Thursday, November 25, 2004

Your Kind

General Clark is your kind of General

Al Wankin Frankin is your kind of satirist
Jesse Shakedown Jackson your kind of preacher
Professor De Genova the deginierate from Columbia
Must be definitely up there as a great teacher

Michael Moore is your kind of Documentarian
The Jason Blair affair never affected the Times
And that New Jersey Knucklehead Barakas
Is your kind of poet although he rarely rhymes

Numb Chumpsky is your kind of philosopher
Even though he backed the Pol Pot regime
Even when he tells you you're intelligencia
When you swallow his hate America scheme

John Walker Lyndh was a misunderstood boy
Who got tangled all up in the net
And should probably be let go once he's
Shown enough of the properly timed regret

Kind of like that idiot who shot President Reagan
Can't you see he's all better now his wits are honed
Of course he should be allowed out to go on visits
Unsupervised on the week ends to his parents home

The ninth circuit court of appeals are your judges
No matter how many people signed that petition
No matter that we the people have a right to vote
Judicial activism sure halted that election competition

Gavin Newsome is your kind of mayor
Berkley is your kind of school
MaDonna is your kind of live in France Patriot
Serving up her latest espousings of gruel and drool

Maybe Phil Donahue will make a come back
And won't that be a glorious day
When you have something besides West Wing to watch
And to hang on to every word they have to say

Ted Rawls Scrawl is what you like to read
He really knows how to put a pen to ink
He certainly gives hope to effeminized males
And encouragement to how far you can go

Even when you're a dink

01:53 pm
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