Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Crock O Dial Tears

A crock o dial tears
and other wrong numbers


All the fake people

And give their fake concern
As if there's only some tragic lesson
For the rest of us to learn

Who do not have their gifts
Their light into strategic insight
That it is always only loss
When America enters a fight

America is always making a mistake
America is always wrong
And we're just the mean ol bully
Flexin muscle to prove we're strong


Or then there's always someplace else
That's just as bad or worse
Like if we never ever made a move
We wouldn't end up in a hearse

All the fake people

And shed their politically motivated tears
And mix them in with their reservations
Second guessing and narcissistic fears

They love to be against
While saying they support the troops
Like that doesn't ring out hollow and
Come out smelling like day ol dog poop

What a bunch of sanctimonious twits
How low can you go
Feeding off the blood of brave men
Like that somehow proves they know

But they only listen to what they want
What backs up what they already believe
It seems they have a mask for everything
They've even got this one to show they grieve

It always comes back to them
Because that's what they're all about
The nattering naybobs of negativity
Sowing their seeds of doubt


They love to be against
While saying they support the troops
Like that doesn't ring out hollow and
Come out smelling like day ol dog poop

8:14 pm
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8:05 pm

Ode to self pity

Ode to self pity

Don't you ever get sick of
Portraying yourself as oppressed
The unwelcome down troddened one
Always the mistreated guest

I've never heard such crying
Such wailing and nashing of teeth
As though somehow freedom is what
Somebody else can bequeath

You've got to live it on your own
You've got to make it your life and love
You've got to take the bit in your mouth
And make it truth you're speaking of

You're not talkin free speech
You don't want any criticicizm at all
You want everybody to bow and praise
You want somebody to scrape and crawl

Like oh my what an enlightened opinion
I should just take it without any doubt
I shouldn't even dare to ask a question
Or present different facts as to what

It is about


You want the right to not be upset
You want freedom without responsibility
You want to hide behind sulk and pout
If even anyone dares to start to disagree

You can say whatever you want
But then so does everybody else
And I know that probably confuses you
When your mind is taken off yourself


Don't you ever get sick of
Portraying yourself as oppressed
The unwelcome down troddened one
Always the mistreated guest

4:10 pm
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8:02 pm

Eric Altered Man


Is your kind of writer
Natalie Maines is your kind of girl
Coffee O nan none and the UN
Are who you think should run the world

You like Ted Rall's scrawl
And think Hanoi Jane is cool
Sean the famous Iraqi Penn pal
Doesn't look to you like a fool

Madonna is a lying opportunist
And a slut besides
She's pulled her video but is talkin
All about it to get that free Ad ride

Is Martin Sheen the real president
Not to give you some kind of test
Not to put you under any pressure
Or in any way want you to get all stressed

All this whinin and sob story crap
Is coming to a screaming end
Time is comin for the steel of the real deal
The clock is tickin on the pretend men

Armageddon is sending out invitations
But don't look for it in the mail
Look for it in the self indulgent eyes
Of those that don't think they'll ever fail

If they just stay snotty enough
Or quick with their piss-ant snear
Judgement is rollin down

And it will be sudden
Traumatic and clear

10:41 pm
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5:15 pm

Fat ugly stupid lying michael moore

Fat Ugly
Stupid Lying Michael Moore

Wants to do his cut-a-ways and edits
To distort and manipulate the facts
And has absolutely no qualms
About stabbing Charleston Heston in the back

He wants to hide behind callling it humor
When he's caught willfully decieving
When he deliberately misleads you
Into what he wants you to be believing

He's the one using tragedy and sorrow
For his own personal gain
He has absolutely no regard
If he increases anybody else's pain

Anything and everything at all cost
It's his obsession above all else
He's a slob without limits
Whose primary concern is himself

He's undisciplined and sickening
Dilluded and dangerous to vunerable minds
And nobody's sayin he can't say what he wants
But there should be consequences for his kind

It was and is not a documentary
Just the hateful concoction of a fool
And the question before the board is
Do you even bother

