Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To all out there who improve
My attitude
Who have something to say
More than platitudes

Who are deadly serious
But also funny at times
Who care about our nation
And the Freedom loving kind

Bless our warriors
For stepping forward bold
Who put it on the line
Heart and soul

Thanks to all who work
To see through the MSM news
Through all their nit wit picking
And harping carping views

I’ve always liked saying Merry Christmas
Even when I’ve had the blues
But this year slightly more
Knowing how much it upsets

The not so sacred ACLU

1:03 pm
transcribed this time
1:08 pm


Monday, December 19, 2005

You mean along with this

You mean along with this

Yeah I should just stroll in
And read my latest work at Gemini Ink
Like they're free and openly encouraging
To those who disagree with what they think

Just like there's not a double standard
Left wing fascist back stabbing over view
Just like there's not an out and out agenda
Of Free Speech for me.... but not for you

Just like there wouldn't be a set up
With somebody planning ahead of time
To portray themselves as a holy victim
And I wouldn't be framed up for a crime

Just like somebody wouldn't talk over me
Like is going on all over the United States
By the petty bed wetty unhinged fringe
With their lame brained version of duhhh bait


Just like there's not a double standard
Left wing fascist back stabbing over view
Just like there's not an out and out agenda
Of Free Speech for me.... but not for you

7:52 pm
In reply to an
Instructor of Journalism, Literature,
and Writing Faculty Communications Department
Harry S Truman College (
1145 W. Wilson, Chicago, IL 60640

That I read my Tookie Williams
Epitaph poem at the Gemini Ink open mic.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tookie Williams....Epitaph

Tookie Williams

Hey Blood whatcha gonna do now
Watcha gonna do when the needle goes in
Are you going to look over and wave
At all your new found celebrity friends

Better get ready with that ticket
Fate is coming like a freight train
The day is fast approaching to pay
For your inflicting death and pain

You're going to have to own up
To your legacy and crime
You're going to have to own up
To being a slug thug murdering slime

Tookie Tookie Tookie
Co-founder of the Crips
But no inside info did you
Ever let slip from your lips

You never even admitted to
Haven taken your victims lives
So write all the books you want but
You're still only slick trick talkin jive

The good people in a community
Can also teach youth to stand up
And they don't also first have to
Have been depraved and corrupt


If the judgment seems too harsh
More than one man can understand
Try hard to remember back to when
You had that shot gun in your hand

11:36 am
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12:14 pm


Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm trying a posting experiment here...

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Paris is burning but still

You want me
To look up the facts for you

It's been four years and
Symps like you pimpin the wimp..

Don't want to see
Don't want to hear
Don't want to know
Don't want it clear

Screw you
And your kind
You're willfully ignorant
Intentionally blind

Paris is burning
But your view is right
Even if nine hundred cars
Were torched last night

Gangs and bands
Roam the street
Using cell phones
To arrange where to meet

But hey maybe it's because
The police don't negotiate
With those mostly Muslim
Black immigrants who hate

And blame it on anybody
Except their own ways
Europe or Eurabia
Which do you say

9:54 am

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Let's negotiate

Let's negotiate

With the killers and thieves
With psychos out of their head
Even though all they want
Is to see all of us dead

Let's negotiate for the sailors
That were on the Cole
Everything is up for bargaining
Everything can be bought and sold

Let's negotiate for the Marines
And the Kobart Towers too
For the Rangers in the Mog
It's the least we can do

To build back up our credibility
To at least the level of France
Let's bend over and pick up that soap
As we loosen the belt on our pants

Let's not push the investigation
Into corruption in the UN
We wouldn't want to upset
Our dear and loyal friends

Let's set aside 911
And the pain slaughter and death
Let's forget about that moment
That took away our breath

And blame America first
Let's get down on our knees
Just like Daniel Pearl
Maybe if we asked them please

10:32 am
transcribed this time
10:39 am


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Soft Spoken and Reasonable

Soft spoken and reasonable

While explaining why America
Is hated by the world
Insulted by the swine as you
Cast before them your pearls

Of the latest fashion regarding compassion
Wisdom and insight as to what is right
And that is to put more restrictions on the
Us Soldier in this low down ugly fight

But now

Why again do you think equivocating
About America Bin Laden and Hussein
Is supposed to make you look anything
But double standardly insane


Islam’s muslims need to figure out
There is no neutral anymore
You’re either with us or against us
It is time to choose a door

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head


And that goes for sympathizers
Whether they’re self aware or not
Whether naïve or intentional
Or just suffering from soft brain rot

Every fighting man in our army
Is important to each and everyone of us
There is no more sacred bond
There is no more valued trust

It’s not all that ensconced in nuanced
You’re either alive or …. dead
And if you shoot at ours
I want a bullet in your head

8:20 am
transcribed this time
1:03 pm

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Border Plan

I still say

Line the Mexican US border with Vets
Give them long strips of land
And they will ensure border safety
They will make sure it's manned

With men who give a damn
What happens to national sovereignty
Some of us honor being citizens
Some of us respect being free

Issue some accurate 308's
And maybe a 50 caliber or two
Also some good personal side arms
It's time for frontier justice's dues

Additionally issue some MRE's
For those out there on patrol
And some simple basic equipment
For when it's hot or cold

There could be a community set up
Back about a mile or two
One with a general store and of course
Some bar b que would help too

Why not people are already dying
But it's our cops and citizens now
This illegal criminal invasion must be stopped
Mostly it's a matter of will not how

Get out and stay out
Stand back away from the neutral line
You've got your own country make it free

