Monday, December 27, 2010


Respect is earned

And Obama hasn't earned any
When it comes to combat teams
He knows nothing of their purpose
His head is full of socialist dreams

He's not qualified to lead
He's an embarrasement to me
He's the most dangerous threat
I've seen in my life time to being free

He's shallow and mean
He's selfish through and through
He's a puffed up tough boy
Pretending to have a clue

9:38 am
transcribed this time
6:15 pm


The Threat of Islam

The Threat of Islam is everywhere

It's in our prisons
It's in our streets
They are here to deliver
To us a defeat

They are coming on violent
They are coming on fast
They do not want
Western Civilization to last

They are in our schools
Willing to move slow
To change the basic essence
Of what our children know

Through political correctness
Through misapplied toleration
They are determined to
Bring down our nation

Islam wants and demands
That Sharia law be put in place
Their lawyers make moves
To steal our grace

Why are they let in
Why are there more and more
Who is that is pimping out America
As if she was some whore

10:32 am
transcribed this time
6:13 pm


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hard to Believe

That throat slitters and suicide bombers
Would conspire to take away free speech
It's alright for them to say anything
But the truth should be kept out of reach

Explosives in their underwear
Explosives in their shoes
Explosive in their SUV's
They're out to kill me and you

Shooting up Fort Hood
13 of our best died there
No sharia law for me
You might say I don't cair

We need more Muslims
Like we need the clap
Who the Hell keeps letting them in
Enough Enough Enough

With the crap

1:49 pm
social networking sites found
that muslims were conspiring to
flag posts and people who did not
adhere to their values and their likes
according to sharia law and their culture
note* not to just disagree or debate but
work to have said posts and sites eliminated
transcribed this time
2:35 pm


Our Military

Our Military deserves better
Our Military has earned their honor

I hate his ROE's
I hate his pro gay stance
And how he holds Hamas close
When doing his out-reach around dance

He is truly evil
He is an imitation man
And disguises it all behind
His blather being rather bland

He is the smiling betrayer
He is the slithering snake
He is a true believer deciver
And will do whatever it takes

To teach America her lessons
By taking her down a peg or two
There is no low he will not go
There is no befoulment he will not do

No matter the bravery or sacrifce
His dinigration will not stop
He reeks of the smell of arrogance
When he's dismissive of them

Or uses them for props

1:12 pm
transcribed this time
2:24 pm


Guess what they want to screw with now

Now they want to screw with
our internet

They just can't stand it
They just can't stand people being free
They just can't put up with people
Living their lives with liberty

They must control the conversations
They must control the exchange
They just want to know where you live
Where you work and your full name

They will of course want to use the ruse
That is is all being done in the name of fair
Fair of course as determined by them
Because they so deeply care

You can tell by how well they spend our money
You can tell by how they make our borders secure
You can trust them you can relax and rest easy
Because their motivations so far have been so pure

These people know no boundaries
When it comes to their desires and greed
They produce grow and build nothing
It is our effort off which they ravenously feed

They'll swear

They don't want to control your thoughts
Just who you can tell them to
Freedom of association is ok
But first just clear it through them

As to what you want to say and do

11:44 am
transcribed this time
11:47 am


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Janet Napolitano is a pig

Yes yes yes
Janet Napolitano is a pig

She is a degenerate who denigrates
She doesn't have a clue
That who she calls potential enemies
Is really just me and you

We're suspicious
Because we're white
Because our political leanings
Are to the right

We served in the military
And proudly I must say
She thinks all the illegals
Should be allowed to stay

And anyone opposing her view
Makes us all racists of course
She does not see our independence
As a national resource

Anyone personally responsible
Is definitely a threat
And about the TSA body searches
She doesn't have one regret

And all the while the border
Is left wide open as Hell
She's probably afraid
We're going to ring the Liberty Bell

If you believe in right to life
And the sacredness of the unborn
Then you're an extremist worthy
Of extra scrutiny and definitely scorn

She puts all of us at risk
She's crazy mean and a liar
She'll do whatever it takes
To throw our basic American values

On a funeral pyre

11:19 am
Crazy Janet wants the people
of walmart to report "suspicious"
activity to DHS...Department
of Homeland Security.

Oink Oink...what border problem
Oink Oink...what radical jihadist problem
Oink Oink...Isn't Obama great
Oink Oink...Isn't Eric Richard Holder divine


Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't....don't you dare

Don't offend the muslims

Don't be calling them muzzies
Don't be calling them names
Don't be calling them terrorists
Don't be saying they're insane

Don't put up Christmas banners
Allow more of them into your nation
Mohammad is the true savior
The source of all creation

You are the infidel
You are the scourge of the earth
You are satans pawns
And of little or no worth

Every day in every way
Give in a little more
Watch every word you say
Because they are keeping score

And you are the oppressor
You are what is wrong
Close your eyes and apologize
And quit singing those stupid

Christmas songs

9:00 am
transcribed this time
10:56 am
The Red Cross in Britian
actually complied....caved
into taking down Christmas
Banners cuz if might offend
the pwecious...muzslimes..
ahhhhh poor wusses...
That would make a helleva cartoon.
Cartoon???!! oh no...


