Saturday, June 24, 2006

Did you know

Did you know that knowledge
Existed before schools

Did you know that uniforms
Came after a warriors heart
Did you know that dancing
Is spontaneous not merely

Memorized parts

Did you know that faithfulness
Existed before public vows
Did you know that people
Made up the very words

You use now

People made buildings
Before Architectural schools
People acted decent
Before there were written

Down rules

Did you know that creativity
Can come down to wonder
But if you don't get the lightning
Then surely you're all bluster

And imitation thunder

11:39 am
transcribed this time
6:53 pm


Friday, June 16, 2006


All this calling for hesitancy and a more polite considerate
sensitive way of approaching the political topics of the day:

Hey if you don't get that Ann is in
Opinion speak........more along the lines

Of MMA in Unlimited cage fighting....


Then maybe you could
shut up pack up and move along down
the line to a tai chi like commentator
that would be more to your liking.

Same thing I say to the Illegals.

Get out!!! Take off.
We're in a battle for our Nation's Soul.

Nothing less.




We need more fire
We need more guts
Not slippery arguments
With more if ands and buts

We don't need more
Compromise and sell out
Or more hesitancy to leave
A little wiggle room for doubt

We need uncaged rage
Housed in an intelligent brain
We don't need to hold ground
We need to make gains

We don't need the pompous
Air bags of our time
Telling us how or what to think
Inside our own minds

We need people on our side
People with the Spirit to fight
People who know how to back up
What they know to be right

No more human shields approach
No more poor poor Jersey Girls
We are at war with Islamo Fascists
Thugs who want to take over the world

No more Burkha Murthas
Getting a free unchallenged ride
Beat that fat flake fake back
Till he has no place to hide

12:54 pm
speaking here of course
about the indominatable
Ann Coulter...

and referring to Bill Oreilly
and others who always seem to
want to recommend holding back
a know like we could
win the crazies over if we were
just more kind when they outright
lie, cheat and steal with the whole
rotten presentation of their wholesale
Souless Idealess blubbering blabbering


Friday, June 02, 2006

How about

How about a go in the mud pit

How about a go with the pugil sticks
How about a go with some hand to hand
How about a 6 mile 30 lb ruk sack run
How about wearing the boots of a man

What about some shooting
What about some repelling gear
What about some hard corp training
And pushin past limits and fear

How about some brotherhood
How about taking and passing a real test
One that measures you hard and deep
One that asks of you your very best

What about some tiredness that goes
All the way down into the bones
How about some shared stories over chow
About who you love back home

How about seeing the kind of loyalty
That signs up for a second tour
How about that belief in a pride and purpose
That is worthy of what it takes to endure

How about that Eagle Globe and Anchor
How about those straight up and down young men
Those that walk, ride on and in the tanks
And know that upon one another they can depend

How about those guys

3:49 pm
transcribed this time
4:00 pm