Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kill Hezbollah

Kill Hezbollah

Strike them down in the dirt
Strike them down from above
Strike them down in the name of justice
National self defense family and love

Fly down on them with jets
Let the Apaches rain down steel
Let Hassan Nasrallah’s desire for martyrdom
Become all too suddenly violently real

Send in the special ops
Send in the enemy’s GPS locations
Let the terrorists know
They have no hide-a-way nation

Artillery shell them from afar
Shoot them from just a few feet
Let them pay the price for their misdeeds
Deliver unto them a complete defeat

Roll in on them with tanks
Fire those 120 millimeter rounds
Leave them no safe haven
Rubble down the whole damn town

Use those bunker buster bombs
On their underground meeting places
And everybody around those crazies
Had better find a whole new set of graces

Besides chanting death to Israel
Besides chanting death to the USA
They best quit burning flags
And find themselves a saner way

Kill the Hezbollah leaders
Kill their lunatic base
Kill them from a distance
Kill them face to face

5:31 pm
transcribed this time
5:52 pm


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