Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Speaks plain and true
She not only says what she says
But she will follow through

She's easy on the eyes
But also on the mind
It's nice to know we're not
Going around the next corner blind

She doesn't like corruption
She'll hang you from a tree
She knows what it takes
For this land to remain free

She's worked for a living
She's a mom to the core
She loves her children dearly
She's got one going to war

She's respects and loves our troops
And stands by their side
She honors their contributions
Her patriotism she does not hide

She knows we need energy
The kind drilled up from the ground
She wants American independence
Her judgment is sound

She's sparked our enthusiasm
She's ignited the flame
She believes in true service
And knows leadership is not

Just some game


She’s intelligence in high heels
With an ability to decide
And I don’t think it hurts
She’s M4 qualified

10:25 am
transcribed this time
10:30 am


Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Dog Has Free Will

The destiny of my dog's free will


My dog has free will

I can tell
Every time he wags his tail
Every time he barks to let me know
He wants outside

My dog has free will

Because he pays attention
To detail
And has damn well earned
His healthy pride

My dog has free will

Because he lets me know
When somebody is at the door
Even before they push the bell
And because most of the time
Most of the time

Doesn't pee on the floor


My dog has free will

Because he actually
Has a real life smile
And I have seen him train himself
To go the extra mile

By running in the back yard
With the rest of the pack
My dog bite another dog
When the other went on attack

I like my dog
And my dog likes me
And together we move forward
Deliberately to meet our destiny

8:34 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest dispositional dispatch

Obama is

An unpatriotic run around
Squealing monkey of an imitation man
He can talk all that fast talk
As much as he can

But now he's hanging out there
By a thread bare rope
But he'll never get it back to
Swooning girls change and hope

His rock star days are dead
No puff pieces or deflection
Can cover up his lack of depth
And any kind of sense of direction

He's slowly committing political suicide
He just can't help himself
There he stands all empty image
Like he ever was

Anything else

9:21 am
transcribed this time
9:26 am


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Religion Of Peace

The Religion of Peace
Is dancing in the street
Somewhere some US soldier died
Oh how they'd love our defeat

The Religion of Peace
Is praying for another slaughter
Somewhere some idiot father
Found it necessary to honor kill his daughter

The Religion of Peace
Is lying with law suits in the US
Using our freedom and toleration against us
To create an Unholy mess

The Religion of Peace
Wants Sharia law imposed
They want the death of the West
They want infidel blood to flow

The Religion of Peace
Wants nuclear arms
They prey on suckers and chumps
Who are duped by evil’s charms

The Religion of Peace
Is in mosques and convenience stores
They are meeting in secret cells
And oh boy do they have plans for

Blood and more blood and gore

The Religion of Peace
Has taken hold of Satan’s hand
And they have in their darkest heart
A list of sufferings they demand

The Caliphate draws near
The glory approaches with the sun
That rises over every Jihadist psycho
And what the mullahs say they want done

9:30 am
transcribed this time
6:15 pm


Here Comes The Mob

The gang mentality
Here come the thugs
To rob you of being free

And the punks will argue
Against you every time
You're always supposed to
Be in a tolerant state of mind

Here come the shadows
The slime the crime and the hate
And you're the one who's the target
And you're not allowed any debate

There are those who are enablers
Who try to pose amongst the good
Who will flat out side with evil
And tell you you're the one who misunderstood

They will imply you're stupid
Or can't keep up the conversational line
And don't you throw words back
Or you'll be accused of a crime

Here comes the mob

Coddled criminals swinging
The Sleaze bags and the scum
They are merciless and evil
There's no excuse for what they've done

And there are more of them out there
And then there are those that stand back
And come in as the second wave
To make you hesitate if you're attacked

They want to put doubt in your mind
They want to petty detail it out
They want their stupid conversation
To be what it's all about


There's real danger on the streets
There's real blood that can be spilled
And if you wait till it's too late
It is they who will impose their will

Choose your witnesses carefully
Prepare yourself for the fight
Prepare yourself body and mind
To stand and do what's right

9:15 am
transcribed this time
6:10 pm
written in reference to the two
Marines who stood up for a young girl
being accousted and payed the price
that is sometimes exacted for attending to such bravery.

The headline isn't telling you they were black, but I am.


August 11, 2008
A wolf pack of at least 30 thugs viciously attacked two hero ex-Marines in Brooklyn after they rescued a teenage girl who was being assaulted, police and witnesses said yesterday.
And when the brother of one of the former servicemen tried to come to his rescue during the July 25 melee in Coney Island, he was beaten into a coma.
The former leathernecks, Valentyn Olenyev, 23, and Boris Bukler, 22, Russian émigrés who served tours in Iraq, were walking a female friend to her parked car on West 23rd Street at 12:30 a.m. when they spotted two men holding the screaming teen by her hands and legs.

"She was yelling, 'Help!' " said Olenyev. "I asked her, 'Do you need help?' She said, 'Yes!"
"It wasn't our intention to get into a fight," said Bukler. "We said, 'Let the girl go, and we'll leave.'

We told them, 'Stop.'"She was screaming, and all we did was look to help her. I got a bottle smashed over my head, and after that, I started fighting. But I got beat down."I was getting my ass kicked by 50 people."Their friend called Olenyev's brother, Ivan, 22."When I showed up, there were a lot of people there, people on the left and people on the right, and then - 'Boom!' - I got hit and passed out,"

Ivan told The Post from his hospital bed.Police sources said he was pounded senseless by 240-pound Timothy Dixon, 23, who was swinging a metal baseball bat.Ivan suffered multiple facial fractures and will require plastic surgery.The NYPD is looking for Dixon, who remains at large.The teenage girl fled after the melee.

The two former Marines, meanwhile, insist that the violence had racial overtones, although the assault has not been labeled a bias crime. Bukler said, "Those in the crowd were yelling, 'Hey, white boys, you're in the 'hood now!'

From an article in the New York Post