idea of politics
Socialism forever and ever and ever
And Fat disgusting drunk Ted Kennedy’s
Spewings are actually kind of clever

11:29 am
transcribed this time
11:14 pm


Friday, July 21, 2006

Self Rightious Peace Twits

Self Rightious Peace Twits
Never do get it right
That every now and then
There has to be a winner in a fight

In a fight for survival a fight
To not be slowly bled to death
A fight for their children to be
Able to draw their next breath

Cease Fire advocates pretend
Their hearts can win the day
When one side vows annihilation
And keeps seeking it in all ways

Sooner or later a people have to
Face their enemy down
Sooner or later it's not the bombing
But you have to choose which towns

Self Rightious Peace twits
Like to let the enemy get strong
While they huff puff up all big
And think they're never wrong

Meanwhile the kidnappings happen
And the rockets keep streaming in
Oh but don't use disproportianate force
Don't do what it takes to contend


They want to give the enemy
Time to reload and reorganize
Like that's not choosing sides
And at best seeing it through

Ignorant Naive eyes

And at worse propagandizing
For the enemy's chosen vow
That they will wipe the defenders
Off the world map somehow

8:49 am
10:52 am
on the latest involving
Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.
Yeah well, I just might use a 357 magnum
in a disproportianately forceful way if someone
broke into my house with a tire iron.
Too bad Hassan Nasrallah missed his appointment
to room with Zarcarwi for the rest of eternity.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Even though the Supreme Court thinks we ought to
Give all the terrorists million dollar civil trials
Even though the New York Slime reveals
Money tracking operations with an idiot smile

Happy 4th of July

Because there are young men still in the field
Still getting dirty dusty and hot beyond belief
Still putting on their gear facing their fear
And going out to possibly suffer sudden grief

Happy 4th of July

Because this is my country and not some illegals
Because this is my country and not some crybaby’s
Because this is my country and it’s worth fighting for
And that doesn’t come with some hedge my bets maybe

Happy 4th of July

Because I can remember the good that has gone before
Because I can still see the beauty of my homeland
Because when push comes to shove on what I love
I can and will take a meaningful hard line hard core stand

Because I can still celebrate the morning sun coming up
Because I still have room in my heart for friends
Because I still see and hear the real deal heart and intelligence
Of those in my larger family my fellow United States citizens

11:07 am
transcribed this time
11:09 am


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Did you know

Did you know that knowledge
Existed before schools

Did you know that uniforms
Came after a warriors heart
Did you know that dancing
Is spontaneous not merely

Memorized parts

Did you know that faithfulness
Existed before public vows
Did you know that people
Made up the very words

You use now

People made buildings
Before Architectural schools
People acted decent
Before there were written

Down rules

Did you know that creativity
Can come down to wonder
But if you don't get the lightning
Then surely you're all bluster

And imitation thunder

11:39 am
transcribed this time
6:53 pm


Friday, June 16, 2006


All this calling for hesitancy and a more polite considerate
sensitive way of approaching the political topics of the day:

Hey if you don't get that Ann is in
Opinion speak........more along the lines

Of MMA in Unlimited cage fighting....


Then maybe you could
shut up pack up and move along down
the line to a tai chi like commentator
that would be more to your liking.

Same thing I say to the Illegals.

Get out!!! Take off.
We're in a battle for our Nation's Soul.

Nothing less.




We need more fire
We need more guts
Not slippery arguments
With more if ands and buts

We don't need more
Compromise and sell out
Or more hesitancy to leave
A little wiggle room for doubt

We need uncaged rage
Housed in an intelligent brain
We don't need to hold ground
We need to make gains

We don't need the pompous
Air bags of our time
Telling us how or what to think
Inside our own minds

We need people on our side
People with the Spirit to fight
People who know how to back up
What they know to be right

No more human shields approach
No more poor poor Jersey Girls
We are at war with Islamo Fascists
Thugs who want to take over the world

No more Burkha Murthas
Getting a free unchallenged ride
Beat that fat flake fake back
Till he has no place to hide

12:54 pm
speaking here of course
about the indominatable
Ann Coulter...

and referring to Bill Oreilly
and others who always seem to
want to recommend holding back
a bit....you know like we could
win the crazies over if we were
just more kind when they outright
lie, cheat and steal with the whole
rotten presentation of their wholesale
Souless Idealess blubbering blabbering


Friday, June 02, 2006

How about

How about a go in the mud pit

How about a go with the pugil sticks
How about a go with some hand to hand
How about a 6 mile 30 lb ruk sack run
How about wearing the boots of a man