Following your own rules

Reveal yourself for what you are
Support some basic common sense
Salvage some last shred of your honor
Or muddy yourself up real good

By locking into your recalcitrance

Either way's ok with me
I just want everybody to get a chance
To see who's who
Who's the fake common guy in sloppy pants


But as far as I'm concerned
A documentary is not a fictious rant

You know kinda like
Just because you pay a whore
To say I love you
Doesn't mean you're in a romance

10:33 am
Written originally in support of the
movement to have his movie
stripped of it's award, the Oscar ,
for being Best Documentary
when it is plainly NOT a documentary.
transcribed this time
5:10 pm

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Your Kind

General Clark is your kind of General

Al Wankin Frankin is your kind of satirist
Jesse Shakedown Jackson your kind of preacher
Professor De Genova the deginierate from Columbia
Must be definitely up there as a great teacher

Michael Moore is your kind of Documentarian
The Jason Blair affair never affected the Times
And that New Jersey Knucklehead Barakas
Is your kind of poet although he rarely rhymes

Numb Chumpsky is your kind of philosopher
Even though he backed the Pol Pot regime
Even when he tells you you're intelligencia
When you swallow his hate America scheme

John Walker Lyndh was a misunderstood boy
Who got tangled all up in the net
And should probably be let go once he's
Shown enough of the properly timed regret

Kind of like that idiot who shot President Reagan
Can't you see he's all better now his wits are honed
Of course he should be allowed out to go on visits
Unsupervised on the week ends to his parents home

The ninth circuit court of appeals are your judges
No matter how many people signed that petition
No matter that we the people have a right to vote
Judicial activism sure halted that election competition

Gavin Newsome is your kind of mayor
Berkley is your kind of school
MaDonna is your kind of live in France Patriot
Serving up her latest espousings of gruel and drool

Maybe Phil Donahue will make a come back
And won't that be a glorious day
When you have something besides West Wing to watch
And to hang on to every word they have to say

Ted Rawls Scrawl is what you like to read
He really knows how to put a pen to ink
He certainly gives hope to effeminized males
And encouragement to how far you can go

Even when you're a dink

01:53 pm
transcribed this time
4:55 pm

So you want to take away my rebel flag

So you want to take away my rebel flag


The right not to be offended
The right to extort and demand
The right to use white guilt
To get me to understand

That we will do it all your way
We will change things around
Till it's clear to the whole world
There's a new boss here in town

And fear is what he uses
And intimidation is his game
And if you don't do what he says
Then it's shameshame shameshame



It's the politics of identity
And whiners diners club delux
Who flat out don't like good ol boys
Or gun racks and pick up trucks

They've got a new way to win
They just don't get out of the way
And act completely insulted
Unless you explain what you say



Here's some news for you from me
No more no more no more
And it's not that I'm against you
But I'm damn sure not

For you anymore

9:16 pm
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4:35 pm

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Some losers

Some losers will never fight back

And they've always got
Their lame brained reasons why
But they're all just duckin and dodgin
Trying to slip one by

They whine and irritate
And petty pick away
They got nothing but excuses
And that's all they'll ever say

They'll distract and deflect
They'll moaningly fop and groan
They make their own wiggle room
By not having to have a back bone

Because the main thing is
To win the war of words
They're never going to carry a rifle
They're never going to fly a war bird

They just want to be important
That to them is what makes their day
They don't have to go anywhere
They just have to get in the way

And pontificate and ask what if
And maybe this and maybe that
They just like to buzz around
Like flies mosquitoes and gnats


Ahh yes

Don't they love their little theories
Even after America has been attacked
They can nuance it a thousand ways
But the truth is

Some losers
Will never fight back

8:48 am
transcribed this time
10:48 pm

Saturday, November 20, 2004

I'm sick of the so called women

I'm sick of the so called women

That take themselves too seriously
And want to put the pressure on men
Rather then the strident man hating
Feminists who do more harm to them

