Thursday, December 30, 2004

I am not your friend

I'm not your friend

You don't have any friends
Only people who think like you do
And if you waver in the slightist
You know exactly what they'll do

Oh they talk about freedom
But you wouldn't stand a chance
If you don't follow the party line
And dance every step to their dance

Of Infirmative action
Of America's always wrong
And the only way the world will love us
Is for us not to be so strong

And you don't know what fake is
Or you wouldn't open your mouth like that
And spill out all your trauma drama
Without any relevant back up facts

You're just a hit and run
You're just a short quick flame
Who trys to rough puff up all big
But you are basically ... tame

You're a nice guy right
Because you don't have any other choice
It would take a certain kind of strength
For you to find your real voice

And you may or may not
More than likely probably not
Because there's just a whole lot of
Encouragement now-a-days

To remain a smart a$$ed snot

7:04 pm
transcribed this time
2:27 pm

Sunday, December 26, 2004

No matter what

No Matter What

If you're white
You're a racist pig
No matter what it is you do
You unjustly got your gig

You don't deserve anything better
Than to serve some victim's cause
You must not ever stop
You must not ever pause

Reparations are your birthright
And probably your children's too
How can you pay them back
You can't no matter what you do

But you must
Even if you wear out your knees
You must look inside yourself
For better ways to please

Undermine the male
Prove that you understand
That the only thing worse than being white
Is to be a white man

And then laugh and snicker
Mock any other way to be
You must not let yourself be swayed
From these Holy Sacred Generalities

April 2002
7:19 pm

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Soft spoken and reasonable

Soft spoken and reasonable

While explaining why America
Is hated by the world
Insulted by the swine as you
Cast before them your pearls

Of the latest fashion regarding compassion
Wisdom and insight as to what is right
And that is to put more restrictions on the
Us Soldier in this low down ugly fight

But now

Why again do you think equivocating
About America Bin Laden and Hussein
Is supposed to make you look anything
But double standardly insane


Islam’s muslims need to figure out
There is no neutral anymore
You’re either with us or against us
It is time to choose a door

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head


And that goes for sympathizers
Whether they’re self aware or not
Whether naïve or intentional
Or just suffering from soft brain rot

Every fighting man in our army
Is important to each and everyone of us
There is no more sacred bond
There is no more valued trust

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head

8:20 am
transcribed this time
6:36 pm

Sunday, December 19, 2004



Don't panic
It's only a hispanic

Crossing the border illegally
Because of corruption at home
Coyotes riding their back
The sun baking bleaching out their bones

What's Vincente doing
Nuthin but talkin on my local TV
But only in Spanish so I guess
That doesn't include me

What I want to know is
What latino stands up for this nation
Or are they too locked in culturally
When it comes to the illegal situation

Are you an American first and if not
You don't mind if I call you out
You don't mind if I laugh in your face
As to what you think it's all about

Keep it up so we're more like Mexico
A land of plywood shacks that stink and rot
Or exclusive protected housing areas
And wonderful cheap labored vacation spots

What a fool's paradise if you
Close your eyes and only look one way
Last time that happened in America
Some people rose up and chose themselves

A better day

But then again there's always
Some price you have to pay
If you don't want to be killed in your church
As you meekly huddle together and pray

People at some time have to learn
To stand and draw a hard line
People have to take their own freedom
Because it is way past over due

To stop
The hiding inside of mine

3:50 pm
transcribed this time
6:36 pm

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sensitivity train this

Sensitivity train this


Here they come

With their rainbow flags a flying
With their designer ties and shirts
Here they come to flame blame us all
That they have indeed been hurt

But first it's time for a shirley temple
Some poppers and some coke
And maybe a put down of a hetero male
That's supposed to be a joke

Here they come with their excuses
There parades and political bent
Here they come with their agendas
About how everybody's money should be spent

Here they come with whips and chains
With their chaps made of leather
With their sex change operations
And a whole closet full of boas and feathers

Oh hey I'm just terrified of their outrage
And their high pitched screams
Aids has barely toned down their bath house
Behavior and their perverted anonymous dreams

So excuse me if I don't run
Or apologize for stating my mind
But nobody says there's any kind of law
That says I have to like your kind

Because manipulation time is over
With all your slick trick talk of fair
Why don't you just drop dead or
Drop off the end of the world

For all I care

9:01 pm
transcribed this time
6:50 pm

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who would you kill

How bad does
It have to be
Before you tell us
What you see

As necessary
To protect our nation
And I mean other than
Soft pontifications


Hand wringing with
An accusatory tone
And lying about
We're doing it alone


Who would you kill
Who would you take out
Who would you terminate
Remove without a doubt

Who would blink once
A bullet throught the head
Who would you unquestioningly
See to it end up dead

In this modern struggle
Between the dark and light
Who would you hunt down
And put into your sights

10:53 am
transcribed this time
10:40 pm