What about some shooting
What about some repelling gear
What about some hard corp training
And pushin past limits and fear

How about some brotherhood
How about taking and passing a real test
One that measures you hard and deep
One that asks of you your very best

What about some tiredness that goes
All the way down into the bones
How about some shared stories over chow
About who you love back home

How about seeing the kind of loyalty
That signs up for a second tour
How about that belief in a pride and purpose
That is worthy of what it takes to endure

How about that Eagle Globe and Anchor
How about those straight up and down young men
Those that walk, ride on and in the tanks
And know that upon one another they can depend

How about those guys

3:49 pm
transcribed this time
4:00 pm


Saturday, May 20, 2006


Iran away from common decency
Iran away from sanity
Iran toward my annihilation
Iran toward my vanity

Iran away from the good life
And chose cheap power instead
Iran toward pychotic despotism
And away from using the brain in my head

Iran away from civilized progress
From education and learning new ways
Iran toward the darkness of demons
Toward the crushing of hope for

A brand new day


Iran from leading my people
Into the new millinium of light
Iran away from the truth
Covered my ears and shut my eyes

Real tight

Iran toward the sword
The justice of cold steel rain
Iran away from goodness and mercy
To worship death and pain

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
1:21 pm
with Mahmud AHMADI-NEJAD,
Ansar-e Hizballah, and more than a
few of the mad mad mullahs in mind
No nukes for you
No wiping anybody off the map
No 40,000 suicide bomber threats
No more soft responses to your crap

Turn toward civilization
Turn away from lies
Turn around and live

Turn around or die


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Maybe a little turn about would.....be fair play

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
How many have been wounded under fire
Was any reporter killed by a road bomb
By an IED going off under a tire

I don’t care what they’re doing it for
I don’t care if they were brave or true
Just give me the dead and injured numbers
Don’t bore me with what they were trying to do

All I need to know about reporters
Is how many have lost a limb or eye
Just get me some sensational action shots
I’ll fill in the who’s and what’s and why’s

Don’t waste my time about their hardships
Don’t sap it all up about their love of home
Although I would be interested in maybe
If they were ever really scared and alone

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
Was it a record amount today
All that counts is how much blood there was
And not what their hearts and souls had to say

All I need to know about reporters

Is how many of them have been killed
And is there anybody I could possibly blame
All I need to know is their bloody body count
And of course everyone knowing how to

Pronounce and spell my name

10:31 pm

Friday, May 12, 2006

How much do they want to take

They want to take
Till there's nothing left

Like it's all about a conversation
Like nobody actually lives or dies
Like good men don't fight the fights
And crybabies don't cry cry cry

It's all about tricky words
It's all about the soft attack
Some just can't do a face to face
Without coming around your back

It's all about kissing the right butt
When the penalties start coming down
But me I'd rather go down swingin
Then be some kind of a suck up clown

Some people lie and distort
Some people morally equivocate
Till they see that hammer raised
Raised upon high by the hand of fate

I keep seeing the etiquette of manners
I keep hearing the arbiters of style
Espousing it’s not important what you say
As long as you do it with a smile

And continuing on

With their no plans for America
Except to negotiate freedom away
Like their incessant braying and nagging
Will keep persistent malignant evil at bay

9:22 pm
transcribed this time
10:14 am

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Stinking Peace At Any Cost Freaks


The rotten compromising politicians are the
Source of any stench relating to Viet Nam
Comparisons as well as the present day goings on
Struggles for the salvation of civilization

Just like now........

With the press and their endless
Carping and harping on casualties

Like they care
Like they give a damn at all
Like they want anything but praise
From their buddies down the hall

In their journalistic palaces
Or in the Hotel bar
Or on their flights to nowhere
Or driving in their rented cars

Screw their pen and paper
Their narcissistic glory
Their dreams of Pulitizer Putz Prizes
For the Breaking Story

They don't know what sacrifice is
They don't know what courage can do
They don't know what battles are
Or what any of the troops go through

They have no vision for this nation
Or know what freedom means
Except they get to do what they want
They alone get to paint the scene

With their own colors that run
With their own gutless words
With their one flag's the same as another
And the Eagle is just another bird

All they are are manicured freaks
Empty dresses blow dryed hair and suits
Who have absolutely no soul connection
For those who carry the ruk sacks

For those
Who wear the boots

8:26 am
transcribed this time
10:29 pm


Thursday, May 04, 2006

As To the 20th Hi-Jackers Sentencing

The "we" that I am a part of did not lose........
It is not the sentence that any true patriot
Of this country would choose