Friday, December 03, 2010

I am against Obama

Because the sun rises in the morning
Because the sky sometimes pours down rain
Because of his stupid ROE's
And the resulting deaths and pain

I am against Obama

Because during the Summer it gets hot
Because during Winter it gets cold
Because he is absolute poison for my country
And is wreaking havoc on my Soul

I am against Obama

Because I eat eggs for breakfast
Because I eat chicken and rice for dinner
Because he is a loser to the core
And I believe what we need is a winner

Because I don't like what he does
Because I don't like what he has to say
Because from everything I've seen and read
He hates and is out to destroy

My beloved USA

11:26 am
transcribed this time
11:30 am


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The New Centrist Movement...yeah sure

The new
Same-O Lame-O
Centrist Political Movement


They can pretend

All they want
But it's nothing but a ploy
Because all they really care about
Is making you their toy

With their PC thought
And stupid mind control
If you don't think like them
Then you have no soul

Where is the centrist
In killing the unborn
In the elitist mentality
That says who shall be scorned

Where are the cows of now
When it comes to conservative women
Off with Ted Kennedy's body
At Chapaquidick swimmin

Where is the centrist
When it comes to civil rights
And Eric Rhichard Holder saying
There's none if you're white

Where is the centrist
On the stinking illegal alien invasion
Trying to slick trick you down and
Using sob stories as persuasion

Centrist means soft pedal
Centrist means compromise
But only for you
You must if you're a good person

Swallow all their lies

10:42 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It can't happen here

We would never be invaded by illegal aliens
Without one meaningful shot
We would never return them over and over again
So they can be released and re-caught

We would never bow to the Saudis
We would never take from Chavez a book
We would never ignore North Korea
And give their sinking of ships no second look

It can't happen here
There will never be thousands of gangs
With millions of members roaming the street
Out there wilding looking for a chance to bang

We'll never be turned to Socialism
By a scum bag with a serpents tongue
Our schools will never be used and abused
To brain wash our young

There will never be so dark of night
There will never be such an evil storm
That demons will run amok
And with impunity kill the unborn

They would never put on trial
Three SEALs some of America's best
What Jag Off would take such an order
Would subject honorable men to such

An abjectly detestable test


It could never happen here
It could never happen here
The sun will always shine
The way will always be clear

But fear can be a good thing
It whispers in our ear
It tells us to ready ourselves
It tells us something is very near

For it is not that we are afraid when even
Truth must face those who would doubt it
And even if the earth itself does tremble
We must ask ourselves

What ragged and weary worn heart
Will still rise to to do something about it

9:00 am
transcribed this time
6:37 pm


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Michael Yon

Is livin the life
Walking the edge of it all
He's seen horror
And by miracles been enthralled

Thanks for the stories
Thanks for the ink
Thanks for the thoughts
That help us think

About the world
And real situations
You speak openly and clearly
To the heart of the nation

And we appreciate it
You bring honor to the men
When you deliver the truth
Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms
To the end

9:21 am
transcribed this time
3:05 pm


Sunday, November 07, 2010

As a young womans young man goes off to Afghanistan

Serve well

Keep your head down when necessary
And always watch their hands
Security is the watch word
And becareful of even what you think

You understand

Guard your brothers back
Persevere and follow through
And know that when you go
You take our heart and soul

With you

9:53 pm
transcribed this time
10:05 pm

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Thanks a million

For standing for values
For backing our Constitution
For knowing that it is people
And not just faceless institutions

1:35 pm
of course I'm talkin about


Friday, October 29, 2010


Ugly is
As Ugly Does..

She sounds like another progressive communist
From the school of drool
She sounds like she's right damn proud
Of actin the fool

She's the kind
That wants the borders open wide
She's the kind when you mention
America....she's ain't got no pride

She sounds like she grew up
Being fed a bunch of namby pamby crap
She sounds like she actually thinks
That music has something to do with rap

In other words she's just another
Empty headed Oprah View wanna be clown
Who thinks Code Pink's sh*t doesn't stink
And obviously has swallowed it right down

12:24 am
on some woman taking it upon herself
to say "Oh, I think it's the military that got our country in this mess and they all need to go to Iraq and never come back." when she noticed the Fort Sill Army decal
on the truck of a wife of a serving Army Soldier.
affirming once again
there is no low an ugly mind set won't go


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Once again

Ann Coulter brings it home
Helps with her words
So that we feel less alone

She does it with humor
With the biting satirical kind
She's good for the Soul
She's good for the Mind

Rock on Ann
We love your wit
And as to your detractors
Hey...we don' one bit

Dance to the music
Dance with a smile and a whirl
When we read Ann's column
We're dancing with an intelligent girl

7:07 pm
transcribed this time
7:10 pm
written after reading
"You don't have to be crazy
to be a democrat, but it helps"


Sunday, October 24, 2010

My first description...that I used to intro this site

Equal opportunity does not mean equal result. Illegal Immigrant....what part of illegal don't you understand. Get out. The ACLU helps Nambla and hates the Boy Scouts. How stupid is that?! Gays want to endoctrinate our children in our own schools. Yeah well you can take your ballad of the pink berets and just get the Hell out of the way. Is that plain spoken enough for you? If so: Enjoy yourself. If not: Maybe you should go back to feeding on the punk junk of the Ward Churchill type.


