Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberals are truly scum

Liberals are truly scum
Liberals are truly trash
Liberals when reachin for your butt
Swear their just reachin for the cash

But they want both
Matter of fact they want it all
They want control over everything
They want to see the Angels themselves fall

Liberals are truly evil
They're satanic and damned to Hell
All they want is to drag some pour souls
Down there with them to dwell

Liberals are crazy and perverted
Justice lives not in their heart
They sacrifice the Holy unborn
They tear their fragil little bodies apart

Liberals are truly scum

8:25 pm
transcribed this time
8:26 pm


I am accepting no responsibility

For any young black or brown
Who is somehow under the delusion
That I'm the one holding him down

All it looks like to me is an excuse
To break into my home
Attack me on the streets
To bleed me to the bone

But I'm tellin you flat out
I ain't takin it anymore
They better educate themselves
Or we're all gonna be dancin

On the killin floor

And I got no qualms about it
Considering the injustice I've seen
My compassion has been compressed till I'm
I'm nuthin but lean and mean

So if thugs idiots and race hustlers
Want to keep puttin the pedal to the floor
You better be coming to kill me
Cause I ain't takin bein pushed around


7:52 pm
transcribed this time
8:06 pm


Stupid Stinking White Guys

Still getting special privileges
Still pulling off their racist ploys
Just more of the same ol games
From the good ol boys

Obviously the test was rigged
Or the black man would have won
Any body can see that simple truth
Unless of course they're a Zionist pawn

Stupid stinking white guys

I'm telling you Farrakhan has them nailed
Reverend Wright knows what's up
I certainly hope Jesse and Al raise Hell
Obviously this is beyond corrupt

This is nuthing but another
The fix is in scam sham
A brother just can't get no justice
From the heavy hand of the man

At least The Southern Poverty Center
Is doin what they can to bring
About the fall

God Damn America
God Damn whitey one and all

12:05 pm
in reference to the firefighters
finally getting their promotions
years later after it had to be taken
all the way to the Supreme Court.
Just because the test was fair
and they did the best...that's no
reason common sense or decency should
have anything to do with it.

Know what I mean?
Know what I mean?


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead
Not that it’s a bad thing to
Advocate children sleeping in your bed

As a thirty-five year old man
That’s been accused over and over again
Of molesting children and being
Their oh so very special friend

Michael Jackson is dead

Not that it’s a bad thing to
Dangle a child off a balcony in the air
Not like that’s considered crazy
By anybody anytime anywhere

Michael Jackson is dead
And so are all the parent’s souls
Who sold their children to that pervert
For him to play with and to tenderly hold

Michael Jackson has passed
And is destined for Rock N Roll history fame
I mean maybe right after he gets done
With that little stint with Eternal Damnation

And Hells ever burning flames

Michael Jackson is dead
I really don’t have anything else
It’s just something I like to say
Kind of like a little pick me up song

I like to sing to myself

11:30 am
another idiot
another epitaph
hurry up all you pieces of crap
take your final bows and get on
with your long overdue dirt naps


Living The Feudal Way

Turning lead into gold

Or a sandwich
Or a ride on a motorcycle
Through the dust storms
Of an Apocalyptic Hell

Turning lead into gold
Or gasoline
So you can get from here
To there and be alive to tell

Where the next stragglers
Are hangin out with bigger guns
Hell is gonna be full of crazies
Doin what they do for crazy fun

Not many will go back to the old ways
Where there's a code for woman and man
Theories will only go so far as those
Who are left left strong enough to stand

Who will find the food
Who will provide protection
What will be the price
Who will determine the manner of selection

Living the feudal way
Living by blood and sword and stone
Who will wield the steel
Who will provide the sinew muscle and bone

It sure won't be snot nose spoiled brats
It won't be fat cats trading wares
Who will ride forth for flaxen beauty
Who will once again dare to defend the fair

written last night
06/26/2009 thru to
9:51 am
transcribed this time
1:00 pm


I have no guilt within me anymore

None that I haven't turned into
A raging burning hate
I'm sick of this reparations
Infirmative action duh bait

I don't think it generational
I don't think it's due to education
I think it stinks of the seeds of greed
And despising the heart of this great nation

Black and Hispanic gangs are everywhere
They're on the net showin off for fun
Flashin their signs do rags and gold teeth
Laughin as they point their guns

And the FBI can't find them but
They're not the real threat don't you know
They're not returning vets worse yet
They don't look like they have a tea party

To which they may want to go

12:45 pm
transcribed this time
12:55 pm


Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Poem

You can agree or disagree with me
You can speak your mind with passion
But do not approach to intimidate me
Or put your hands on me in

Any shape or fashion

I can be persuaded by reason
I can be moved by belief
But I don’t take too lightly
Initiating a threat that I might be

Facing a lot of grief

If I don’t just shut up and go along
Like I’m not allowed any questions at all
Last time I looked I was a regular citizen too
But I don’t recall electing some kind of Deity

To City Hall

When did wanting to know
What is simple honest and true
Get turned into something that can
Be labeled an accusation and then