Stay the Hell .... out of mine

12:12 pm
transcribed this time
12:16 pm

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

True Hate

True hate is indifference

You can see it in the main medias approach
You can see it in the democrat party as it stands
You can see it in the metro sexuals of hollywood
And their perversion versions of a man

You can see it in the NEA
The National Endowment for the Arts
None of them care about creativity
None of them have any steel real hearts

You can see it in the so called musicians
That punch out their hip hop slop
You can see it in the cut out dolls
Producers throw out to represent pop

And don't get me started on poetry
And the scam of the sham that is slam
They all talk the same lame game
They're all rinky dink think

And none of them give a damn


Hate is nothing but indifference
They all want it for the name and fame
None of them want it for that thing inside
That thing that burns to learn like a flame

And comes to get you in the night
That comes to you as a tear in your day
That comes to give you some courage
In case you need it for what you have to say


Hate is nothing but indifference
And that's why I don't need punks
Grabin their crotch and goin Yo dude
And pumpin out flunked out junk

I don't need the lies and excuses
The obstructionists that get in the way
The back stabber blabber and power grabbers
And the mealy mouthed things they say

And I especially

Don't need the fake tough guys
Swearing they're takin off the gloves
Cause nothing but absolutely nothing
Can kick your ass down the street like love

9:41 pm
transcribed this time
9:46 pm

Sunday, August 28, 2005



Coming to a convenience store near you
Coming to your local parks and schools
Coming to your corrupt city council
Coming courtesy of all the blind go along fools

Presto what do you know there are new
Requirements to be a Citizen of the United States
Sort of like when you're calling 911 and then
Having to go that extra little bit of time to wait

The post office is getting all multi culture vulture
They suddenly don't have flyers in English anyway
From behind the counter I'm greeted in Spanish
And am now expected to know what they say

Like I'm all for digging my own cultural grave
Like I'm all for giving away a strong foundation
I tell them I don't speak a foreign language
That always puts a twist in the situation


Coming to a radio and tv station near you
Funny how translation never seems to get done
When it's coming from the other direction
When the money is theirs it's too costly a sum

And don't even get me started on Vincente
Saying you're Mexicans first and Americans last
There's a slick slime merchant for you
Always ready and willing to play it loose and fast


Coming to you as decals on the back windows
Of cars in parking lots or driving around in town
The ones with the two Mexican Flags in the corners
Right side up..and the American flag in the lower middle

Upside down

8:57 pm
transcribed this time
9:06 pm

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Scum bag illegals

Scum bag illegals

Here to screw up my country
Here to bring in a lot of crime
Here to steal citizens money
Here to waste resources and time

They get more arrogant everyday
They're pushing it often and hard
They don't care what you think
They don't care if it is your back yard

Low life gang bangers are growing
They've got their punk attitudes up
All they do is bring everything down
It's a way of life for them to live corrupt

Bring back the hanging trees
Bring on the border sniper teams
Bring on some negative consequences
For those thieving off the American Dream

10:23 am
transcribed this time
10:25 am

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I've got news for you Shallah

I've got news for you

I can hate better than you
I can love better than you
I can fight better than you
I can finish what I start out to do

I can build better than you
I can farm better than you
I can market better than you
I can walk a path that's old or new

I can hunt better than you
I can aim better than you
I can train harder than you
And I welcome justice coming due

I can build hospitals and schools
I can build roads and cars
I can accomplish goals
Whether they are near or far

I can care about other people
I recognize brainwashed scams
I am by my kind asked constantly
To re-examine who I am

And I focus on what I think and say
And listen closely and rationally
And I'm tellin you right up front
You're incompetent stupid and crazy

Making an enemy out of me

11:40 pm
Elaine Silvistrini

TAMPA - When the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad challenged the loyalty of Ramadan Shallah, who was living in the United States, Shallah responded by sending a poem.

I am against America until this life ends and the scale is placed in the afterlife.
I am against her even if the stones relented one day and the flint liquefied.
My hatred for America is so that if the worlds contained some of it, the worlds would tumble down.
She is ... in evils and all evil on this earth.

Shallah, whose admission to the United States was sponsored by Sami Al-Arian, told Al-Arian during a wiretapped phone conversation in February 1994 about the poem, which he attributed to Arab poet Ahmad Matar. Shallah told Al-Arian he sent the poem to Fathi Shikaki after Shikaki told Shallah, ``You are living in the lion's den.''

transcribed this time
11:49 pm


Friday, July 08, 2005

As long as most Muslims believe


That they can stand back and
Act all innocent saying "who me?"
Then they will go right on
Tacitly backing terrorist tyranny

As long as they believe they
Only really have to speak up
To keep any pressure off of them
They will remain quietly politely corrupt

As long as minding your own business
Resembles keeping your head in the stand
They will turn a blind eye to the ones in
Their midst they know are making evil plans

As long as it's all about their religions rights
And them not giving their honest best
This whole religion of peace thing will remain
A Foul no regard for human life breeding nest

It's also about how long we let them
Get by with the little lost orphaned look
While a very sick deadly set of them
Madly chant death to America while

Holding aloft their sacred holy book

Let's hear some loud denouncements
Let's see some cooperation that's clear
Get with us and start working hard for freedom
Or frankly get the Hell out of here

12:07 pm

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What are you willing to fight for

What you are willing to fight for

There seems so many willing to oppose
There seems so many willing to be against
But if you ask them what they're willing to fight for
They seem to go right to straddling the fence

