Saturday, January 29, 2011


Obama is now making the biggest mistake
In the US middle east history

He's raiding our treasury
We are now in a police state
We know now that we've been disenfranchised
Obama supports the Muslim brotherhood and it's hate

Jimmy Carter backed the Coup
Against the Shah of Iran
We immediately got the Ayotollah
Neither man in anyway gives a damn

Obama had nothing to say
When citizens stood against Achmadinajihad's regime
When they were out on the streets
Trying to bring about decency and the right to dream

But now now that the Brotherhood
Gets a chance at the Egyptian nuclear stockpile
It's all right there next to the Suez
Meanwhile all the community organizer can do

Is babble talk and smile

Israel must be on maximum alert
This fool is bringing us to the end
Death is coming Death is coming
I'm serious prepare my friends

7:53 pm
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7:56 pm


Compared to what

Ronald Reagan and Obama
Oh please what it will be next
Safe driving awards for repeat DUI offenders
For the sorrow and no tommorrows

They've left behind in wrecks


Idi Amin and Jesus
The Bloods and the US Marines
Oh the comparisons are endless
Not to mention insane and obscene

Ted Bundy and Ghandi
BTK and Mother Teresa's works
Ahh the day is never done
When you're a fanatic idiot jerk

John Kerry and Chesty Puller
Lady Gaga and Joan of Arc
That's the way it is when
Your head and butt occupy

The same place when they park

8:45 am
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8:58 am


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Go back home

Go back home to Chicago
We don't need your Islaminization
Get the Hell out get the Hell out
Of the capitol of my nation

You're too stupid to live
Much less actually lead
Many sacrifices have been made
Many men have had to bleed

To defend rights and freedoms
To defend a way of life
We're sick to death of you
And your ignorant arrogant wife

Take your race card playing
And your lying decietful ways
You are way beyond incompetant
And you're crazy if you think that'll play

All you seek is power
You have no core of beliefs
And it is costing us treasure lives
And tears and causing us much deep grief

Go back home

Go back home
To where ever that might be
You've got nothing I want to hear
And I do not compromise

With depravity

10:17 am
transcribed this time
4:51 pm


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That fella can read a teleprompter

And lie with a straight face
For goin to the Church of God Damn America
He sure takes liberties with the
Sacred blessed presence of grace

He's spending money like a mad man
He's suing Arizona to the ground
I guess illegal aliens get the benefits
And citizens can pay the bill down

What a peach of a guy
Gee Whiz he sure is swell
Over half of the states in the Union
Are filing against what Obama care sells


Nobody has seriously investigated
That loose connection of frauds
Known as Acorn yep no corruption there
But yet some drooling fools still applaud

The Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
Are getting good men and women killed
Oh but aren't those lavish parties in
The White House such razz a ma tazz and thrill

It can't be because his policies are stupid
Or reckless or incompetant and crazy
It's obvious you're just a racist
Bitter Clinger Red Neck to whom

When it comes to thinking is lazy

Worship at his feet
Fall for his every lie
Praise be the the superior elite
Who can but blindly deny

What is truly before them
The worst threat this nation has faced
Do not research or question
Just dutifully close your eyes click your heels

And fall in place

10:07 pm
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10:14 pm


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you

You'll go along with establishing
An MLK day
You''ll go along with ever word
Obama has to say

You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you

You'll go along with Hip Hop Slop
You'll go along with the gang slang hang
You'll go along with Rap Crap
The saggin and braggin about who can bang

Not all of them do it
Not all of them are bad
You're ready with all your cliches
To excuse all the cultural degineration fad


You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you
You're not a racist are you

None of what I say has any point
None of what I said is true
And that's a foregone conclusion

You're not a racist are you

10:54 am
NAACP shrouds statue of George Washington
at MLK event


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fools and Ghouls never let up on their set ups

Puting the ME
Back into Memorial

The dims take the opportunity
To hold a pep rally for the fallen
The libs will never be satisfied
Till all of us are crawlin

Who are they
To call for civility
When all they really want
Is to stop us from being free

They are shallow
And they are blind
They are control no soul freaks
Completely out of their mind

Obama is the worst
I've ever seen in power
He wants us all to bow down
To submit kneel and cower

His followers are evil
His minions are all damned
And they will drag us all down
Down to Hell

If we do not take a stand

10:38 am
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1:24 pm


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheriff Duptick

It's really....
Sheriff Dipstick right...


Sheriff Dipstick

He has no common sense
He has no moderation
He has a total set of predetermined ideas
As to the situation


Admitting he has no facts
No idea of what is going on
He thinks the truth and logic
Are but his personal pawns

As he openly declares his judgement
Without reserve and without any doubt
I don't have all the info yet
But oh....I do know what's it's all about

Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are at fault
They fill the air with dangerous rheotoric and hate
And no I do not have any specific examples
For that which I did just now state


I do have no fear I will be questioned
The State Run Media will give me a pass
Because I agree with their left wing agenduhh agenduhh
I will not be called out as an ignorant self righteous

Over bearing ass

4:54 pm
transcribed this time
9:42 am


Monday, January 10, 2011

Everybody is the same

Is the same

Gang members are the same as Marines
Clitorectomies are good for girls
Sharia Law is just fine and dandy
...And should be spread all over the world

The United States is really Mexico
There's no difference anywhere
Drug Cartel are just pharmacies
For the mentally impaired

Yeah yeah yeah
Everybody is the same
As long as you don't really care
Or are completely insane

12:08 pm
transcribed this time
12:11 pm


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hire Americans

Hire Americans

Anyone hiring illegals is a punk
Anyone hiring illegals is a thief
Anyone hiring illegals is pushing bunk
And increasing the level of grief

Momentary opportunism
Overiding integrity and soul
But they will not bury our nation
In some un-named lonely hole

All this is going to stop
Come to a screeching halt
There is a rot going on within
And we know who's at fault

I want these enablers confronted
I want them heavily fined
I want them if they're repeat offenders
To end up doing time

10:27 am


Saturday, January 01, 2011

For whatever reason

Eric Richard Holder
For whatever reason

Wants to break us down
Wants to blur the lines
Wants us to be suspicious
Of our own kind

He knows what's good for all of us
He's a Janet Reno kind of guy
He sees diagreement with him
As but another way to lie

He knows who the real threat is
He know what for him is right
He knows that to be authentically black
You in essence have to be anti white

Islamic Jihadism is a factor
That shall not be openly named
As a moving primary factor
Behind world wide terroristic reign

He likes to mix it all up
It gives him lattitude in his actions
Like shooting a woman holding her baby
Because they are part of a dangerous faction

Like returning vets or believers
In the sacredness of the unborn
Or those other crazy kinds of Americans
That don't want our Home Land torn

Apart by the invasion of illegals
Or the stripping away
Of our 2nd Ammendment rights
Like down on our knees and surrendering

Is the only way to pray

11:52 am
recent statement of ERH:
The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens -- raised here, born here, and who FOR WHATEVER REASON, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born. -Eric Holder
transcribed this time
7:45 pm