Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jan Brewer

We love you more everyday
We love what you have to say
Thanks you for believing in America
And her freedom loving ways

Thanks you for standing up
Against the forces of corruption
Ignorance and arrogance
Goes a long way to create disruption

We're with you on this march
Don't look away don't look down
We're all out here fighting our hearts out
In the cities the country and small towns

Protect our police officers
Who everyday put it on the line
Protect our ranchers
And Sheriff Joe speaking his mind

Thanks you Jan Brewer
Say it simple say it clear
The truth is easier to remember
We're all right here

11:06 am
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11;10 am


Friday, July 30, 2010

Go Sheriff Joe

Go Sheriff Joe

Who's the man on the front line
Sheriff Joe that's who
Who's out there everyday
Protecting me and you

Go Sheriff Joe
We've got your back
Pink jump suits and all
We love your no slack

Who takes on the crazies
The La Raza insane
Who's steppin up
In the face to face game

Sheriff Joe that's who
Sheriff Joe is our man
As well as all his deputies
And his crime sweepin plans

Thank you for caring
Thank you for giving a damn
This is our country
This is our homeland

8:52 am
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8:55 am


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janet Napolitano


Janet Napalitano is a bitch
She want's to co-opt the opinions of citizens
She wants portray them all as supporters
Of Amnesty

Amnesty to the end

Of this once great country
Bleed on for the illegals cause
She doesn't and won't argue honestly
She's got her decency button on pause

What about the home invasions
What about the crime
What about the kidnappings
Who's manipulating the time line

Till it's the suffering of Arizona folk
That is on the extortion block
To Janet the story of the murdered rancher
Is nothing but a bunch of boring empty talk

She manuevers and angles in
She dodges she sneaks bobs and weaves
It is by any means necessary
Any means necessary

She believes

8:27 am
Poetic Addendum


She believes
The cost of the loss no matter what
Is worth it to achieve

And thus it is
So be it if you have to be decieved


She's a cowardly fanatic
That's why what ever it is she'll say it
Irregardless the cost of the loss

You're the one who'll have to pay it

8:31 am
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8:24 am


Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama is a socialist pig

Obama is a communist
And a radical through and through
He's coming after me
He's coming after you

He backs The New Black Panthers
And supports their values and ways
He's coming to crush free men
And bring about the end days

He's here to re-distribute wealth
Like in the beginning it wasn't earned
At least according to this community organizer
At least according to this turn of the worm

He openly works against the people
He has no respect for inaienable rights
He and his sympathetic collaboraters
Are working to bring their darkness

To our light

6:14 pm
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6:18 pm


Tuesday, July 06, 2010


O-vomit sounds the trumpets of war

O-vomit is clearly over the edge
His allegiances do not align with us
He offers us lies deciet and defeat
For our sacred honor and trust

He shows deference to our enemies
He dismisses our aliances and friends
He's here to shut down America's excellence
Here to put it to an end

There is no low he won't go
The military The economy The illegal invasion
He's selling us out without a doubt
On each and every occassion

It's time to wake up children of the light
It's time to take stock of the situation
He cares not for your individual liberties
He marches madly on to our ruination

This slick talkin trick will stop at nothing
There will be absolutely no violation of rights
Taken on by the attorney general
Against blacks if filed on by whites

He's tellin us right to our face
What he thinks of me and you
He thinks we all ought to be grateful
If he lets us have

What he scrapes off the bottom of his shoes

9:16 am
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9:28 am


Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday fellow citizens
Happy Birthday families
We've got greetings to send

We've got memories to remember
We've got memories to make
We've got picnics to attend
And maybe even cakes to bake

It's a good day for a drive
It's a good day to be at the lake
Maybe even a good day to do
Something for somebody else's sake

Hail to all our freedoms
Hail to working hard
Hail to all the children laughing
In our own back yards

And all of that is well and good
All of that is wonderful to see
But there has been a price payed
For all of us to live free


Let us celebrate our country
Let us dance together young and old
Let us embrace our grace
Face to face heart to heart

Soul to soul

9:26 am
transcribed this time
8:14 am