If you're pro psycho lesbian bull dyke
Then jump right up and say so
Don't play prissy sissy switch around
Stand up and go for that gusto

Act all insulted get upset and angry
Take it hard all the time
Don't let yourself be bullied
Don't let yourself be weak of mind

Man bash away and often
Irritate them all to hell
That'll really teach'm
That'll break their evil spell

The oppressive monsters
With their stupid grinning mugs
It's obvious that they are
Nothing but Neanderthal thugs


I'm sick of the women

That think that the metrosexual
Is some kind of sensitive man
Who pretends nobody can
Push him around just because she can

The ones who put up standards
Designed to screen a good man out
And then ends up with some loser abuser
Thus proving she knows what she's talking about

I'm sick of women
Who take everything out on the next guy
Till she get's that out of her system
And then wants to act like she gave it a real try

I'm sick of women
Who don't understand men have had enough
That the world is a dangerous place now
And it's time for some of us to get tough

There is no domestic agenda
If the Islamo terrorists break down the wall
There is nothing but capture torture and murder
If the thin veneer of civilization falls


Good men and women still exist
And can sense one another in a heart beat
Good men and women don't need the lectures
From the preachy screechy elite

8:17 pm
transcribed this time
12:41 pm

You just stand there hoping

You just stand there hoping

While the enemys blade cuts
Down innocense and grace
You just stand there with that superior
Blank look on your face

You just stand there
Smug as the day is long
And laugh and mock and ridicule
As if that'll cure what's wrong

Yeah hide behind that wall
That was built by other men
And act like you're above it all
You're too good to struggle to win

Nahh go on standing there hoping
While others step foreward to the work
You just go on being that example
Of what it means to be a real cool jerk



Fly that white death flag of surrender
Resist not the onslaught of brutal blows
Show everyone how to be too proud
To lift a hand against the foe

8:11 pm
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12:36 pm

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Infirmative Action

Infirmative Action

Of course you need preferences
Of course that is the case
You couldn't possibly make it otherwise
Without a leg up everyplace

Of course you need quotas
Although you name it another name
Like maybe calling it critical mass
But it breaks down all the same

You can't make it without help
You can't make it on your own
You are burdened and demeaned forever
You must eternally carry this stone

Because basing it on merit
Means prejudice against you
And then oh my god slavery's next
No wonder you've got this view

Poor baby Poor baby
It's all such a living shame
Imagine what you'd have to do
If it wasn't for the

It's my turn no matter what game

8:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:45 pm

The New Gay Army

The New Gay Army
Wants you

You don't have to be afraid
You don't have to have any fear
There will be a whole new meaning
To serving in the rear

You don't have to worry about
What you might slip and say
And I'm sure if we push it through
We can get berets

No need to be nervous
When taking those extra long showers
It'll be nobodys business if they go
Into the wee morning hours

It'll all be much more sensitive
It'll all be much more fun
When everyone stands and sings
This is my rifle this is my gun

The New Gay Army
Wants you

It'll be just like Will and Grace
Invitations out to military balls
Everyone'll be welcome on our base
And there'll be hummers for one and all

The New Gay Army
Wants you


It'll be much more sensitive
It'll be much more fun
When everyone stands and sings
This is my rifle this is my gun

3:58 pm
transcribed this time
7:26 pm

Hail to the 12 gauge

Hail to the twelve gauge

Hail to the twelve guage
Good out to fifty yards
Get'm over this barrel
And you can hit'm and hit'm hard

Five rounds up the spout
One round in the chamber
A few more in the pocket
To take out any remainder

Come crawlin in my window
Come breakin down my door
And no matter what you've got
Number four can even the score

Come crashin down my fence
Come meanin to do me harm
Allow me to introduce you
To some cold world charm

Grand dad used to use it
It's been improved since then
Treat it with respect
And it'll serve you as a friend

Double ought buck
Nine pellets in the chest
Not many an intruder
Has ever passed that test

Take it out on me
Take it out on mine
Take it out the back door
To the cemetary is fine

