Friday, September 26, 2008

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

They want to cut military support
In the middle of a war
They love that pork barrel spending
And ACORN is one of their favorite whores

They don't want America to drill
They don't want us to use our own oil
They're like crazy spiteful children
Who've grown lazy brazen and spoiled

Democrats are all for Gay Marriage
They don't care what the people think
They want sex taught to kindergartners
Not matter the harm of that or how it stinks

They want to take away everybody's guns
Democrats are the scum of the earth
Barrack Obama Boy is an extremist's extremist
Who doesn't know what the soul of a baby is worth

Democrats aren't democrats anymore
They're Socialists and Communist clear through
They're liars thieves and journalist partners
Are here to steal free speech from you

They'll warp and bend any story
Till it fits into something they can use
They love to distort and manipulate
And don't care who they abuse

Anything and anybody is fair game
Any child father mother or son
All they are now is about acquiring power
And don't care how it gets done

9:08 am
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

If Obama gets in

If Obama gets in

I think the main concern will be
The parking lots and gas stations
I think it'll get real narrowed down
As to the concerns in this nation

If you think Infirmative actions stinks now
Wait till the big eared monkey gets in
Then the truth about Muslims and tendencies
Will more than kick in

Oh it's going to be all joy joy
And Community Organizations all over the place
Wait till you see when he's got some power
Who he get in your face

They'll be singing the National Anthem
In the new rap style
And that's when he'll put his hand
On his heart and smile

If Obama gets in

There's going to be free money for everybody
Everybody that got him there
And if you don't like it then there will be
The committe of self pity to explain what's fair

Chicago had twice as many killed
As our soldiers did in Iraq
I'm sure with unconditional talks
We'll all be assured of no further attacks

Besides the Black gangs and Illegals
Will all suddenly rise up and protect us
And there will be clear and unmistakeable
Memos sent out as to who to trust

And believe me you won’t be on the list
If you've got a brain in your head
Or a heart in your chest
You're on the short list to end up dead

Or fired or falsely accused
Of some hate crime or another
And it won't be you they're talking about
When you hear the praise phrase brother

If Obama gets in

You will either go along
And sell out others who simply
Want to be free


You're going to die fighting
Or on your knees

11:06 pm
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Now the Obamarama

Is lying on his television ads
He’s misquoting Rush
He’s taking him out of context
The Messiah’s brain is mush

He’s a two faced liar
A Chicago machine hack
Using Spanish stations
To make up for what he lacks

He’ll do and say anything
His advisors worked at Fannie Mack
Where they took out millions
They love the deck and their cash stacked

He’s a socialist slash communist
An America hater too
His supporters are blind numb bobots
Running on automatic view

Franklin Rains and Jim Johnson
Should be accountably called out
They stole peoples investments
Thievery is what they’re all about

And they are directly connected with
The main stream’s media chosen one
Whose presented as the new born savior
Whose presented as the new born son

How crazy do you have to be
To not even want to take a stand
Against Iran acquiring nuclear arms
What a pathetic dangerous excuse

For a man

11:40 am

Monday, September 15, 2008

To Hell with Unity

The Hell with Unity!

I only need those of sound value and bravery.

Compromise with those who only seek
to weaken and reduce resolve?.............Never.

I don't mind an actual conversation but..
If you are of a seditionist, weak kneed, limp wristed,
perpetually insulted mind set.....No.

I do not believe nor will I fall into the trap of all of us.
If you are an impediment you need to step out of the way
or suffer the consequences.

I don't mind somebody who needs training
or wants to learn.But for those seeking special priviliges.
Who offer only sick slick tricks.
Stand down.

I have nothing but contempt for anybody
who seeks a path that puts our young warriors
at needless risk when they are engaged
in an essential mission.

No petty arguments.
No lofty conversations.
No soft pedaling.

Not this time.
Not ever again.


11:00 am
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