Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where do you go

Where do you go
When your own government

Demands you surrender
Tells you to raise your hands
Threatens and punishes you
For being a freedom loving man

Where do you go
And who do you talk to
When they call it a conspiracy
If you say what is true

What do you do
And what does it take
When the sell out is from within
When the leadership goes fake

Where do you go
And what do you do
When it becomes against the law
To fight what is coming for you

When stealing your heritage
Isn't even any longer disguised
When they look you in the face
And laugh handing you their lies

When are we allowed to resist
How do we address our own fate
When permission will only be granted

It's too late

5:23 pm
Sell the management of
US ports to Arabs
Don't do anything about
200 Mexican National incursions
across our border....
Let the gas prices go through
the roof and
Screw the average American
Screw'm...yeah I hear you
and I seriously don't care what your
"intentions" are


Thursday, February 16, 2006

What the Hell is wrong with you

What the Hell is wrong with you

What a little scum bag queen you are
What a bratty arrogant snot
With no idea who Pappy Boyington is
Or what is and what is not

Such arrogance and ignorance
Drooling out between your lips
How did you get an attitude
That low slow shallow and flip

8:03 am
this was written to:
Jill Edwards, a Junior in Mathematics at the
University of Washington, says that a
U.S. Marine is not --- that's right, NOT the example
of the sort of person that the University of Washington
wants to produce.

By the way .. there's at least one more moonbat
on the U of W student senate. Her name is Ashley Miller.
Ashley says that there are already enough monuments
at UW commemorating "rich white men."

Her email address is

transcribed this time
8:46 am