Monday, January 12, 2009

Maybe baby

Maybe if we all just toned it down about
Violent criminals there would be less crime
Maybe if we spoke softly and encouragingly
We could all get along over a period of time

Maybe if we spoke lovingly and gentle
To Hamas they would finally come to understand
That we the people of the earth are all one
Maybe if we gave them a little more money and land

Maybe if we tolerated the poor sad Mexican illegals
Who only come here to do the jobs we won't do
The world would see the US in a better light
It's borders that divide us and keep us from an open view

Maybe if we didn't oppose the psychotic crazy jihad
America's image would once again begin to shine
Just like in Europe they have plenty of Muslims
And they certainly are diplomatic and benign

Maybe if we gave gang members basket ball courts
Or light sentences when convicted or at least free shoes
They wouldn't be so angry and have to do bad things
Come on let's get together and try something new

Maybe if we kept our conversations quiet and intellectual
And always deferred and spoke in soft tones
Nobody would run over us and put an idiot in office
Who will over see us all paying back acorn encouraged

Sub prime home loans

Maybe if we talked real nice there could be bail outs
For everybody and nobody would dare to call it treason
Not that every dictator tyrant or slug with any authority
Doesn’t always have a perfectly good reason

Maybe if we just got on our knees and said please
Maybe if we didn’t let others get too loud or out of hand
We could all go down crying and dying
But at least we would have made it..Look like..

We were trying to make a stand

10:14 am
transcribed this time
11:20 am


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