Saturday, November 27, 2004

Eric Altered Man


Is your kind of writer
Natalie Maines is your kind of girl
Coffee O nan none and the UN
Are who you think should run the world

You like Ted Rall's scrawl
And think Hanoi Jane is cool
Sean the famous Iraqi Penn pal
Doesn't look to you like a fool

Madonna is a lying opportunist
And a slut besides
She's pulled her video but is talkin
All about it to get that free Ad ride

Is Martin Sheen the real president
Not to give you some kind of test
Not to put you under any pressure
Or in any way want you to get all stressed

All this whinin and sob story crap
Is coming to a screaming end
Time is comin for the steel of the real deal
The clock is tickin on the pretend men

Armageddon is sending out invitations
But don't look for it in the mail
Look for it in the self indulgent eyes
Of those that don't think they'll ever fail

If they just stay snotty enough
Or quick with their piss-ant snear
Judgement is rollin down

And it will be sudden
Traumatic and clear

10:41 pm
transcribed this time
5:15 pm

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