Presented this time by

8:30 pm
unsure at this time when it was written


Saturday, October 23, 2010



Like jumping out of a building
Or burning alive inside
Where the flames lick at your flesh
And there is no place to hide


Like stoning a woman to death
Seen in the presence of another man
Is this the Relegion of Peace
You're trying to get us to understand


Do you mean like dragging a knife
Across a living person's throat
And pray tell for what idiot
Are you going to cast your vote

The one who bows to everybody
And spends our money like a mad man
They one who wants to open our border
And doesn't mind a nuclear weapon

In the hands of Iran

Torture is listening to some
Seditionist traiterous fool
Spout off his commie socialist crap
All the while thinking he's cool

9:14 pm
There I was minding my business when this
leftist half baked barely awake flake
goes spouting off about torture on some social
networking site
Yuck ick many skum bags
It was enough to have me looking for a
good 2 ft piece of 3/4 inch rebar
but all I could find at the time was this
key board
transcribed this time
9:19 pm


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sharron the Angle

Sharron the Angle
Not only did she win

She did it with style
Man up Harry Reid
How can we not smile

10:12 am
transcribed this time
11:55 am

Gosh would they really

Of course they smear

They don't do reasoning
They don't do figures and facts
Even with a face to face
They'll still stab you in the back

They'll say you brow beat
They'll say you intimidate
They'll say you threaten
And that proves you hate

But they don't give examples
They just go oh please
Like they're looking for anything
Other than you to get on your knees

They fear the public discussion
Where they don't have control
They'll swear they want it civil
As they tear and smear your soul

All they're after is power
And you can have your small say
Just so long as you always recognize
That they are the heros

Here to save the day

9:57 am
transcribed this time
11:48 am


Thursday, September 30, 2010

They'll hurt you they'll desert you

Do not be fooled

This ugly socialist movement
This spreading communist lie
Is now the very heart of the
Democratic Party that tries

To sound conservative
Come around election time
They know they have to
Hide their agenda

They are all out of their minds

With a greed for power
With a thirst for a soldiers blood
Their blatant indifference for those
Who down the road to battle do trudge

Is at their lack of heart and soul
Democrats are evil personified
They're petty small and hateful
Their brains are mush or fried

I've never met one yet
That can maintain integrity
When talking service or vets
The sacrifices made to be free

They'll ambush you
Or leverage you out
They'll stab you in the back
Of that you may have no doubt

They will hurt you
They will desert you
Do not be their fool
They have no living ambition

Only the single minded hunger
Of a bloodless ghoul


2:02 am
*transcribed this time with
added re-writes
12:00 pm


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As in



It's really..........Anglo-phobe..isn't it

Phobe as in phobia....fear of

as well they should be

2:37 am

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If you don't know it in your heart

The chances are you never will
Freedom comes at a cost
There is no such thing as a victory
That in some way does not include loss

What was payed before
What was given to you
For our freedom and our future
What is it you would do

We must answer to ourselves
We must look within our souls
The world is not merely something
That happens to us as it unfolds

We make our own choices
We decide our own path of action
Not every thing is a negotiation
Not every thing is a bargained transaction

Right is Right
And wrong is wrong
If we only sang what everybody liked
There would be no such thing as song

In this era of compromise and lies
In this era of if ands and buts
I still believe in courage
I still believe in fortitude and guts

10:12 am

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet Home Arizona

Stay strong Jan

We love you and need you
In these United States
For far too long
Politicians have told us to wait

On our safety and security
On our future and way of life
Too long have we been told
That illegals don't carry a

Gun or a knife

And they don't rob anybody
Or do a home invasion
Or corrupt local sell outs
With their cheap labor persuasion

Never mind the kidnapings
Never mind the drugs
Never mind the theft
The gangs and the thugs

Just give it all away
To the La Raza punks
Spewin out their con and hustle
Their propagandistic junk

We love you and need you
Thank you for steppin past the jerks
Let's roll up our sleeves in deed
And get to doin our patriotic work

8:54 am
transcribed this time
10:47 pm


Sunday, September 12, 2010

I remember

I remember the fire burning
I remember the smoke
I remember all those who thought
Terrorism is a joke

I remember the blue sky
And the second plane flying in
I thought some of us know
If you're in a fight you better win

I remember the shock
Of those who called me on the phone
I remember siting and watching
All day at home

I knew it was coming
Just like I do now
You can't go around appeasing
And worshiping some sacred cow

Of political correctness
And not expect to be attacked
I know most of us remember
But some have turned their back

The same ones as before
The same liars cheaters and whores
Yeah I remember I remember
The same ones as before

I remember seeing a blonde woman
Jump choosing that over fire as a way to die
I remember the small child looking up
And saying Look Mommy Look Mommy

A Butterfly

9:23 am
transcribed this time
9:30 am


Friday, September 10, 2010

Everybody loves you

Everybody loves you
Till you get up off your knees

I am a lover of fine art
But it is not made by slaves
I am a lover of freedom
That is here because of the brave

Believe me this is as warm as I get
But I can get much colder
Either way the first thing I wanted to feel
When 911 went down

Was a stock recoiling against my shoulder

transcribed this time
8:08 pm


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Recessions pain

The recessions pain
Falls mainly on the plain

With simple basic values
She seems to have a clash
She's ghetto brash workin the cash
She's like a living breathing

Walking car crash

She's partian at the white house
Attending every bash
She's light on the class
And heavy on the flash

She's do as I say
Not as I do
It's all about her
Not about you

You just pay the bills
You just fight the wars
You just do as you're told
And don't ask what for

All you conservative folk
She don't like your kind
To her

Reverend Wright is right
It's pay back time

9:24 am
transcribed this time
10:16 am


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beat Whitey Night

Once upon a time

Beat whitey night

Started off in it's usual way
With a couple of home boys
Gettin a chance to have their say

At a bunch of useless cracker mofo's
But soon enough that was not enough
And of course after centuries of oppression
They escalated into physical forms of tough