Where did all this petty bickering come from
Who thinks it worthy of effort and precious time
Who is not humbled by such true sacrifice
What is it they use to merely occupy their minds

When giving your life like Robert Stetham
Doesn't even slow some of them down
They plow right on ahead with their mocking
Satisfied to get away with acting out like clowns

How can you not be driven to respectful silence
When you think about the beating and pain
How can you not do what is necessary
To pull together and call out the real enemy's name

1:20 pm
transcribed this time
3:04 am

Robert Stetham

Your murderers will pay
They will not get away

Justice never sleeps
Justice will prevail
The hunt is going on
This mission will not fail

3:00 am

Monday, June 13, 2005

Health Care Suggestions for Deanie's weenies and others

How to regain that left of center balance
When you’ve been thrown off by facts
Reason logic junk and stuff like that


Rent a Michael Moore Exercise video
And calm down

And / or

Buy Michael Jackson new book coming out
How to start a real day care program that dares to care
Never mind he dangles children out the window
And he's such a sick freak people stop and stare

You could look to him as the new Pied Piper
And send your children to him to sleep in his bed
And you and all his worshipful fans could say
Yes Michael yes Michael like that's not completely

Out of one's head

Or...get a couple of motivational tapes made expressly
To teach you how to be a Deanie weinie and proud
To learn to stand anywhere at anytime and blurt out
Insanities and inanities in front of any crowd

The world of opportunities is calling all its losers
And Sean Penn Head is answering the best he can
He's pretending he's a journalist now hoping
If he pretends hard enough one day he'll be a real man

You could run right out and sign up with Schultz
And his Amnesty International anti gulag stand
Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote a book about the real one
But is Gulag Archipelago necessary to understand

How about the ACLU they're doing a bang up job
They’ve still got that Queer eye for the Boy Scout guy
Thing going maybe you could do some deep social
Work there you know give it the ol Berkley college try

I hope these suggestion cheer you up and take you
Back to your natural morally superior rightful place
Just follow the true examples you have above and
You will find yourself in the position your deserve to be in

Relative to grace

11:57 pm

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Young men combat reasons and feelings

Somebody tell me a story

I did it for the GTO's
I did it for the blondes
I did it for rock and roll
I did it for the brotherly bond

I did it for the chocolate malts
And the slow dances where I held her tight
I did it for the blue jean jackets
And those times I howled into the night

I know there are the bigger issues
But sometimes those simple things
Lifted up my heart
And let my spirit find its wings

To places where's there was bar b que
To back yards where there was beer
To places where there was laughter
And friendly voices I could hear

Sometimes it was those memories
That kept me driving on
That were as much of a light to me
As the sun coming up at dawn

But mainly we had each other
And the training we went through
Plus all that crazy on the job training
To focus our attitude and view

I can still see them now

And how we all shared
The silence heart aches and tears
And it always feels the same
Some time knows no minutes

Hours or years


Yeah I hear ya

Somebody tell me a story
Somebody tell me a joke
Tell me how you got to the beach
Even though you were broke

Tell me how that girl saw you
And walked right up to you
And smiled like heaven's mysteries
Was whispering low

Her sweet and secret clues


Yeah I hear ya
Somebody tell me a story....

8:51 pm
transcribed this time
3:19 pm

Monday, May 30, 2005


On why not to give Zarqawi
The death penalty

That's a great idea ...

Give all the terrorists in Bagdad
Real long expensive trials and then
Real long expensive appeals

And then real long jail sentences
Where they get to play tennis watch tv
And are supplied counselors so they can
Work out how they feel

And if that takes books out of school
At least we were just and true
And if that takes food out of mouths
At least we did what good people do

And if that takes aways doctors
And nurses and medical supplies
Then that's the price that must be payed
We must approach this with understanding

Forgiving eyes

Besides the people of Iraq are used to it
They've been tortured and raped and killed
The least we should do is spend countless millions
On those who made sure those mass graves

Were over flowingly filled

10:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:49 pm

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial's always personal

Guns up, baby!
Guns up!

Sometimes the tears fall
And I remember the rain
Sometimes the blood fell
And I remember the pain

Sometimes the sun went down
And night came at you hard and black
Sometimes you didn't know where they were
Front or side or back

Sometimes you laughed
Because the gunner was funny and cool
Sometimes you listened very carefully because
He was a teacher in the life and death school

But you always learned you answered
When you heard the guns up call
I never met a nicer guy
I never met a guy that had more balls

And sometimes I remember
And I hope he's doing alright now
I hope he made it back
I hope they're all doing ok somehow

2:12 pm
usually I don't use any explicatives
but I've been drinkin and it is memorial day
and you know.....sometimes Marines actually
talk like that..


