Sunday, June 13, 2010

As to collective guilt

Yes it's so sad

It so sad we've done this to ourselves
Look at all we've done wrong
This collective guilt is wonderful
It'll help make us all strong

It's so bad that we abandoned Israel
It's so bad we now don't care
Why did we sell ourselves out
Is this the price we pay for being fair

What is our problem now-a-days
Why did we choose socialism over being free
We only have ourselves to blame
Why are we choosing this way to be

Screw all that
I don't want any of this crap
I didn't do any of it
It all falls directly onto the brats

The extremists on the left
The moderate go alongs
The ignorant and naive
Singing their get along songs

THEY did it
We didn't whore ourselves out
It goes directly to the media
And the way the news is spread about

I am not a liar
I am not a cheat and a thief
I did not and will not promote
Self destruction and grief

10:07 am
transcribed this time
10:12 pm


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