Hurled back at you

If somebody wants to converse with me
I’m definitely willing to listen to both sides
But please..please give me the same courtesy
Because it’s kind of hard to hear you through

All that anger vindictiveness and pride

10:34 am
through last night
and some today


Worshiping Worshiping Worshiping

Worshiping at the shrine of all
Of Obama's bullshit and shine

You're an out and out idiot
with your standard talking points
You won't be satisfied till it's all
Bammy's crown we all anoint

You're a Kool aid drinking dink
Thinking slick tricks are the fix
Something seriously is wrong with you
You're like a dog gettin his licks

You're sick demented and narrow
You talk to hear yourself talk
You got your feathers all in a ruffle
But you definitely ain't no cock of the walk

Do yourself a favor
And take yourself off the line
Hell it would take eleven of you
But you still wouldn't add up to a dime

2:24 am
no ill will or bad intent is meant toward
our faithful loving canine friends


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Senate Apologizes for Slavery yet again

But Blacks Want Cash

Please Please Mr Blackman

Accept my apology
Accept my house and money
Everything all of you do is cool
Hip and very very poignantly funny

I'm sorry I existed at the same time
You breathed in air
I'm the one who's inferior
I don't even know how to care

I don't even know how to begin
Maybe you could impregnate young white girls
And abandon them for the evil that they are
That would be a way to show the world

You're never going to take it again
It's all my fault there's even such a thing as crack
I bet it was a CIA plot to keep you down
Just another example of the man stabbing you in the back

Please Please Mr Black Man
Accept my apology
It is me and my filthy kind
That still keep you from being free

Your gangs are the just and noble warriors
Protecting the sacred hood
Whitey don't know what be goin down
He think you be jiven sayin you're misunderstood

He needs a nine up his azz
And an Ak at his head
Tellin him to give up his ride
Or he's gonna wind up dead

Some stupid crackahs tryin to pass off
That blacks can be prejudice and hard core
You get to pimpin out their mommas
They won't be sayin that crap no more

Homie gonna get his reparations
One way or another
A honky ain't good for nuthin
Cept what he can give up to a brother

Please Please Mr Black man
Accept my apology
Please turn into Muslim coverts
And slaughter us for our infidelity

11:24 pm
transcribed this time
11:36 pm


Another Sonia Sodomy Mayor Ditty

I've seen her kind my whole life in San Antonio

They'll play the race card
They whisper behind your back
They'll lie and set you up
And act like it was a brave attack

All they do as art is blah blah blah
Latina this and Latina that
They're embittered and constantly angry
And think they're entitled to dish out crap

They're liars sneaks and thieves
Conniving to get you down
Trying to get their homies to try
Put you on the ground

That's what kinda bitch she is
She just wants to do it legal style
But she's still all tacos and margaritas
And a razor blade up her sleeve for style

11:07 am
transcribed this time
10:22 am


Monday, June 22, 2009

On the David Letterman/Perez Hilton type........ and their perverted hype

He gets it

And he'll lie till the day he dies
He'll try to turn it all around
Till his brains turn into french fries
And he burns your house down

He's crazy lazy and
Happy as a loon
To be sittin at the toilet
Waitin for the dinner bell

With his super sized spoon

He'll twist it up
Excuse it all away
Demand more explanations as he
Holds any rational thinking at bay

He couldn't escape a cage
If it had no locks
He keeps right on chow'n down
On the snacks he gets

Out of the cat litter box

And that proves he's a genius
An intellectual shining star
Because defending the indefensible
Could never reveal

How cluelessly classless you really are


He gets it

He gets it alright

11:57 am
a brief sketch of a persistent
apologist for the scum bag
David Letterman Perez Hilton type
And their perverted hype


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barabara Boxer.....Who the hell

Who the Hell

Does Barbara Boxer thinks she is
She showed utter contempt and disrespect
She needs to be contacted often
Boldly truthfully swiftly and direct

She knows what she did was wrong
She can make petty arguments all day long
But General Michael Walsh has stood his watch
Faced our enemies took rights side over wrong

The snideness with which she attempted
To undermine one of America's best
The demeaning tone in her voice
It is to her lowliness and dishonor it attests

She needs to be barraged with mail
She needs to be taken to task
She has truly revealed herself to be
Foul ugly rude crude and crass

Her arrogance knows no measure
Her ignorance is beyond the pale
Respect is always earned
And in this and many of her encounters

She has seriously totally and completely failed

12:00 pm
here is a video of her vile actions

here is where you can write her of your

you have to scroll down a bit a
pick out a category from her …list.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


You’re nit wit throwin a snit fit
You quote scripture to hide behind God
But it's plain and simple
You're an ankle biting fraud

Throwin out babble scrabble
Isn't speaking your mind
And mouthing off about nothing
Is not showing you've got a spine

You're all empty rhetoric
Hot air and gas
Who the Hell do you think you are
That gets you a free pass

You forgive Letterman's deviance
But rail against Ann Coulter's style
You're nuthin but snide on the slide
And one big stinking steaming pile


You efite intellectual elite
You half baked fake flake
You've been justly impaled
upon the sword off the