Friday, May 27, 2005

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I don't want to nuke

It takes away the long shots with my 308
It takes away my shot gun blasts to their guts
It takes away my standing on some barren hill
Screaming see I told you I'd kill you for havin

Your heads so far up your butts

I don't want to nuke Mexico
It would radiate my new ranch land down there
I need to sit out on my newly acquired porch
And breathe in some clean fresh air

From finally pushin back against a culture
That definitely does not have my interest at heart
I've been ticked a long long time about the flood
That has vet benefits hospital care and school standards

All falling dangerously apart

We're supposed to feed and educate them
Because they've got rotten arrogant leaders
That talk out of both sides of their mouths
And all because somebody hasn’t

Turned them into bleeders

Murderous criminals come up here
And then just go back to get away
While Mexican National diplomats
Thumb their noses and tell us all to

Have a nice day

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I'm still fairly well conditioned
I've still got skills with a knife and gun
I want the satisfaction
Of a very personal job well done

9:51 pm
11:56 pm

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Apologist

The Apologist is

A knee crawling tennis shoe licking squirmy worm
A symp wimp all the way down to his bones
Who can never face up to personal responsibility
And is scared to death to be alone

The apologist wants quotas for jobs
The apologist want to give reparations
The apologist always wants to say we
As if they speak for us all and all situations

The apologist is smug and self righteous
Is absolutely without a doubt right
An apologists wants to collect taxes
And give them away to every minority in sight

The Apologist is

Completely self decieved by false superiority
The apologist can't see that they're blind
The apologist deep down inside unequivocably
Definitely dedicatedly sincerely

Hate their own kind

9:37 pm
with some attention
added to grammatical detail
10:17 pm

The traitor from within

This one is a living
example of one

That will take you down
If his hatred gains any further ground
He is completely disassociated
He can't even hear how he sounds

This one will help those
Who pimp and whore out the race card
He doesn't care who it makes suffer
His identity is twisted distorted and marred

He's a carrier of the self hatred disease
He's ashamed all the way to the core
He wants to take more from you
So he can look good giving away more

To the right non white people
To the people of the special priviliged class
This one is a living example of one
That I would unhesitatingly refer to as trash

8:31 am

Saturday, May 21, 2005



Mexico is Spanish for...........Hen house

Ie: The Fox is in the hen house.

8:47 pm

Monday, May 16, 2005

If I believed this I'd get a fellowship to Berkley

There never have been any terrorists

There are only people in the world
Who are misunderstood and depressed
People who by no fault of their own
Have become innocently dangerously obsessed

Enough to strap bombs on children
To fly planes into buildings in the USA
But no matter what it's not their fault
What have we done is what we should say

How have we brought this on ourselves
What did we do to deserve being killed
Maybe if we'd all sit Richard Gere like meditating
Our hearts with peace would fill

And it would all instantly be better
And we could all sing Ditzy Chick songs
About how wonderful the UN is
And how America is of course wrong

There never have been any terrorists
And those poor confused killers would go away
If we would all apologize and listen to the
Wise wise words that Michael Moore has to say

3:38 pm

Sunday, May 15, 2005

There's no such thing as reverse discrimination

There's no such thing as Reverse Discrimination

They are just hateful manipulative arrogant
It's my turn no matter what thieving scum
They think nothing of taking off whitey
They self justify every rotten thing they want done

They're into the free ride and the self righteousness
They love the special priviliged holy vicitim game
They don't want a level playing field never have
They love those quotas and gurantees they'll gain

9:55 pm
transcribed this time
9:56 pm

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Poor seventeen year old Malvo

Poor seventeen year old Malvo

Seventeen year old Malvo sat in the court
Seventeen year old Malvo testified today
Seventeen year old Malvo nearly broke down
When he said what he wanted to say

Which included absolutely positively
Not a hint of any remorse
But what is important to remember is
That seventeen year old Malvo said it of course


But what do you have to do
To be considered in the extreme
How many people do you have to kill
How many destroyed lives and dreams

6:17 pm
transcribed this time
11:44 pm

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hail to all Crusaders

Hail to all Crusaders

Welcome be to all
Come join us come join us
Down here in the Great Halls

We will be drinking
We will be carrying on
We will be thinking
Until the night greets the dawn

We will be dancing
Laughter and humor will reign
Come share with us your sagas
Share with us your names

We will offer you our food
And a fire to warm your bones
Feel free to join any one of us
Feel free to stand alone

We have room for the brave
We have blankets for the shoulders
That have carried their burdens far
Out there where the weather is colder

Hail to all crusaders

Your swords are welcome here
As well as your painted shields
We all join together for freedom
We all have sworn to never yield

We will bring forth sons and daughters
And they will be on our own homeland
We go forth to meet our enemies
It is there we make our stand

Hail to all crusaders

Know well your bretherens part
He fights out of honor and soul
We will never desert your warriors heart
We will back you strong and bold

12:11 am
transcribed this time
7:42 pm

Saturday, April 23, 2005

What do I want from them?

I want them to act like Americans

In their own country
I want them to work for freedom there
I want them to work to change things
To bring about a more equitable air

Amongst their own population
Amongst their own institutions
To bring justice to their own land
To write and live by their own constitutions

I want them to stand up
To educate themselves and take power
I want them to eradicate their own evil
Life is not all streams of dreams and flowers

I want them to act like Americans
When facing their own troubles and woes
I want them to draw together and find out
Who are their true friends and foes

To root out corruption at its core
To dig out the oppressors behind their walls
They have been built to keep fellow citizens out
Because they think they own it all

I want them to improve where they are
Freedom grows where you plant it's seed
Where you nuture it where you defend it
Where you honor it even if you have to bleed

I want them to make their own country good
And worthwhile to live in
Quit running away and coming to me with
Your hand out

It is not
Making me look at you as a friend...