Self defense is a right
Self defense is the law
If you're in fear for your life
Tell them what you saw

But you have to be there to do it
And for that you have to survive
Sometimes it takes more than workin
In order to stay alive

I'll feel bad later
Far worse than the creeps
If they would have gotten me
There wouldn't have been a peep

Of self remource
Or regret for what was done
Who'll be there in the morning
Who'll be there to welcome the sun

Hail to the twelve guage
Bruiser of the shoulder
Equal opportunity eliminator
For the insane getting bolder

Self defense is a right
Self defense is the law
If you're in fear for your life
Tell them what you saw

But you have to be there to do it
And for that you have to survive
Sometimes it takes more than workin
In order to survive

Maybe about 1993
transcribed this time
5:22 pm

CNN and other reporters

The Bad News View

Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In undermining our leadersip
Lowering troops moral
Devaluing missions accomplished
And all by acting like our pals

Because they really really care
Because this is a Democracy
And they are so brave to dare
To question Authority

Nobody says you don't evaluate
Or never ever criticize
But if that's all you do
Doesn't that turn it into lies

If you never question the question
If out and out distortions
Are presented without a challenge
Doesn't BS get the larger portion

Of the camera's eye and time
Soldiers are also our citizens
How about some positive
At least every now and then


The Major Three are also guilty
As far as I'm conerned
As if....if they were on our side
Their neutrality might get burned

Abc Nbc Cbs
Jennings Brokow and Rather
Doesn't it as some point it turn
Into some pretty deep blather

PBS and NPR have always been
Publically funded shows
But as lopsided as they are
I don't know how anyone knows

They swear that they aren't bias
That they have no leftist leanings
Hell they're not even honest about that
They're so busy primping and preening

A lot like those Hollyweired half-wits
Just not so crazy about it
Like if you can pronounce objectivity
How could we ever doubt it


Quagmire Quagmire Quagmire
No plan No plan No plan
Yawl take out a bunch of hornets
Let's see what you understand

Is every step choreographed
When you aim up that spray
When you carefully aim and shoot
Don't you sort of scoot and pray

You exfiltrate the area
But you come back around
That's what our men are doing
When they go back into towns

They're checking things out
They're making it better
They're making it safer
They're reading their letters

But oh how dare we question you
No dissent amongst the dissenters
Once you've committed to the Dean
Of Academia Nuts they're can be no repenters

They don't have another view
They just flat out hate the president
All they've got is oceons of emotions
And they don't want to hear an argument

That's logical anyway
They're patriotism is off the table
They will let you know that with their
Last breath as long as they are able

Even as they continue to manipulate
And hammer home more despair
Committ their sins of ommission
But they just do it because they care

Because we need our friends back
Good buddys like Germany and France
We don't need to stand tall
We need to learn to sway and prance

But I'll never forget or forgive
The terrorists that want to kill us
And they'll do it anyway they can
With planes trucks or a bus


Cnn and other reporters
Like them are complicit

In sabotaging our spirit to win
To fight back as we must

These people are mental seditionists
And not worthy of our trust

11:14 am
transcribed this time
5:16 pm

Funding for the arts

Funding for the Arts
Don't make me laugh

More like funding
For Arts Organizations
Political Fronts
That love to blame this nation

That act like they're for
Free Speech
But actually conspire
To keep it out of reach

For those who disagree
Or can't pass their litmus tests
They encourage cooperative compliance
Not being independently your best

Arts Organizations use
Buzz words to confine and define
Everything must fit in
With the one party line

Arts Organizations are the
Blight of creative thought
Everything is cookie cutter stutter
Designed to cause brain rot

It's a cult of mean spiritedness
Posing nicey nice
But underneath it's all
Cold calculating ice

And back room discussions
About who's allowed in
Yeah why be open minded
When it's easier to pretend

Oh you can be outrageous
But it had better be their way
You better watch what you do
You better watch what you say