And started whoopin some azz
Man it felt good one of the participants said
I hear pretty soon it won't be no big deal
If'n we beat'm till they's dead

And all the homegirls laughed
And threw a few fists of their own
Hell the police took a few licks
But at least they kept a respectful tone

And the judges and politicians
Knew just what to do
They didn't want race relations
To deteriate into any hateful view

So they gave them a wrist slap
And a better not do it again
And Jackson and Sharpton stayed away
And promised to still be their friends

And the economy went to crap
And good people lived under the threat
If you don't like us beat'n yo azzz
You ain't seen nuthin yet

And everybody knew it was a crime
To fight back in any way
Except to vote and then after that
You had absolutely no say

Even if they lied to you
Even if you came under attack
Even if a loved one lay there bleeding
And your represenative stabbed you in the back

Your job was to go out there and produce
Your job was to just lower your head
Your job was to thank them humbly for water
And thrill you were allowed a crumb of crusted bread

9:46 pm
transcribed this time
7:14 pm
check it out...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One day provocation

One day provocation

Is going to get you killed
It will not be your leverage anymore
You will not be able to poor me hustle
And be the queen whore at the door

One day

The world is going to come down
In flames all around your head
And then you will see the price
We deem must be payed for our dead

Keep revealing your ugly selves
Your philosophy of arrogance and death
Keep pushing your cult of hate
We'll see who draws the last breath

This is not an argument
This is a struggle for power
This is us witnessing
A triumphal shout at our twin towers

There are crazies on the loose
There is evil at hand in our land
And they want all that is good
They have a very simple plan

Kill all the infidels
Bring out all their sons and daughters
They want to draw their knives
And subject us all to slaughter

Anyone who co-operates with them
Is selling out all our souls
They are 7th century abominations
Their words are only meant to take hold

Long enough to drag us down
To fog our minds to the real
Come the time of the sword
We must be one with our steel

10:58 am
transcribed this time
11:02 am
Mosque supporters clash and mock
our dead as they demean America
and meet others with another view


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama supports building a mosque at 9-11 site

Obama is a traitor

This is it
This is the final straw
My guts are churning
From what I just saw

I just witnessed evil
Make a proclamation
That it was going to destroy
This freedom loving nation

There is no waiting
This piece of filth has to go
His arrogance is only outweighed
By what he doesn't know

But he's beyond incompetant
Although definitely he is that
He never lets his words and actions
Be altered by little things like facts

He also does it deliberately
He's going for the heart and soul
He's paving the way for throat cutters
To step up and be more bold

He is in his nature
A leftist to the extreme
He sees a nightmare
Where the rest of us see a dream

He hates the USA
He's going to pay us all back
For the sins of his father
And for being born half black

But he's more than a mixed bag
Of coincidental conglomererations
He's the Head Narcissist In Chief
Of a lot of out right communist operations

This is what tyranny looks like
As it seeks to lock in its hold
The presenting face is all sincere
While underneath is nothing but

Contempt and cold


Here it is right before us
On this bright and new shining day
Some problems can't be stopped
But the problem maker

Can be made to go away

9:58 am
11:34 am


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About the Boy Scouts

About the Boy Scouts
Booing the PResident

If anybody asks are you disrespecting the "office" of presidency..
Just answer,.................No.

I don't like the man personally
I think he's insane
I think he's a socialist and communist
With a locked in brain

Who can't hear America
Who doesn't understand the Boy Scouts
Who doesn't get the Marines
Or what any basic male is about

Screw his open border policy
And the mosque in New York city
That he hasn't said a word about
He deserves no mercy or pity

He thinks the private sector
Is here to serve government rule
All he's got is a community organizer's
Accent on Rap Crap Ghetto drool

Iran is in acendence
North Korea is hot and in motion
Meanwhile Obama is on the view
Serving up worship me emotions

He needs to resign
He needs to get out now
Nobody needs what he's pimpim
Not ever No way No how

10:13 am
transcribed this time
10:21 am


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jan Brewer

We love you more everyday
We love what you have to say
Thanks you for believing in America
And her freedom loving ways

Thanks you for standing up
Against the forces of corruption
Ignorance and arrogance
Goes a long way to create disruption

We're with you on this march
Don't look away don't look down
We're all out here fighting our hearts out
In the cities the country and small towns

Protect our police officers
Who everyday put it on the line
Protect our ranchers
And Sheriff Joe speaking his mind

Thanks you Jan Brewer
Say it simple say it clear
The truth is easier to remember
We're all right here

11:06 am
transcribed this time
11;10 am


Friday, July 30, 2010

Go Sheriff Joe

Go Sheriff Joe

Who's the man on the front line
Sheriff Joe that's who
Who's out there everyday
Protecting me and you

Go Sheriff Joe
We've got your back
Pink jump suits and all
We love your no slack

Who takes on the crazies
The La Raza insane
Who's steppin up
In the face to face game

Sheriff Joe that's who
Sheriff Joe is our man
As well as all his deputies
And his crime sweepin plans

Thank you for caring
Thank you for giving a damn
This is our country
This is our homeland

8:52 am
transcribed this time
8:55 am


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janet Napolitano


Janet Napalitano is a bitch
She want's to co-opt the opinions of citizens
She wants portray them all as supporters
Of Amnesty

Amnesty to the end

Of this once great country
Bleed on for the illegals cause
She doesn't and won't argue honestly
She's got her decency button on pause

What about the home invasions
What about the crime
What about the kidnappings
Who's manipulating the time line