I say

Others in the conspiracy of willfully dangerous stupidity
Have revealed their position..
But I am not bound by their ignorant chants and rants
Nor intimidated by their threatening inquisition


I am not part of the weak
I think Moussaoui should die
I approve of his life being taken
In the blink of an eye

I approve of illegals being rounded up
And being shot if they resist
I think La Raza is the butt of the problem
And the Brown Berets are the cysts

Mary O McCarthy is a traitor
Who ought to be taken out and hung
I think the Durham Douche-bag
Is nothing but lying Dung

But the La Crosse players are idiots
For bringing a stripper in
For setting themselves up in a situation
That they could never win

Cynthia McKinney needs to go to jail
But the press won't hound her on this
Because they're afraid they won't be
Cool...if a black panther raises his fist

I think

Iran needs bunker buster nukes
Rammed up their facilities ass
Because I am not part of the weak
And ammunition is cheaper than gas

7:44 am
transcribed this time
7:52 am


Monday, April 17, 2006

It's in my blood and ink

I have written about the unborn
I am proud to own my guns
I care about the security of my country
And want to see it properly done

I want a fence on the border
I want the illegal aliens out
I have complete disdain for Murtha
And his hen pecking doubt

If you’re talking to some terrorist
The NSA should tap your phone
And if you argue anything else
You haven’t a mind or back bone

So I’m not the party of surrender
I’m not the party of self destruct
I live by my values and it shows
In my everyday decisions and conduct

The official language ought to be English
Talk what you want on your own time
You want something translated try reaching
In your pocket for your own damn dime

I’m conservative to the core
It’s in my blood and ink
And I take personal responsibility
For my actions and own up

For the way I think

5:41 pm
transcribed this time
1:39 pm


It's you allright

You're what's wrong with my country
You're what's wrong with the world
Just what we need is another boy toy
Who throws just like a girl

You don't know what you're talking about
You don't know what you're saying
You're just standing there in the wind like
Some ass that likes to hear themselves braying

Nobody's going to listen to you
Because there's no way you'd ever fight
All you want to do is empty conversate
And repeat what you think makes you right

But you don't even know the basics
You don't care about who's killing who
You just want to open mouth criticize
Whomever would be safest for you

Go live amongst the Palestinians
Why don't you try that one on for style
Or you could just stand there shovlin
From out of that self created steaming

Stinking pile

7:57 pm
transcribed this time
10:57 am


Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am not your friend

I'm not your friend

You don't have any friends
Only people who think like you do
And if you waver in the slightest
You know exactly what they'll do

Oh they talk about freedom
But you wouldn't stand a chance
If you don't follow the party line
And dance every step to their dance

Of Infirmative action
Of America's always wrong
And the only way the world will love us
Is for us not to be so strong

And you don't know what fake is
Or you wouldn't open your mouth like that
And spill out all your trauma drama
Without any relevant back up facts

You're just a hit and run
You're just a short quick flame
Who tries to rough puff up all big
But you are basically ... tame

You're a nice guy right
Because you don't have any other choice
It would take a certain kind of strength
For you to find your real voice

And you may or may not
More than likely probably not
Because there's just a whole lot of
Encouragement now-a-days

To remain a smart assed snot

7:04 pm
transcribed this time
11:10 am


Simply put

I have done my best to honor my mother
I have done my best to show my sister I care
I have done my best to show women respect
But man bashing and baiting does nothing

To stir my chivilrous air

8:34 pm
transcribed this time
11:05 am


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why I hate the Main Stream Media and...

How Francis Fukuyama
Made the Half Wits list

By sounding like another who's
Giving it the ol intellectual wank
By sounding like another who's
Joined the ranks of skanks

Known as


Autocrats Defeatocrats and
The media called....main stream
Who know no blow too low
Who have but poison to offer

Any plan or visionary dream


These kind thought it was the
Grave yard of empires in Afghanistan
These kind will sell you out
To the very last brave standing man

They've been raving no WMD's
Like that's going to set anybody free
They never encourage or point out
The positive only the negativities

The lay claim to the no brain
Of we're losing all of our friends
Thieves like Germany and France
And anybody who'll wear depends

When it comes to facing down
This global terrorist threat
They keep screaming Exit strategy
Without a peep of regret

But what's standing up the Iraqi military
Or training a competant police force
Who'll enforce decent laws
To help follow a civilized course

Instead the pressure is kept up
Iraq Katrina it's all the same
It's just another of Hells shell games
Just more finger pointing blame

Instead of encouragement
And contributions that matter
All they got is harping and carping
But never stepping up to be the batter