Funding for the Arts
Don't make me laugh
More like back stabber power grabbers
Dividing up the proceeds

From grant speakism's golden calf

10:17 pm
transcribed this time
4:44 pm

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I see a decline in our society

I see a decline in our society and
I put the responsibility of that straight on

Illegal immigration
The Vulture Culture Wars
Rap being nothing but crap
And treating women like whores

And getting away with it
Because the trump card is race
But it's ok to bash Christianity
And attack states of grace

I see a decline in our society and
I put the responsibility of that straight on

Moral Equivolency being a cancer
That has infected education
Where professors think it's elite
And neat to teach hating this nation

Also the liberal bias pours out its filth
And undermines with its grime
The good our troops have done
Opting for the negative almost every time

And Hollyweird has gone mad
Michael Moore is a punk
But France goes all a blather lather
For his pimped out putrid junk

I see a decline in our society and
I put the responsibility of that straight on

The Democrats being crazy
There's not a sane one anywhere
All they know how to do is bitch and moan
And get in everybodys hair

How nuts is gay marriage
Like there was ever any doubt
We're here and we're queer
And they mean the Boyscouts

And the ACLU

The ACLU has gone so far left
That they're left out in the cold
It seems like their biggest fear
Is that somebody will pray for your soul

Or say Merry Christmas
Or lock everybody in NAMBLA up
It appears to me they only defend
The immoral depraved and corrupt

And didn't

The womens movement get hijacked
By angry lesbians screaming
Like it's somehow unnatural for men
And women to harmonize their dreaming

How socialistic is it
To have to fund NPR and the NEA
To be forced to have to support
What adolescent rebellion has to say

No wonder youth goes crazy
They're all fed a bunch of BS and lies
Like if they have any basic values
It might accidently open their eyes

And then support for the vampire cult
Would wither on the vine and die
And then all those blame game addicts
Would have to get a real job

Instead of just sliming by

9:53 pm
transcribed this time
8:47 am

Friday, November 12, 2004

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

It's not like anything
Needs to get done or changed

Except maybe the way we talk about it
Maybe if we just used more sensitive terms
It wouldn't make the hyphenated-Americans
And their supporters squirm

Maybe if you could just give it a tweak
Another adjustment here and there
Maybe leave out some water for them
You wouldn't sound so unfair

Culturalism over nationalism
Where'd you get a phrase like that
Shouldn't sympathetic emotion
Always overcome logic reason and facts

How much is spent on hospital costs
How much is spent on enforcement costs
Is that all you're concerned about
Is the loss loss loss

Think about how it makes you feel
Like you're a superior caring being
Who is capable of such fashionable passion
For those who from poverty are fleeing

Forget Mexico becoming more just
And improving conditions down there
And that way they wouldn't have to leave
To find even minimal care

Because that's their country's business
They are their own Sovereign Nation
Just learn to be extra careful
How you converse about the situation

And maybe you'll learn to adjust
To the new and different way
Just change the way you think
Just change what words you say

And presto everything is hunky dory
Everything becomes dandy and fine
Things are a lot less trouble for a
Dillusional rather live in denial mind

You'll see
Go with the flow
Opposed means oppressor
In case you didn't know


There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Think of it like never ending guilt
Compromising to accommodate regret

There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Just keep making those installment

On a never ending debt

11:14 pm
transcribed this time
10:07 pm

First of all

First of all

I'd like to apologize
For bein a white male
For whatever you think
That's worth

For not being
An indigenous person
On planet earth

For not properly
Labeling my music
As being

I thought it
Was from the heart
Was I to know

I'd like to take back
That term I used
I seriously
Must have been nappin

That little thing
About hetero-phobic
Could never happen

And certain women's anger
Is always undeniable
Unquestioningly sent

It's never something else
And they're lookin for
A chance to vent

And third of all

I should watch
Every step I take
Word I say

Not that anyone
Would twist them around

No way

about 1994
at the Excalibur Poetry Readings
on Avenue B in San Antonio Texas
transcribed this time
10:00 pm