5:14 pm

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Child Murderers and Molesters

What do we do about the
The child murderers
And molesters



Constant pressure on the judges and the prosecutors
On the legislature as well
No more excuses for dropping the ball
When one of these monsters puts a child through Hell

Swift certain and severe justice
Hanging them is my first call
After that it's a firing squad
For and all

Nothing less than life with no parole
And that means they never get out
But I'll always be pushin for the death penalty
For harming the young ones have no doubt

Complete social ostracization for those
Who around the edges want to him and haw
There is no rehabilitation for these creeps
There needs to be a simple hard and direct law

Any judge who fails to understand this
Needs to be put on a very public list
They need to know there are consequences
Because we are not going to put up with this

We are not
Going to put up with this

10:69 pm
transcribed this time
11:09 pm

Monday, April 18, 2005

Only whites can be racists



I take it

Anything other than groveling and constantly asking
Forgivness is conveniently racism in your book
And a excellent trump card to play whenever you
Want to put yourself above or beyond a second look

You know what your doing and even if not fully
Something in you senses something is wrong
Something in you is going to have to face one day
That there is more to this world than being

Temporally temporarily strong

One can not hide forever in a bee hive of collective thought
One is going to be viewed as to how they got things done
One can not stand behind mere lofty self proclamations
One must come out eventually and face the sun

3:42 am
transcribed this time
3:57 am

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Champion of the World....but

I engage the way I engage....with passion.

I do battle.
But I'll tell you what calling BS on me...

I never claimed to be champion of the world.....but finagled certain people with behind the scenes moves,

So they couldn't get in the public arena ring with me..

One on One
Or my last stand
I didn't pull my punches
And I fought like a man

I didn't run
I didn't hide
I did it for love and soul
Not false pride

I think abortion is murder
I back our fighting men
I believe in principals
And not every now and then

I'm pro second amendment
I'm for free speech
Everybody loses when one persons
Rights are out of reach

I want lower taxes
I'm a hetero sexual man
I don't make excuses
And do the best I can

I'm against illegal immigration
I think that's going to get worse
And I think it's a crying damn
Shame they put Terri in a hearse

I think it was state sanctioned
Murder that's what it was about
I think it's judicial tyranny
Without a doubt

I'm not pro-killing
Except in self defense
And I don't apologize
If I come across intense

12:35 am

Oh man

Oh man

I'm just so sad
There are tears running down my face
Emptiness everywhere
Nothing anywhere anyplace

I have only sorrow to offer
It's always so hard to come round
To taking the next step after
Another angel has left the ground

I think I'll be quiet for a while
I'm going to wear a black arm band
And mourn this way through this trial
One of us has fallen it was her last stand

My compassion goes to her family
Her friends and all those left behind
Who wanted her but to live
This one has crossed over into

Sacred eternal time

9:51 am
transcribed this time
10:10 am

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Life Death..........and the enablers feelings

Life Death
And the enablers … feelings

I think we should kill our own troops
That is exactly what we should do
Now everybody talk to me politely

I just have a different opinion than you

I think we should be able to kill the unborn
That is exactly what we should do
Now everybody talk to me politely

I just have a different opinion than you

Maybe we should kill your child
Or wife brother sister or you
See we're just intellectually disagreeing
Just having differing points of view

How about I'm not calling anyone names
I'm describing the idiots jerks and dolts
Because that's what certain writing does
It gives a good hard hitting jolt

Because stupid people hide behind nice
And their fancy smancy little dance
Of pretentiousness toward intellectualization
To faze off powerful passions chance

Of getting through brick thick heads
Of bustin'm down to their knees
Yeah everybody's all reasonable
About killing this innocent

But don't hurt the enablers feelings...please

10:00 am
transcribed this time
11:02 pm

Written in the context of a discussion
About Terri's life and death situation
But for some it was all about details
Rather than the sacredness of a living creation

They made it all about the rules
They made it all about being right
So in the end rather than see they just
Shut the door on my particular light

But I'll live by my will and fire
Because this isn't about me
It's about a state sanctioned murder
And the hollow men of transparency

That let it go on before them
Talking in circles or ducking their heads
Hoping it would all go by
Rather than saving her life instead

Mumbling out things like
I want her to live but
Like it's all about their feelings
And that's why I gave them

A kick in the guts

And of course they took it out of context
Because that's what people like that do
I think it's a cold blooded horror story
Because certain people don't listen

To what simple human decency says is true

11:32 pm

Monday, March 28, 2005

Charms for her bracelet

Charms for her bracelet

I'm all for going inside a small adobe
Church and getting down on my knees
And waiting meekly while the hordes ride
Down to kill us all

At least I would have been humble
At least I wouldn't have made a mistake
I wouldn't have made it some passion play
About one poor girl getting a fair shake


And oh yeah I'll be crying or

Explaining to everyone else
Don't resist Don't resist
It'll only upset them more
Please contain yourselves I insist

And when the doors splinter open
I'll stand at the Altar of eternal time
Shouting even as they slaughter everyone
Restraint is mine and devine

Restraint is mine and devine

Even when they start torturing
I'll say in my oh so most holy way
Forgive them my children forgive them
Somebody will do something about it

Some day

There will be bodies all around me
Limbs and guts and torsos and gore
But I will be left standing
Because I knew just what to implore

And it will have been worth it
Because I beseeched caution at every turn
Of course I'll have to leave and wander
Because I'm pretty sure the Church

Would also be burned

But look for me on the open road
And welcome me with open arms
For I will come to you as your friend
And I will have many well practiced

Verbal charms

3:42 pm
transcribed this time
4:07 pm

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Abusers Punks Thugs and....


