Thursday, April 11, 2013

All so you can take a bow

The Black Gangs Chicago riots version

Well well well

Aren't you the sweetest kind of
Multi kulti freak
You're so open and forgiving
So kind and generous when you speak


About givng away my freedom
Giving away my safety in my home land
All so you can take a bow
As a tolerant wonderful man

Who rewards gangs with open disregard
Of this nations laws and guiding rules
Ahhhh yes those insignificant minor details
Are only for the less enlightened fools



And thus

Up go the hospital costs
But what do you care
Up goes the number slaughtered
And families hearts laid bare

Up go the murder rates
The gangs theft and crime
But all that to you reads as petty
Beneath you and a waste of your time


What an arrogant dream schemer
What a brain washed drone
When here comes the riots
And all you can do is lie prone


And think that you can get away with it
By sitting up all pretty and striking a pose
But let me tell you something buddy
That's not the way it is or it will go

Because there's a price to be paid
For freedom and an ability to think
And I will stand and deliver

Whether it be blood or ink


5:14 pm
transcribed this time

12:28 pm