Till it's the suffering of Arizona folk
That is on the extortion block
To Janet the story of the murdered rancher
Is nothing but a bunch of boring empty talk

She manuevers and angles in
She dodges she sneaks bobs and weaves
It is by any means necessary
Any means necessary

She believes

8:27 am
Poetic Addendum


She believes
The cost of the loss no matter what
Is worth it to achieve

And thus it is
So be it if you have to be decieved


She's a cowardly fanatic
That's why what ever it is she'll say it
Irregardless the cost of the loss

You're the one who'll have to pay it

8:31 am
transcribed this time
8:24 am


Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama is a socialist pig

Obama is a communist
And a radical through and through
He's coming after me
He's coming after you

He backs The New Black Panthers
And supports their values and ways
He's coming to crush free men
And bring about the end days

He's here to re-distribute wealth
Like in the beginning it wasn't earned
At least according to this community organizer
At least according to this turn of the worm

He openly works against the people
He has no respect for inaienable rights
He and his sympathetic collaboraters
Are working to bring their darkness

To our light

6:14 pm
transcribed this time
6:18 pm


Tuesday, July 06, 2010


O-vomit sounds the trumpets of war

O-vomit is clearly over the edge
His allegiances do not align with us
He offers us lies deciet and defeat
For our sacred honor and trust

He shows deference to our enemies
He dismisses our aliances and friends
He's here to shut down America's excellence
Here to put it to an end

There is no low he won't go
The military The economy The illegal invasion
He's selling us out without a doubt
On each and every occassion

It's time to wake up children of the light
It's time to take stock of the situation
He cares not for your individual liberties
He marches madly on to our ruination

This slick talkin trick will stop at nothing
There will be absolutely no violation of rights
Taken on by the attorney general
Against blacks if filed on by whites

He's tellin us right to our face
What he thinks of me and you
He thinks we all ought to be grateful
If he lets us have

What he scrapes off the bottom of his shoes

9:16 am
transcribed this time
9:28 am


Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday fellow citizens
Happy Birthday families
We've got greetings to send

We've got memories to remember
We've got memories to make
We've got picnics to attend
And maybe even cakes to bake

It's a good day for a drive
It's a good day to be at the lake
Maybe even a good day to do
Something for somebody else's sake

Hail to all our freedoms
Hail to working hard
Hail to all the children laughing
In our own back yards

And all of that is well and good
All of that is wonderful to see
But there has been a price payed
For all of us to live free


Let us celebrate our country
Let us dance together young and old
Let us embrace our grace
Face to face heart to heart

Soul to soul

9:26 am
transcribed this time
8:14 am


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drug Cartel takes over American Park

What Obamas thinks of
Border Security

Obama is an enemy of the people
Obama is an enemy of our homes
The only ideas he considers are
His and his alone

He has no consideration of threat
As relates to our life and limb
The only approach he's got is
How does this affect him

He wants our economy weak
He wants our border open wide
How dare America be exceptional
How dare America have any pride

He's a true believer
He's a fanatic to the Nth degree
His so called social justice
Has nothing to do with our being free

Drug dealers create an outpost
On our public land
And what does this jerk do
Does he step up to take a stand

Who does he choose to back
When this theft of ground goes down
He closes the park He posts a sign
And tells US citizens to go around

9:54 am
transcribed this time
11:17 am


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can you see November from here..

Let's take our country back

I don't want higher taxes
I don't want our military sold out
I don't want our borders wide open
With millions more illegals wandering about

I don't want the Gulf Coast used
To break our economic back
By hiim and all his cronies lying
Cheating stealing and distorting the facts

I've had enough of him apologizing
For this hard worn nation
This community organizing worm
That is constantly on vacation

He's a communist and a socialist
An elitist to his core
He can pimp punk pose all he wants
But I will not let him make

America his whore

10:08 am
transcribed this time
11:51 am


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

California near collapse

California near collapse

Bring in more Mexicans
That'll solve it
Have another flaming
Gay parade

Cut vital services
Like fire and police
Just make sure all the unions
Get payed

Increase the teachers salaries
Go easier on the gangs
Stop more water from going
To producing crops

Let the prisoners go early
Put less of them in jail
Punishment doesn't work
That'll never make criminals stop

Free Health Care for everybody
Sex changes included of course
Government solves everything
Raise taxes even more

Ask Obama to bail them out
Other states have money
It's a crisis It's a crisis
Quick give money to pigs and whores

9:08 am
transcribed this time
10:15 am


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Art and the Heart

I've got some images in mind

When it comes to my response to
The 911 terror attacks on my home land
It involves guns planes and tanks
At least in my all uniting plan

It involves blowing brains out
All over a wall
All over the floor
And watching their bodies fall

I am a lover of fine art
But it is not made by slaves
I am a lover of the freedom
That is here because of the brave

Believe me this is as warm as I get
But I can get much much colder
Either way the first thing I wanted to feel
When 911 went down

Was a stock recoiling against my shoulder

5:49 pm
transcribed this time
6:00 pm


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fuck Obama

Fuck Obama

He's a whore who hates the USA
He hates oil and energy
And wants to take them away

He hates the military
And loves to watch them die
He's useless and a pig fucker
Letin time just pass by

What North Korean incident
What does he care
He loves the perks and is
Gonna make sure he gets his share

Golf and dinners
Concerts and basket ball
He's a sickening dumb ass
Who thinks we should all be enthralled

What Iran crisis
He doesn't give a shit
He doesn't care if the US
Takes a nuclear hit

