Saturday, November 20, 2004

I'm sick of the so called women

I'm sick of the so called women

That take themselves too seriously
And want to put the pressure on men
Rather then the strident man hating
Feminists who do more harm to them

If you're pro psycho lesbian bull dyke
Then jump right up and say so
Don't play prissy sissy switch around
Stand up and go for that gusto

Act all insulted get upset and angry
Take it hard all the time
Don't let yourself be bullied
Don't let yourself be weak of mind

Man bash away and often
Irritate them all to hell
That'll really teach'm
That'll break their evil spell

The oppressive monsters
With their stupid grinning mugs
It's obvious that they are
Nothing but Neanderthal thugs


I'm sick of the women

That think that the metrosexual
Is some kind of sensitive man
Who pretends nobody can
Push him around just because she can

The ones who put up standards
Designed to screen a good man out
And then ends up with some loser abuser
Thus proving she knows what she's talking about

I'm sick of women
Who take everything out on the next guy
Till she get's that out of her system
And then wants to act like she gave it a real try

I'm sick of women
Who don't understand men have had enough
That the world is a dangerous place now
And it's time for some of us to get tough

There is no domestic agenda
If the Islamo terrorists break down the wall
There is nothing but capture torture and murder
If the thin veneer of civilization falls


Good men and women still exist
And can sense one another in a heart beat
Good men and women don't need the lectures
From the preachy screechy elite

8:17 pm
transcribed this time
12:41 pm


Anonymous said...

all too true... in all points!

keep it up

Anonymous said...

That was bullshit.
You need to learn to respect women, you jackass. I bet you're single.

neilsthepoet said...

To the first comment.

Thanks and a wave ....Hey!!


To the second comment.

You sound gay.
Are you gay?

Gossip Gossip Gossip
They're not a warlock or a witch
Yeah Male or female
A bitch is just a bitch



11:54 am

Elena said...

that means you never met a fine woman... i feel sorry for you;)

but.. keep it up.. c ya

neilsthepoet said...

Oh I have met a fine woman.

I think a woman is not my "equal".
I see her more as in the relm of my mystical other.

I think understanding exists between a good woman and a good man
but that does not come near the amazing quality that happens with harmony.

7:27 am