Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paris is burning but still

You want me
To look up the facts for you

It's been four years and
Symps like you pimpin the wimp..

Don't want to see
Don't want to hear
Don't want to know
Don't want it clear

Screw you
And your kind
You're willfully ignorant
Intentionally blind

Paris is burning
But your view is right
Even if nine hundred cars
Were torched last night

Gangs and bands
Roam the street
Using cell phones
To arrange where to meet

But hey maybe it's because
The police don't negotiate
With those mostly Muslim
Black immigrants who hate

And blame it on anybody
Except their own ways
Europe or Eurabia
Which do you say

9:54 am


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Elena said...

i can see you hate everything..:)) too bad.. God made us to love