Saturday, August 12, 2006

I love them all

I will run and train and sweat
I will wear their colors till I die
I will do it to be the man I am
I will not be blinded by the lies

I will spar with the young ones
Who leave their bruises and scars
I will pray to the darkest of nights
And still somehow see the stars

I will remember their laughter
I will remember their smiles
I will remember how they walked
Those long and wearing miles

And I will never disgrace them
I will carry them in my heart
I will live my life to the fullest
For it is they who gave me my start

It is they who gave me my chance
They would not want me to not live
They would want me to celebrate this life
To find a way to engage and love and give

I will work with those still wounded by the
Memories or the all too real feel of steal
I will give it the whole of my soul
I will never compromise or make a deal

10:19 pm
transcribed this time
11:29 am


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Trouble Makers

Trouble makers

Some trouble makers are as beautiful
As the sharpened knives of cold steel
Some trouble makers are as beautiful
As they are hard intelligent and real

Trouble makers take hand to hand
And occasionally some lessons in self defense
Trouble makers aren't afraid to make up
Their minds and don't endlessly straddle the fence

I love trouble makers whether they are
The one's carrying guns and or knives
Or are in some kind of medical function
Where they're out there saving lives

I love the young men training to be pilots
Or to pound down the ground and carry packs
I love the old veterans who would shoot you
With a forty five if you were stupid enough to attack

Trouble makers don't like illegal aliens
Trouble makers run boards for others to write
Trouble makers aren't afraid to contribute
To care to share to dare to step up to a fight

Trouble makers smile and read books
Laugh out loud while listening to a radio station
Trouble makers will break down into tears
And know in the next moment they will

Fight to the death for this freedom loving nation

11:02 pm
transcribed this time
11:06 pm


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kill Hezbollah

Kill Hezbollah

Strike them down in the dirt
Strike them down from above
Strike them down in the name of justice
National self defense family and love

Fly down on them with jets
Let the Apaches rain down steel
Let Hassan Nasrallah’s desire for martyrdom
Become all too suddenly violently real

Send in the special ops
Send in the enemy’s GPS locations
Let the terrorists know
They have no hide-a-way nation

Artillery shell them from afar
Shoot them from just a few feet
Let them pay the price for their misdeeds
Deliver unto them a complete defeat

Roll in on them with tanks
Fire those 120 millimeter rounds
Leave them no safe haven
Rubble down the whole damn town

Use those bunker buster bombs
On their underground meeting places
And everybody around those crazies
Had better find a whole new set of graces

Besides chanting death to Israel
Besides chanting death to the USA
They best quit burning flags
And find themselves a saner way

Kill the Hezbollah leaders
Kill their lunatic base
Kill them from a distance
Kill them face to face

5:31 pm
transcribed this time
5:52 pm