Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama is Pimpin

Obama is pimpin socialism
Obama is pimpin Acorn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned

Obama is pimpin the Black Panthers
Obama is pimpin Farrakhan’s game
His supporters are incompetent
Incorrigible and insane

Obama is pimpin for Muslims
Obama is pimpin for the UN
He changes where he says he goin
And he hides or dismisses where he's been

Obama is pimpin for Infirmative Action
Obama is pimpin for killing the unborn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned

Obama is pimpin for gun grabbers
Obama is pimpin for compromise
With any psycho sicko tyrant
He'll be glad to sit and listen to their lies

Obama is pimpin for the homeboys
Obama is pimpin for the effete elite
He wants to snatch victory from our troops
And give us all a well deserved taste of defeat

Obama is pimpin for Reverend Wright
Obama is pimpin for that rap crap porn
Vote for Obama or you're a racist
Vote for Obama or rightfully be scorned


Or at least that’s the threat
That’s his followers chant
That’s the muslim messiah’s

Ongoing rant

7:43 pm
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Yeah Yeah

If we all just took the high road
If we just spoke like it's the fashion
To nod or politely disagree but never
Let ourselves come toward unclean passion

Let us have no fervor in our souls
Let us not feel this to our bones
Let us negotiate our freedoms away
Let's let these gangstesr steal our homes

Men are dying on the battle field
How do we be moderate about them
Franklin Raynes is a low life robber barron
How do we not castigate castrate him

So Many Villains
So little time
How do we stop them
And yet appear not unkind

Jim Johnson is a thief
ACORN is a criminal enterprise
Marxist socialist are stealing
Our nation

Right before our eyes


How can we not be angry
How can we not want to do great harm
When is it self defense
When is it surrendering to the

Serpent's charm

7:07 pm
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10:02 am


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


White guilt to the hilt

Do you mean all blacks are like that
Are you saying slavery wasn't wrong
Are you saying that all negroes can do
Is dance and sing a mastuh's song

White guilt to the hilt

Till we get a black president
Till we pay them all back
Forty mules and an acre
What ever it was I can't keep track

But more special priviliges
For the Black Liberation brains
Hustle hustle hustle
Let's play the reperations game

A bailed out ownership society
And a political loan sharks dream
A turn toward marxist socialism
And the beginning of one long

Bloody scream

2:03 am
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2:08 pm


Saturday, October 04, 2008

OJ is Guilty

Upon being asked:

Hey Genius, why did you post another thread on OJ being Guilty:

My Answer was:



To celebrate
To jump up and down about the end of this chump's freedom
To celebrate
To laugh hysterically at his supporters and friends
To celebrate
To mock and ridicule all who fed off his spilled crumbs
To celebrate
To enjoy watching his fate shatter and scatter to the winds

To Celebrate
And to especially let all those know who cheered
Wildly mindlessly and selfishly while jumping
Up and down

There’s justice and a backlash coming
And you all are going to reap exactly
What you’ve sown and been spreadin around

7:02 pm
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