Saturday, November 19, 2005

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Paris is burning but still

You want me
To look up the facts for you

It's been four years and
Symps like you pimpin the wimp..

Don't want to see
Don't want to hear
Don't want to know
Don't want it clear

Screw you
And your kind
You're willfully ignorant
Intentionally blind

Paris is burning
But your view is right
Even if nine hundred cars
Were torched last night

Gangs and bands
Roam the street
Using cell phones
To arrange where to meet

But hey maybe it's because
The police don't negotiate
With those mostly Muslim
Black immigrants who hate

And blame it on anybody
Except their own ways
Europe or Eurabia
Which do you say

9:54 am

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Let's negotiate

Let's negotiate

With the killers and thieves
With psychos out of their head
Even though all they want
Is to see all of us dead

Let's negotiate for the sailors
That were on the Cole
Everything is up for bargaining
Everything can be bought and sold

Let's negotiate for the Marines
And the Kobart Towers too
For the Rangers in the Mog
It's the least we can do

To build back up our credibility
To at least the level of France
Let's bend over and pick up that soap
As we loosen the belt on our pants

Let's not push the investigation
Into corruption in the UN
We wouldn't want to upset
Our dear and loyal friends

Let's set aside 911
And the pain slaughter and death
Let's forget about that moment
That took away our breath

And blame America first
Let's get down on our knees
Just like Daniel Pearl
Maybe if we asked them please

10:32 am
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10:39 am


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Soft Spoken and Reasonable

Soft spoken and reasonable

While explaining why America
Is hated by the world
Insulted by the swine as you
Cast before them your pearls

Of the latest fashion regarding compassion
Wisdom and insight as to what is right
And that is to put more restrictions on the
Us Soldier in this low down ugly fight

But now

Why again do you think equivocating
About America Bin Laden and Hussein
Is supposed to make you look anything
But double standardly insane


Islam’s muslims need to figure out
There is no neutral anymore
You’re either with us or against us
It is time to choose a door

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head


And that goes for sympathizers
Whether they’re self aware or not
Whether naïve or intentional
Or just suffering from soft brain rot

Every fighting man in our army
Is important to each and everyone of us
There is no more sacred bond
There is no more valued trust

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head

8:20 am
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