Sunday, December 26, 2004

No matter what

No Matter What

If you're white
You're a racist pig
No matter what it is you do
You unjustly got your gig

You don't deserve anything better
Than to serve some victim's cause
You must not ever stop
You must not ever pause

Reparations are your birthright
And probably your children's too
How can you pay them back
You can't no matter what you do

But you must
Even if you wear out your knees
You must look inside yourself
For better ways to please

Undermine the male
Prove that you understand
That the only thing worse than being white
Is to be a white man

And then laugh and snicker
Mock any other way to be
You must not let yourself be swayed
From these Holy Sacred Generalities

April 2002
7:19 pm

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