They don't care about the UN scandal
They don't care they don't care
They speak treasonous words
Even overseas anytime anywhere

After 911 they were the people who
Thought we flew the flag too much
They started hedging their bets as
Soon as they could do such

Till now they're ravingly out of touch

And then it was too many soldiers
On the ground or was it too few
Plus Nit wit picking about body armour
To express and vet their view

They're the ditch witch Cindy
The self loathing Michael Moore
They're all tramps and con artists
They're all out and out whores

8:51 am

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's not too late

It's not too late to desert them

It's not too late to rip from them
Any meaning to their sacrifice and lives
It's not too late to let defeatism
Take root and thrive

It's not too late to say
I told you so I told you all along
It's not too late to let bitter arrogance
Sing it's sickly sweet surrender song

Come on Come on Come on
Let's screw another generation of young men
Come on Come on Come on
We can make it like way back then

Let's listen to the torturous logic
That traitors and two faced liars speak
Let's sell out the Kurds again
Let's listen to the insane insipid and weak

Let’s bring back the rape rooms
Let's encourage Syria and Iran
Let's encourage all the terrorist killers
Let's listen to Zarqawi's demands

But mostly

It's not too late to dessert them
To hang them out to dry
And we can say we did it for them
Because we didn't want to listen to

Cry babies cry


It's not to late to rip from them
Any meaning to their sacrifice and lives
It's not too late to let defeatism
Take root and thrive

It's not too late to say
I told you so I told you all along
It's not too late to let bitter arrogance
Sing its sickly sweet surrender song

2:00 am
transcribed this time
11:55 am

Written for the Zogby poll
saying the troops all want to come home.
I hate the fake flakes and their lies
and manipulations.

Hate being a somewhat inadequate word for
what I feel for these contant attempts to
demoralize and undermine...They are
NO fellow citizens of mine.

N....yet again

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where do you go

Where do you go
When your own government

Demands you surrender
Tells you to raise your hands
Threatens and punishes you
For being a freedom loving man

Where do you go
And who do you talk to
When they call it a conspiracy
If you say what is true

What do you do
And what does it take
When the sell out is from within
When the leadership goes fake

Where do you go
And what do you do
When it becomes against the law
To fight what is coming for you

When stealing your heritage
Isn't even any longer disguised
When they look you in the face
And laugh handing you their lies

When are we allowed to resist
How do we address our own fate
When permission will only be granted

It's too late

5:23 pm
Sell the management of
US ports to Arabs
Don't do anything about
200 Mexican National incursions
across our border....
Let the gas prices go through
the roof and
Screw the average American
Screw'm...yeah I hear you
and I seriously don't care what your
"intentions" are


Thursday, February 16, 2006

What the Hell is wrong with you

What the Hell is wrong with you

What a little scum bag queen you are
What a bratty arrogant snot
With no idea who Pappy Boyington is
Or what is and what is not

Such arrogance and ignorance
Drooling out between your lips
How did you get an attitude
That low slow shallow and flip

8:03 am
this was written to:
Jill Edwards, a Junior in Mathematics at the
University of Washington, says that a
U.S. Marine is not --- that's right, NOT the example
of the sort of person that the University of Washington
wants to produce.

By the way .. there's at least one more moonbat
on the U of W student senate. Her name is Ashley Miller.
Ashley says that there are already enough monuments
at UW commemorating "rich white men."

Her email address is jae6@u.washington.edu

transcribed this time
8:46 am


Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Farewell To America's F 14 Tom Cat

What a machine

What a Helluva bolt out of the blue machine
What a kick in the seat of a fighter pilots pants
What a streak of quick silver across the sky
What contributions were made at the fire fights dance

The F 14 Tom Cat is one of those that will
Always live somewhere in some warriors heart
She was fast maneuverable agile and volatile
She did go above and beyond to do her part

It took intelligence and discipline to fly her
And more than a bit of hair on fire personality
And I appreciate them all the builders the mechanics
The whole crew that armed her to the teeth

That plane took down more than a few bad guys
She was a presence in the air for the land of the free
And could still manage to land on a postage stamp
In the middle of the ocean on a rolling sea

The F 14 Tom Cat is one of those that will
Always live somewhere in some warriors heart
She was fast maneuverable agile and volatile
She did go above and beyond to do her part

9:00 pm
written upon hearing of the retiring
of the famed and deservedly fabled F 14 Tom Cat

As of now
According to the associated press:

Two Navy squadrons with the last 22 operational Tomcats are flying bombing and strafing runs on insurgent targets in Iraq, taking off from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which will leave the Persian Gulf for its base in Virginia early next year.