Friday, September 26, 2008

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

Democrats are not the faithful opposition

They want to cut military support
In the middle of a war
They love that pork barrel spending
And ACORN is one of their favorite whores

They don't want America to drill
They don't want us to use our own oil
They're like crazy spiteful children
Who've grown lazy brazen and spoiled

Democrats are all for Gay Marriage
They don't care what the people think
They want sex taught to kindergartners
Not matter the harm of that or how it stinks

They want to take away everybody's guns
Democrats are the scum of the earth
Barrack Obama Boy is an extremist's extremist
Who doesn't know what the soul of a baby is worth

Democrats aren't democrats anymore
They're Socialists and Communist clear through
They're liars thieves and journalist partners
Are here to steal free speech from you

They'll warp and bend any story
Till it fits into something they can use
They love to distort and manipulate
And don't care who they abuse

Anything and anybody is fair game
Any child father mother or son
All they are now is about acquiring power
And don't care how it gets done

9:08 am
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