He's a bitch and an imitation
Weak kneed man
He's a socialist and communist
Those are his plans

He's a liar and a user
He's a sneak and a thief
He's the one and only
Head Narcissist in Chief

10:18 am
transcribed this time
10:20 am


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Returning English Soldiers face Muslim Hate


Slime returning soldiers
Muslims attack their reputation
Muslims show no respect to those
Who go forth to protect the nation

Muslims mock and demean
Muslims cross the line
While acting like they are beyond
Any justice any where at any time

Muslims killed in the street
Beaten and stomped to the ground
As the blood in their throats
Made the most wonderful sound

The police turned in their reports
Apparently nothing was seen
Nobody saw anything
No clues were to be found

The whole scene was clean

Accept of course the dead muslims
With their protests signs of hate
Some speculated they killed themselves
In some odd twist of fate

Another parade is schuedled soon
Muslims were told to their face
They should drag their dead away
Because as everybody knows..

Littering can quickly trash a beautiful place

9:34 am

Muslim protesters brand war heroes 'murderers' as homecoming parade turns violent
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:26 PM on 15th June 2010

A group of extremist Muslims prompted violent clashes at a homecoming parade for British troops today after they heckled soldiers and called them 'murderers.'

Members of the Muslim Against the Crusade group clashed with far right protesters as they shouted 'murderers, murderers, murderers' and 'British troops go to hell' as members of the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded down the streets of Barking, Essex.



transcribed this time
3:34 pm


Sunday, June 13, 2010

As to collective guilt

Yes it's so sad

It so sad we've done this to ourselves
Look at all we've done wrong
This collective guilt is wonderful
It'll help make us all strong

It's so bad that we abandoned Israel
It's so bad we now don't care
Why did we sell ourselves out
Is this the price we pay for being fair

What is our problem now-a-days
Why did we choose socialism over being free
We only have ourselves to blame
Why are we choosing this way to be

Screw all that
I don't want any of this crap
I didn't do any of it
It all falls directly onto the brats

The extremists on the left
The moderate go alongs
The ignorant and naive
Singing their get along songs

THEY did it
We didn't whore ourselves out
It goes directly to the media
And the way the news is spread about

I am not a liar
I am not a cheat and a thief
I did not and will not promote
Self destruction and grief

10:07 am
transcribed this time
10:12 pm


Saturday, June 12, 2010

He'd do well...Yeah...

Obama would do well

To running screaming from office
With his tail between his legs
He's like a dog to his master
All he can do is sit up and beg

He's got no natural talent except
To read teleprompter words outloud
He's got no practical experience
And of that he seems so proud

The Sea Coast lies in ruins
It grows worse every day
While something actually needs done
He's still thinkin about what to say

He's incompetance personified
He's no president of mine
He's the Head Narcissist In Chief
And he's workin overtime

To screw up our economy
To screw up our heath care
To screw up our military
He's screwing up everywhere

Obama would do well
To get while the gettins good
He's doing crap on purpose
And more and more

That's being understood

He doesn't have a different opinion
He hates the USA
He wants to ride her down hard
Partian all the way

8:21 pm
transcribed this time
8:25 pm


Some perspective on Joran

He's in trouble now

Now that he hasn't merely killed
Some stupid scum bag white girl
Who isn't sick of those spoiled brats
They've nearly ruined the world

He should have gotten off
He should have been given an award
Her mother sure went crazy
Tell me she didn't go overboard

Twirling that rinky dink baton
Pasting that smile on her face
It's not like she had a future
It's not like she had any grace

The local Aruban police
Did what should have been done
Stone walled the nosy parents
And protected the Judge's son

They weren't running interference
For the likes of organized crime
Besides Natalie was from the USA
Good Lord what a waste of time

9:34 am
transcribed this time


Sunday, May 30, 2010

More and More

The threat approaches
The enemy comes in
While idiots scream divirsity
And act like they're long lost friends

It's getting more dangerous
Each and every day
We must act to protect ourselves
They're here to make us pay

We must defend ourselves
It's now clear without a doubt
That those charged with such duty
Have deliberately sold us out

A Somali smuggles in Muslim terrorists
Creeping Sharia views its prey
Now they want to build a Mosque
Ever nearer draws the day


Hard choices must be made
Will it be the truth or a lie
And don't think it doesn't break down
To who will live

And who must die

8:40 am
transcribed this time
10:53 am


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's play

Let's play

All religions are the same
Everybody's a little insane
Everybody except me
Cause I'm smart enough to play

The moral equivolency game


Hamas-icide is necessary
To insure that hatred survives
It's necessary to suicide bomb
In order to stay alive

Pick a side
You gotta do bad to do good
Kill the army soldiers because
They were all from the wrong Ft hood

Wear underwear bombs on Christmas
Because Christ was a jerk anyways
Mohammed was the cool one
Pedophillia was no big deal in those days

How dare South Park Joke
About the true and sacred one
They need an explosion just outside
To return to some 7th century fun

Anwar Al Awlaki is an Imam
That can make his followers
Swoon and faint

He really a guy to die for
He's no psuedo saint

9:50 am
it's too close to call
it's so hard to know
provided that you're brain washed
completely...head to toe
transcribed this time
10:30 am


Monday, May 24, 2010

On the Arizona law

A more blatantly corrupt
Bunch of thugs

Have never been gathered
In one place...
They aim to destroy America
Rob from her her grace

They connive cheat and steal
They lear snear and smirk
I've never ever seen
Such a collection of jerks

They lie about what they heard
They lie about what they saw
All they know is they don't like it

They haven't even read the law

8:19 am
transcribed this time
9:46 am


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HE is what he is

He has no respect
For a military man
Who puts his life at risk
Who does all he can

To defend this land
We call the USA
He doesn't care what they believe
He doesn't care what they say

He's real busy apologizing
Condemning Arizona's law
He considers America's borders
To be the worlds fatal flaw

The Black Panthers got a walk
On voter intimidation
But the SEALs got prosecuted
For loyalty to our beloved nation

It's not worth his time
To look up to the sky
Or to shake the hands
Of those who go

Where Blue Angels fly

9:50 am
transcribed this time
12:17 pm


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Apparently the agenduhhhhh is....