Abusers Punks Thugs
And Socio-Paths

All abusers minimize
All abusers try to explain away
All bullies live by the sly lie
And enjoy ruining another’s day

All punks look for the easy target
All thugs enjoy the intimidation
All socio paths feel nothing for those
Whom they single out for victimzation

Empty are all the manipulators
Silenced are their aching screaming souls
For they are locked into the modern world
And have forgotten the ways of old

A reckoning is coming
The storm clouds are drawing near
And when final judgment comes
We'll see who quakes in fear

All facilitators of the machine
Dismiss what is ground down
When they forget about the humanity
It takes to makes it a worthwhile go round

All speakers for the insane executioners
Love to appear rational and calm
They tenderly rub gloved hands together
And lovingly apply their lye soaked balm

Hypocrites always blame it on you
Always can obliquely take another tact
They've always got another source
Some other way at looking at facts

Because life is all in the head
It never bleeds out of a mouth or eyes
It never has its face sink deeper in
All abusers have a nice guy disguise

4:29 pm
transcribed this time
4:45 pm

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Look not

Look not upon this passage of time

As moments when thoughts were exchanged
But when a murder became sanctioned
A death by starvation that some claimed

To give no pain

This is where the river passed
And people by their position taken
Chose which side they were on
And those for death swore no one

Was betrayed or forsaken

But the truth was in the wind
In the stars that shown at night
Was in the rain that gently fell
From eyes witnessing such a tragic sight

There was a self justifying blindness
That wanted it to be differing points of view
Wanted it to be respectably discussing
But there is a truth that will alway be true


There is such a time as eternity
There is such a place as grace
And those who steal all of anothers tommorows
Must know their decision is etched upon their face

And will not leave till they leave
And to their maker do go
Then when they are asked for whom
Did you grieve we will see then

What they know

And which side of the river they stood on
Not which of seasons passing reasons they used
It will be what they did or did not do
When a vunerable one was being abused

8:18 pm
transcribed this time
8:26 pm

Friday, March 18, 2005

George Felos

George Felos....

Is a mouthpiece for death
Weaving his demonic spell
Spewing and spouting garbage
That reeks of the smell of Hell

He is a sickening little man
Mocking God and the human soul
He is an empty suit
That thinks he is being bold

This is what evil looks like
This is how far they will go
He is a scheming dream killer
He is the lowest of low

George Felos is now cursed
He is a marked and degraded man
He deserves no sanctuary anywhere
He deserves no homeland

He spits on truth and beauty
He mocks and ridicules humility
He stands before the throngs
And says you do not see what you see

He is of the Serpent
He is wriggling writhing deciet
He seeks to enable a death blow
To render unto compassion defeat

This is what evil looks like
An arrogant self righteous little man
Lecturing others about mercy
While waving his interfering hands

He is a mouthpiece for death
And represents a mad man's will
He raises his praise to wickedness
As he goes in for the kill

5:29 pm
transcribed this time
5:35 pm

Thursday, March 17, 2005

To the want to be killers of Terri

Oh this is all so tiring

Can't we just kill her
Can't we just starve her to death
Can't we all just stand around
Waiting for her last exhaled breath

All these details bother me
All this stuff is wearing
Can't you see not giving her any water
Is the real way to show you're caring

This is all just so irritating
The Hell with her Mom and Dad
They'll get over it
They only think it's bad

That's because they're idiots
Selfish small people with smaller minds
This is all just so bothersome
This is all such a waste of time

I say extrodinary medical effort
Includes giving moisture and food
And if you don't agree you must
Be in some mentally disorded mood

Give me the execution order
I'll sign it with my pen
Dipped in the blood of the innocent
Kill her kill her kill her

And you would if you
Really loved her and were her friend

8:10 pm
transcribed this time
10:59 pm

Monday, March 14, 2005

Maybe just maybe

Oh yeah....
Maybe just maybe

If you're looking for the truth
That can be subtle or bold
You maybe just maybe want
To go looking for it in your soul

If you're looking for that guidance
That gives you some real insight
You maybe just maybe want
To draw a little closer to the light

If you're looking for some forgiveness
That comes from the heart of hearts
You maybe just maybe want
To begin with yourself for a start

If you're looking for some strength
When no one else seems to be there
You maybe just maybe want
Want to quit walking around splitting hairs

If you're looking for some love
The kind that will lift you right on up
You maybe just maybe want
To face straight down the temptation

To be corrupt

If you're looking for some joy
That doesn't have reason as it's base
You maybe just maybe want
To let yourself get acquainted with

This stuff called grace

10:43 am
transcribed this time
10:48 am

Sunday, March 13, 2005

For Chris

Cowboy up

There's a hard riding bronc buster
Now up in the sky
Who preferred the bust your butt truth
Over the easy lie

Who built his own ranch
And sang his own songs
Who sweated his own sweat
And owned up to his wrongs

He is and was
An influence to others
And any busted up ridge line rider
Knew enough to call him brother

Yeah anybody

Who's put in some tough hours
But had some fun along the way
Loved to hear him sing
Loved to hear him play

He was here when he was here
And now he's gone really gone
But I'd swear I hear him sayin

Cowboy up
Carry on Carry on

But I think I have to take some time here
And stand quietly without much of a plan
I got my head bowed down
I got my hat in my hand

11:41 pm
On the passing of Chris LeDoux
transcribed this time
11:29 pm

Illegal not undocumented

Illegal not undocumented

Don't try to pass that we are an
Immigrant Nation stuff off on me
This is America Land of the Brave
And Home of the free

How many fit in a lifeboat
How many in your home
How many before the consequences
Are toxic to the bone

Not long brothers and sisters
There is no adaptation here
There is a wave flooding in
And some are frozen in fear

But some are coming forward
Some are stepping to the line
Some are stepping to our borders
And trying to do it in time

