Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Dog Has Free Will

The destiny of my dog's free will


My dog has free will

I can tell
Every time he wags his tail
Every time he barks to let me know
He wants outside

My dog has free will

Because he pays attention
To detail
And has damn well earned
His healthy pride

My dog has free will

Because he lets me know
When somebody is at the door
Even before they push the bell
And because most of the time
Most of the time

Doesn't pee on the floor


My dog has free will

Because he actually
Has a real life smile
And I have seen him train himself
To go the extra mile

By running in the back yard
With the rest of the pack
My dog bite another dog
When the other went on attack

I like my dog
And my dog likes me
And together we move forward
Deliberately to meet our destiny

8:34 am
transcribed this time
9:24 am


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