Sacred Lady rising from the Lake

3:32 pm
transcribed this time
12:22 am


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama's gutless ignorant silence about the Iranian elections

He could say

He cared about truth and justice
Cared about the people's will
Cared about the Iranian citizen
That protested and was killed

He could say

He gave a damn about democracy
That he wants people to be free
That he wishes all those well
Who are bravely seeking out liberty

He could say

Women should be treated
Both courteously and fair
And that education and opportunity
Always help clear the air

He could say

An open and honest review
Would be a good start
And that freedom lives inside
Every man and womans heart

He could say

A lot if he wasn't too busy
Making us all go broke
Or he wasn't off in a corner somewhere
Laughing at Letterman's stupid filthy jokes

9:37 am
9:40 am


Sunday, June 14, 2009

FIRE David

On the so called advice of being cautious
Taking on David Letterman’s filth
About Sarah Palin being slutty and the
Completely inappropriate remarks about
Her young daughter

Yeah just what we need

Is more nuance
And rising above the fray
And a way to co-operate with leftists
And to do it in a polite way

Yeah just what we need

More moderates and Rinos
Blathering on about My Friends
More mindless bi-partisan ship
And wearing double layered depends

If anybody in the State run media
Even utters one critical thought
We need more go along songs
About how our principals can be bought

With our nation's future
And that we can accomplish world peace
If we treat our enemies as allies
And our allies as idiots who should decease

Talking bad about Hamas-icide
Or worrying about N Korean nukes
Like Hugo Chavez should be listened to
Instead of walking out on the puke


And most definitely David Letterman
Should get a free ride
The whole respect for women and children
Should simply be quietly set aside

MSNBC’s Theresa Brewer fits right in
With Chrissie Matthews and Olberink
We should just let them take free shots
And never ever challenge what they think

Bill Maher is only a comedian
Not a rotten excuse for a human being
What culture war and agenduhhhh
What propaganda presented for seeing

I say smack’m all
Take’m all on all fronts
Miss California loses her job
But not the punk who called her a

The C word


Not me
Not anymore
Let’s ride right into’m
Full Bore

11:55 am
transcribed this time
12:07 pm


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contessa Brewer is a Bitch

She's nothing but a sychophant
For David Letterman and his show
And for MSNBC to not fire him
And her reveals they know no low

Calling Sarah Palin slutty and making
Filthy sex comments about a fourteen year old
That's not anywhere near a joke
And is nothing but filthy perverted and cold

And for airhead snotty Contessa
To defend that in any manner shape or form
Exposes her to be the rotten spoiled brat
She is and way way outside any norm

Rudeness and crudeness are not humor
And neither is being sick twisted and vile
She was blatantly ugly in her demeanor
And exhibited absolutely no class or style

2:51 pm
in reference to an interview of John
Ziegler by Contessa Brewer of MSNBC
concerning David Letterman using his
top ten ruse to step seriously over the line
When he made a smutty remark about A-Rod
Knocking up Governor Sarah Palin’s fourteen
Year old daughter and another also to refer
to Sarah Palin as being slutty. ... 0#31206590

David Ziegler is a radio talk show host on
KGIL 1260 AM out of LA.
He is also producer of a film
"Media Malpractice/How Obama got elected"

N....yet again

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Negro Panthers

Now the charges have been dropped

But it couldn't be because they're brothers
It couldn't be because they're black
It couldn't be they're connected to ACORN
He's not stabbing our America in the back

He's settling race relations down
In the new South African style
He's going to redistribute the wealth
And do it with a smug look and a smile

Step on through the looking glass
And know what he's got planned
It's pay back time for the Honkeys
It's pay back time for the man

Listen to the compelling stories
Marvel at the wit and charm
Even regular citizens now
Want to be seriously armed

Witness the new dear leader
Appointing his board of czars
Do you really think a one of them
Care one bit who you are

The New Black Panthers
Were standing outside the voting booth
And slapping clubs into their hands
To make sure everybody knew the truth

Eric Holder has declared that tactic
Shall now not be considered intimidation
Justice has left the building
And being laughed at by this sick administration

Prepare yourself for what's coming next
Prepare yourself for more
This is what "God Bless America" sounds like
When it's sung by pimps and whores

10:15 am
transcribed this time
10:17 am


My official position is

I don't care


The media will just rail it across the head lines

I don't care

They won't connect the dots on Acorn
They won't publish on the Negro Panthers
They won't go after Bawney Fwank
Because he has all the correct anthers

They won't go after Dodd
They won't flush out Air Force one
They could give a whit about the fence
If it ever gets built if it ever gets done

Israel should compromise with Hamas-icide
So what if N Korea launches nukes
I don't care about the on the air heads
They're a bunch of liberal wussy pukes

Spend all the money you can
The returning vets are the real threats
Latinas are always better than whites
And it's all said without regret

Here comes a social earth quake
Here comes a cultural hurricaine
I no longer will negotiate or educate
The rabidly no brain insane

10:17 am
my response to the liberal
abortion doctor being shot
it’s just another excuse
to profile pro-life people
as terrorists along with returning vets
transcribed this time
11:56 am