Sixty seconds in a minute
Sixty minutes in an hour
And we all know non response
Is robbing citizens of their power

Don’t threaten the law abiding
Your fellow country men
You can’t approach security
With an attitude of every now and then

Get to making a fence
Get to putting in more patrols
This is of vital national interest
This is no time for leisurely strolls

And Quite

Pussyfooting around with
Mexican Nationals dictating terms
Address them like you've got a
Backbone about our home

And quite groveling around like worms

11:05 pm
transcribed this time
11:17 pm

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Michael Schiavo Rejects A Million Dollars

Michael Schiavo
Rejects a Million Dollar Offer



When it's revealed his soul
Resides in the dark of night
What does he do
He puts on the shine

From his imitation light

And tries to cover over
The Hole in his Soul
By fronting a noble refusal
To accept any further gold

If he has to

To give his permission
To let her live out her days
With the people who still hope
For Terri and her struggling ways

Mad Mad Michael
Thinks he isn't sold and bought
Like it must prove he is innocent
Because he didn't get caught

Or surely someone would punish him
Make him pay the price
For his out and out treachery
For his heart of cold cold ice

Michael has no boundaries
He's working his way with goons
Mad Mad Michael and his
Sick slick staff are the

Infection in the wound

6:12 pm
transcribed this time
6:33 pm

Saturday, March 05, 2005

There is a war on the Home Front

There is a war on the Home Front

There is a war on the Home Front
And it time that we wake up
Before we are destroyed from within
By the morally depraved and corrupt


There’s a war on the Home Front
And it’s happening everyday
It’s in the radical Muslim movement
And their working their evil ways

They teach the hating of America
In universities is the thing to learn
They shout down conservative speakers
It’s time to get seriously concerned

The monster is on our home land
And it wants the infidels dead
They are working the vulture culture
Pouring that poison into our youths heads

They have their Holy Land Charities
And other ways of gathering funds
They’ll absolutely stop at nothing
The United States must be undone


They will shoot up the malls
They will blow up our trains
Whatever strikes the deepest terror
Whatever brings the most pain

Some are looking for chemicals
Some the Biological tools
They twist and bend the rules
Anything to take down the fools

That they’ve been taught to despise
To attack destroy and demean
The only thing they build on
Is to tear down this country’s dream

It’s in the Mosques that stay silent
That serve as the way inside
They use the left wing press’s agenda
They know they’ll get a free ride

They are recruiting in our prisons
Gaining access to the criminal kind
They are planting the seeds of fervor
In their desperate and dangerous minds


They join up with the communists
That openly advocate so called Peace
They drag their feet at closing borders
They don’t want the illegal flood to cease

It is a movement and mind unto itself
It’s in the publicly funded fake art
It’s here to demoralize and tear down
Every decent value in our hearts

But we had better wake the Hell up
Because it’s coming like a storm
Like a beast that wants to get loose
And see the innocent ripped and torn

They love that we must not profile
According to the sensitivity training
The only time they’ll cheer harder
Is when the body parts are raining

From the blackened sky
Through the spiraling smoke and flame
And they promise not to kill us
If we don’t openly call their name


There’s a war on our Home Front
And they believe their mad mullah’s curse
They are looking for the next attack
And oh how they want it to be worse

Oh so much worse

10:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:59 pm

Monday, February 28, 2005

Is BTK an insurgent

He seems to fit all the criteria

Absolutely no regard for human life
Be it man woman or child
His reasons are more important than
Any humanity that might be defiled

He wants certain people eliminated
Because it seems to give him power
He sneaks and spys and lies
And moves around at all hours

He hides his true beliefs
To all around while he plots his deeds
Bind Torture and Kill certainly fit
As to the sick nature of some need

Is BTK an insurgent
What is our exit strategy
Who are we to tell him
How he chooses to be free

Is BTK an insurgent
Do we know all the relevant facts
Maybe there is some rational reason
For why he's done these admittedly

Heinous acts

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
9:21 pm

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mad Mad Michael

Mad Mad Michael

He was on the tombstone train
He was screaming down the tracks
He was wearing blood soaked boots
And he was never coming back

He had got himself a ticket
He had got himself some gold
And all he had do to get it
Was sell pieces of his soul

He was rotting from the inside
He was dying at the core
But this one wasn't going to stop
He still wanted just a little more

He pushed them all aside
And took the throttle in his hand
Slammed it all the way forward
He was ridin the ride of the damned

9:22 pm
transcribed this time
9:24 pm

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Terri's Husband

Terris Husband

How very calculatedly cold are his actions
To not render her into her parents care
We all must hold accountable those who
Who do not understand these simple

Compassionate prayers

I can see it in her face
I can see it in her eyes
There is the spark of essence there
There is that which makes us all alive

This is not about legal complexity
This is about evil and good
I don't need any split tongued devils
Telling me what needs to be understood

It's all real real simple
Let all those who love Terri do so
Everybody else can leave the room
Everybody else can get up and go

There needs to be accountability here
For those pushing for her to die
There needs to be mercy and forgiveness
Or it needs to be an eye for an eye

Let all choose who witness this
Stand for strength or slime

Oh how far we have come my children
When it's now love sweet love that is a crime

4:26 pm
With obvious due influence
From William Blake on the last two lines

transcribed this time
9:02 am

Saturday, February 19, 2005



Somewhere between romance and dance
Somewhere between the blood and guts
Somewhere in the taking of a stand
That doesn't always have its if ands or buts

I will stand next to my sisters and breatheran
I will stand on this land that I live
And I will reach into my deepest heart level
And give all I've got to give

