Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Snow Job in Kentucky

He's a racist

That's why Kentucky is suffering
That's why there are so many dead
They're white so they don't count
That's what's in his head

Maybe he means it
Maybe it's just in his genes
Maybe Revenge is more important
Than any responsibility could mean

It's whitey's turn to get it
It's whitey's turn to die
It's whitey's turn to wait
While someone sits on the supplies

The sign on the office says
The Buck stops here
And his inaction is making his
Intentions very clear

It's a historic moment
He's the first black
And it looks like he's lookin
To get a little pay back

10:54 pm
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11:01 pm


Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm sick of being fair

Fair is just something they use
To put the screws to me
Fair is just something they abuse
To make sure I'm less free

I'm not going to rise above it
I've not going to be a nice guy
I'm not even going to do enough
That somebody can say I gave it a try

Oooooh Ooooooh remember back to Selma
Haven't we come a long way
And shouldn't we still apologize
At least a hundred times a day

Can't we wish him all the best
No I can't and no I won't
Can't we hope for him none the less
Here it is plain and simple no I don't

He's promised to screw it up
And I believe that he will
And I believe that he could care less
That America's fighting men will pay the bill

He's an out and out socialist
He's surrounded by corruption and fraud
He's got Barney the Banking Queen
Eric Holder and Christopher Dodd

Hillary is Secretary of State
While Billy Boy's been rakin in the money
And nobody sees a conflict of interest
But maybe Senator Frankin will help us all

See it as funny

Reid’s now turned around and seated Burris
Chicago Machine is at it’s most grandiose
The race card is bein played hard by the left wing guard
We’re getting infirmative action by the double dose

For the safety of US citizens he's going to close down Gitmo
And declare Water boarding too tough of a way to get the truth
But when it comes to his own security

It seems he wants
The secret service doubled and a thousand snipers on every roof

11:13 pm
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jeepers Creepers

I don't care what justifications you use
Faggots in the military says more about you
Than any of your fake twisted sister logic
Of trying to make it like it's about an open view

Queers have no place amongst America's finest
No special priviliges no special deals
Lord knows what inherent sickness is in you
That has you finding all this as having enticing appeal

It's just rancid insane and stupid on its face
It just goes to show results mean nothing over time
All of your symp wimp ilk are possessed and obsessed
Over promoting your milk toast eutopia pc state of mind

You're nuts narcissistic and thus only care what you think
You could care less what it does to the men on the line
Everything and everywhere is just supposed to be a
Big baby playground for the likes of your stupid selfish kind

Pimp yourself out if you think nothing's wrong with it
What lame excuses do you have there
If nothing is so wrong about it how about you
Gettin on your knees and hoistin your rear in the air

Seriously impose it on yourself
According to you you're breaking no moral code
No but of course you won't all your wonderful ideas
Are for others to bear up under to carry your load

Listen up you wet behind the ears no experience pup
What's needed is young men who want to be hard corp f*ckers
The Marines are looking for a few good men
Not it's fair share of a bunch of c*ck suckers

9:53 pm
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sure.....oh yeah definitely

Maybe if we just got on our knees as they bound our wrists
When they brought in a camera and a long dull knife
Maybe when they started reading some crazy jihadist shit
If we just kept politely quiet

They wouldn’t cut our throats and take our life

10:24 am

Maybe baby

Maybe if we all just toned it down about
Violent criminals there would be less crime
Maybe if we spoke softly and encouragingly
We could all get along over a period of time

Maybe if we spoke lovingly and gentle
To Hamas they would finally come to understand
That we the people of the earth are all one
Maybe if we gave them a little more money and land

Maybe if we tolerated the poor sad Mexican illegals
Who only come here to do the jobs we won't do
The world would see the US in a better light
It's borders that divide us and keep us from an open view

Maybe if we didn't oppose the psychotic crazy jihad
America's image would once again begin to shine
Just like in Europe they have plenty of Muslims
And they certainly are diplomatic and benign

Maybe if we gave gang members basket ball courts
Or light sentences when convicted or at least free shoes
They wouldn't be so angry and have to do bad things
Come on let's get together and try something new

Maybe if we kept our conversations quiet and intellectual
And always deferred and spoke in soft tones
Nobody would run over us and put an idiot in office
Who will over see us all paying back acorn encouraged

Sub prime home loans

Maybe if we talked real nice there could be bail outs
For everybody and nobody would dare to call it treason
Not that every dictator tyrant or slug with any authority
Doesn’t always have a perfectly good reason

Maybe if we just got on our knees and said please
Maybe if we didn’t let others get too loud or out of hand
We could all go down crying and dying
But at least we would have made it..Look like..

We were trying to make a stand

10:14 am
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11:20 am


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Che Chic
Revolutionary fashion statements

Che is a guy
Faggots wear on their shirts
It's a way communist and prissy sissies
Think it's cool to flirt

They don't care he's a murderer
They don't care about his firing squads
He just looked so darned cute in his beret
He was such a sexy good looking fraud

So what if he lied
So what if he stole
So what if he was heartless
And had no soul

His hair was shiny
Long thick wavy and black
So how important could it be
He stabbed

His fellow revolutionaries in the back


It's all about image
It's all about shine
It's all about what they're were thinkin
Lookin at his behind

That's about as far
As their pee brains go
They're not interested in the truth
They don't want to know

That death and corruption were everywhere
And journalist were targeted and killed
If any of the revolution's bean cans
Were opened and truth did happen to spill

People from all over were locked away
For what they thought
And they stayed chained in their holes
Till their bodies did rot

For daring to disagree
For thinking another way
Other than what Castro said
Or Che decreed what you could say


Ahhh yess it's all so Chic
And the revolution's cool
When it's coffee shop talk
And the bloods not forming in pools

As the brains are splattered
All over some pitted stone wall
While Che Che baby sat back
Feet on his desk and watched it all

So re-write history all you want
Make him your hero make him your star
Be a super duper useful pooper scooper idiot
And cling to what you stupidly ignorantly are

11:00 pm
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1:52 pm