Piss off the hetero-sexuals

Piss off the vets
Piss off the bikers
Bring out the nets

The commander in Thief
Is running rampant over rights
Of anyone who is American
Of anyone willing to fight

For our sacred sovereignty
For our heeding freedom's call
For our heritage and history
Of standing and giving it all

This do nothing administration
Wants to make its claims
When it all comes down to sheer luck
Times Square didn't go up in flames

Demented and incompetent
Insistent on two faced double talk
But anyone questioning anything
Gets ridiculed demeaned and mocked

The miners were doing their job
Working to bring energy to our homes
They deserve our utmost respect
And if you can't muster that

How about just leaving them alone

2:05 pm
Obama Tells Patriot Guard Get Lost

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

There was a memorial service two days ago in Beckley, West Virginia for the 29 coal miners who died at the nearby Upper Big Branch mine April 5th.

Twenty-eight hundred people attended the service. Most of them were there to pay their respects and console the grieving. At least a couple of them were there to make symbolic, political appearances.

Many of the working class men who died were veterans and some of them rode motorcycles. A source has told this page that “Families of the miners killed in the explosion…had requested the Patriot Guard Riders attend.” The Patriot Guard Riders is an informal club of veteran motorcyclists which exists to make sure that all veterans are given respectful funerals. And, they were banned from this service by federal officials because those officials believe the Patriot Guard is a security threat.

Cleared With Governor

The appearance of the Patriot Guard at the service, at the request of at least several families, was cleared by West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin. Travis Mollohan, a senior aide to the Governor worked with the Patriot Riders to arrange a staging location.

The day before the service, Joe Cumblidge, the West Virginia State Captain of the Patriot Guards emailed the men who were scheduled to participate: “Due to circumstances totally and completely beyond the control of the Patriot Guard Riders and Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia, we are regrettably ordering a STAND DOWN for this mission. Specific details will not be posted here but, we’ve been told we are not welcome to participate because of certain high-level dignitaries that are scheduled to be in attendance.”


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's a clue

I've had enough nit wit pick from defeatist elitists
I've had enough of endless mindless circle talk
I've had enough of answering questions but when
It's the other sides turn to answer a few

It seems they take a walk

You can't bait me in anymore
I don't believe in the loyal opposition anymore
I don't like people too stupid to get it
It doesn't enchant me to dance with boring whores

Who are smug with their nose all bent out of shape
Self Righteous in their emotional screams
I'm not playin fall guy to their dellusional portrayl
Of themselves as the holy victims on the scene

I'm sick to death of whiney cry baby losers
I despise the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit squad
They only think they're lookin for justice
Till they find it happening to them right out in front

Of the open eyes of God

10:18 am
in response to the SPLC's publication of a "List"
of Americans it deems suspicious dangerous
and slanted because it doesn't agree with their extreme
leftist's view. Under the ObaNation administration they have been
exalted to their go to source. As a result the info and reports
spread around by SPLC end up in police reports and various bulletins
all over the US. The SPLC looks to have had a great deal to do
with the MIAC report.

transcribed this time
10:57 am


Friday, April 23, 2010

How Far

That's how far we've had to try
That's how hard we've had to work
Just to not get taken down
Wrongly convicted by these jerks

Have no false illusions
Make no mistake
Your freedom guns and property
Your very life they'll take

10:21 am
Border Guards finally let out of prison
LaCrosse team not hung out on the word of a whore

Haditha Marines found not guilty....

Army Col found not guilty of assault for firing over a
Jihadist's head to get info to keep his men safe

Seals found not guilty
transcribed this time
10:58 am


Battle Ground

Battleground Arizona
Like the truth and well being of America is any concern
of these Azatlan supporters.

Why have to face a corrupt Mexican Government
Why have to end the Drug Cartels
Why fight to make your own country free
When you can just do an illegal invasion

And make ours a living Hell

The only thing they respect
Is money guns and meth
And the only thing that'll stop them
Is sudden quick efficient violence

And death

9:54 am
transcribed this time
10:54 am


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama Zombies

Everything is equal
Everything is alright
There are no general characteristics
There is no social blight

How many blacks kill blacks
How many are on the dole
How many are in a gang
And make their neighborhoods

Rat holes

How many vote Dim
No matter what or who
Like Jesse and Al
Want them open to

Anything new

Who is Farrakhan
What is hope and change
What is an Obama Zombie
Except a perfect example of

The stupid and derranged

11:59 am
transcribed this time
12:21 pm


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Broken Arrow

I will call a Broken Arrow
If we get another McCain
I will not hold my nose and vote
For somebody lame and insane

I don't want a nice guy
I don't want to vote against
I want somebody to vote for
Not somebody straddiling a fence

I want a hard core conservative
I want them ready willing and able
I want somebody grounded and real
And ready to turn the table

