Friday, September 19, 2008

Now the Obamarama

Is lying on his television ads
He’s misquoting Rush
He’s taking him out of context
The Messiah’s brain is mush

He’s a two faced liar
A Chicago machine hack
Using Spanish stations
To make up for what he lacks

He’ll do and say anything
His advisors worked at Fannie Mack
Where they took out millions
They love the deck and their cash stacked

He’s a socialist slash communist
An America hater too
His supporters are blind numb bobots
Running on automatic view

Franklin Rains and Jim Johnson
Should be accountably called out
They stole peoples investments
Thievery is what they’re all about

And they are directly connected with
The main stream’s media chosen one
Whose presented as the new born savior
Whose presented as the new born son

How crazy do you have to be
To not even want to take a stand
Against Iran acquiring nuclear arms
What a pathetic dangerous excuse

For a man

11:40 am

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