Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who would you kill

How bad does
It have to be
Before you tell us
What you see

As necessary
To protect our nation
And I mean other than
Soft pontifications


Hand wringing with
An accusatory tone
And lying about
We're doing it alone


Who would you kill
Who would you take out
Who would you terminate
Remove without a doubt

Who would blink once
A bullet throught the head
Who would you unquestioningly
See to it end up dead

In this modern struggle
Between the dark and light
Who would you hunt down
And put into your sights

10:53 am
transcribed this time
10:40 pm


Anonymous said...

bill clinton hillary clinton finestine schumer polanski moore dixie chicks kennedy al gore kerry cindy shehan jane fonda michael jackson jessie jackson al sharpton child molestors rapist the list just goes on and on .....long live the death penilty !!!!!!!!im gonna need more ammo......kilroy

neilsthepoet said... on a whole..............nuther level!

7L48 pm