On these idiot Marxist fools
On the sickening Socialist ploys
I don't like Rinos and moderates
And their mushy ways of being coy

I want taxes cut
I want the military strong
I want right to be called right
And a wrong to be called a wrong

No amnesty for illegals
I want them all thrown out
I'm sick race hustler hucksters
Blurring it all into doubt

No gay marriages for me
Nobody's gonna take my guns
I don't need compromise and lies
I don't like whored out scum


I will call a Broken Arrow
If we get another McCain
I will not hold my nose and vote
For somebody lame and insane

I don't want a nice guy
I don't want to vote against
I want somebody to vote fore
Not somebody straddiling a fence

9:40 am
transcribed this time
9:43 am


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesse Jesse Jesse

Jesse Ventura
Goes Venturing off
Into la la land .... again

I don't care if he's weird
I don't care if he wears pink
I just don't believe he has the facts
When he tells us all what he thinks

And then spews out conspiracy theories
When he fumbles out his distortions
He bends facts and logic to extremes
And goes though way to0 many contortions

You may be all impressed by his so called bravado
He's just puffin up big to cover his confusion
He's not grounded in sound reality
He's way too subject to fanciful delusions

I'll give him credit for what he's done
He been in the Seals and can lift weights
But I don't think he completely came back
When he wandered off after somebody

Accidently left open a gate

11:35 am
transcribed this time
12:03 pm


Friday, April 09, 2010

She's a nice lady

Sure she is Tom
Her and all her gay friends
Her and all her consituents
Who like it in the Rear End

Sure she is Tom
Her and her Hell Care
Her and her fellow travelers
Redistributing as a way to share

Sure she is Tom
Tell the Marine recruiters that
Why don't you pull your head out
Why don't you get yourself some facts

It's not merely a different opinion
When she wants to take my guns
When screaming fags invade a church
And she says it was all in fun

Check out her economic policies
California is broke
Millions of stinking illegals
And she thinks it's all a joke

Enviro whackos stopped the water
The food supply is cut
If left wing crazy causes were sex
She's their favorite slut

Go for it Tom
Spoon in that steaming pile
But how again is one charmed
By a frozen face a frozen smile

She's an outright liar
A manipulator workin a ploy
You can have her I don't want her
I don't want to be

Anybody's political Nancy Boy

9:59 am
written in response to
Senior Senator Tom Coburn
Praising Pelosi and warning us
about Fox's journalism...
Not Chrissie Matthews not
Olberdink...or any of the lame
transcribed this time
10:08 am


Monday, March 29, 2010

Not all Canadians are nuts but to the communists and socialists

I'm offended

That roses have thorns
That birds fly in the sky
And be they hatched or born
A lie is a lie is a lie

What is an opinion
What is a fact
You can stand the wind
But only when it's at your back

Stand up for the truth
Stand for freedom's call
It's not a popularity contest
Sometimes it's a free for all

Some can dish it out
But they sure can't take it
When challenged openly and honestly
They bluster up and fake it

It's not often convenient
To fight for your rights
But if we close our eyes
What good is our sight

9:51 am
transcribed this time
12:59 pm


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will Rogers

Would have been put on a watch list
By Janet Napolotano now-a-days
Good ol Will would have gotten in trouble
For his poking satire at filling quota's ways

This is the land of equal opportunity
Not of equal result he'd have said right outloud
Seems he spoke the same truth one on one
As he did out front of a boistrous crowd

Will Rogers was an American and
llegal aliens would not have faired very well
I think he would have done it good naturedly
But I still think he'd have given them Hell

The Black Panthers would have been the target
Of some cutting edge satirical humor I believe
I don't think he'd have gone along at all
With Eric Richard Holders blatant attempt to decieve

And what red blooded citizen has any doubt
As to his take on Government madly spending money
Only people who worked hard long and honestly
Would have thought his responses very funny

Gays getting married gays in the military
I believe his opinion would have indeed been clear
Privately each to their own but public policy wise
Going that far might have been.... a bit queer

And as to actually giving terrorists civil rights
I think it would have been short piers and long hikes
And our beloved Will
Would have finally found a man

He didn't like

1:01 pm

Monday, March 01, 2010

They don't care

They don't care

If terrorists get civil rights
Or Muslim soldiers poison food
The security of the United States
Is entirely dependent upon their mood

They don't care

If Hasaan showed a million signs
That he was disturbed and deranged
Divirsity is far more important
Than any spilled blood guts or brains

They don't care

If it endangers everybody
To give KSM a public trial
They think their caring is daring
And that gives them a self righteous smile

They don't care

If the ROE's
Get's good Marines killed
It makes them feel warm inside
And gives them a thrill

They don't care

About chopped off heads
And all the screaming hate
They think it's all our fault
Because we haven't closed Gitmo's gates

They don't care

They don't care
They don't care
Your kind get to make the sacrifices
They get to decide what's fair

12:42 pm
transcribed this time
12:48 pm


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's going on in Marjah

What's going on in Marjah
Who makes those insane ROE's
I say it is....

Those busy with their own sense of self
Those busy bathing in their own power
Those worshiping at false idols
While whiling away and wasting the hours

As better men than they go forth
To face the enemy hard and head on
As death stalks the villages and hills
And snipers get up before dawn

Who says the enemy needs more chances
Who makes these restrictive rules
I say it is

Those that can be best described as
Blatant selfish diots and opportunistic fools

9:37 am
Roe's: Rules of engagement