Monday, June 29, 2009

Stupid Stinking White Guys

Still getting special privileges
Still pulling off their racist ploys
Just more of the same ol games
From the good ol boys

Obviously the test was rigged
Or the black man would have won
Any body can see that simple truth
Unless of course they're a Zionist pawn

Stupid stinking white guys

I'm telling you Farrakhan has them nailed
Reverend Wright knows what's up
I certainly hope Jesse and Al raise Hell
Obviously this is beyond corrupt

This is nuthing but another
The fix is in scam sham
A brother just can't get no justice
From the heavy hand of the man

At least The Southern Poverty Center
Is doin what they can to bring
About the fall

God Damn America
God Damn whitey one and all

12:05 pm
in reference to the firefighters
finally getting their promotions
years later after it had to be taken
all the way to the Supreme Court.
Just because the test was fair
and they did the best...that's no
reason common sense or decency should
have anything to do with it.

Know what I mean?
Know what I mean?


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