For those who believe in family
Those who believe in love and being free
Those who although they do fight back
And not consumed by the rattling prattiling


That is coming in through the press
And the self annointed self appointed best
Who speak down to the regular American
As if somehow we didn't pass their test

Who cares what they think anymore
I know for sure now it's not me
I have not am not and will not
Play fire hydrant

To their ideas about being free

4:03 pm
transcribed this time
6:27 pm

Sunday, February 06, 2005're for gay marriage


If you really didn't think anything was wrong
About being gay
You'd be ought there every now and then let'n
Some guy have his way

Since it wouldn't really be hurting anybody
You know what I mean
Wouldn't that make you even cooler and
More tolerant of that scene

What would be wrong with that
I think it would do you some good
Now you sort of only theoretically get
How they're victimized and misunderstood

Come on take one in the keester
For tolerance and sensitivity
Wouldn't that show a more firm belief
In the downward sliding system

Of moral relativity


Open that mouth wide and
Speak up For Act up
But if you're only giving lip service
Isn't that kind of being morally corrupt


It's the vulture culture wars
Grab your socks get with the plan
Don't be half steppin bein against
Marriage only bein for a woman and a man

10:38 pm
transcribed this time
12:51 pm

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Give all the police the guns

Give all the police the guns

And nothing bad will happen
I'm absolutely sure about this
I'm telling you this belief
Will put you in a place of bliss

Not only am I going to
Make this decision for myself
I'm also so dead sure enough
I'm want to make it for everybody else

Centralize this power
Into the hands of a few
What could go wrong there
Isn't that a reasonable view

The best way to be safe
Is to do what I do
And always let another man
Do your fighting for you

Call them names if they don't
Like stupid gun totin hick
This will make you look smarter
And people will see you're slick

Argue endlessly about
What the Second Amendment means
It worked well with the
Monica Lewinsky version

Of coming....clean

But above all just believe
Believe believe believe
Bend the rules if you have to
You know

Moore or Less....decieve

Give all the police the guns

Nothing bad will happen
I'm absolutely sure about this
I'm telling you this belief
Will put you in a place of bliss

Not only am I going to
Make this decision for myself
I'm also so dead sure enough
I'm want to make it for everybody else

1:36 pm
transcribed this time
1:47 pm

Dear Hetero-phobes

Dear Hetero-phobes

What are you scared of
Why are you so frightened to death
Why are you so paranoid you're
Almost unable to draw a breath

Why are you trembling
Why do you shake
Why are your knees buckling
Get some spine for goodness sake

Why are you recoiling
With horror in your eyes
What are you afraid of
Why don't you even try

To understand me
Please don't wimper anymore
Try to find some courage
And quit cowering at the door

Why do you let fear
Turn and twist your insides
You don't think you can hide that
With your constant references to pride


Dear Hetero-phobes

What are you scared of
Why are you so frightened to death
Why are you so paranoid you're
Almost unable to draw a breath

6:45 am
1:25 pm

Tuesday, January 25, 2005



What we need is more emotion
What we need is the focus on sympathy
What we need is the story presented
In a way that requires our empathy

Why are they leaving
Is it just because they're poor
When are we going to look down there
As to who has more

What region are they from
And who has the power
Is it easier to write up
When it only takes the hours

To look in one country
As to where the injustice lies
Do you think it anymore the truth
Because the story makes us cry

If you want to help help
But don't make that decision for me
Don't you think there's more than
They only want to be free

Anybody askin Vincinte hard questions
Where did all the money go
That we gave to bail them out
And what do they have to show

What about our veterans and citizens
Are we to hang our heads in shame
Is this about culturism vs nationalism
And hypenated american names

Any pressure headed their direction
To make it a better place
So refugees don't have to flee
To find any saving grace

Or is it easier to take
From the good ol US of A
Than drugs and thugs and corruption
That don't want to hear what you have to say anyway

8:59 pm
*mailed to a local tv station
after another lead in report
ran all day about...."mexico's lost children"
transcribed this time
9:39 am

Saturday, January 08, 2005


What bias


No wonder
You can't see it


You're so far left
You're left out
You play babble scrabble
With out any doubts

You hate being white
You hate your own nation
You compromise and apologize
And want to give reperations

You loathe the military
All police are bad
You never met a criminal
Who's story wasn't sad

You admire Ted Rall's scrawl
Think Hanoi Jane is cool
And completely go along with
The college speech code rules

Open the borders
Let them all in
And no one will hurt us
If we treat them like friends

You're not whacko
You're not nuts
It's everybody else
No ifs ands or buts

Insulated and innoculated
Arrogant most of the time
You're scared of guns
But you want mine

You name call
When arguments fall through
Facist racist bigot
Homophobic nuthin new

It turns your stomach
To see the flag unfurl
But you like the UN
Like their take on the world

You suck up to
Mean spirited girls
Like what maybe they'll
Allow you one small whirl

And oh yeah
Hollyweird is fine
With their influence-za
And droppin more than a dime

No wonder
You can't see it there
You probably can't see it

2002 maybe
transcribed this time
11:58 pm

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I hear the trap door swinging

I hear the trap door swinging

I hear the hangman's song
And think of all the pedophiles
And where they all belong

I hear the whoosh and snap
Justice is such a fate
I hear the wood and rope
Creaking from the weight

I see the next one step up
I see no offer of a hood
They all need to know
That they are now understood

And I love the hangmans song
And I could sing it everyday
Till there were no more molesters
To make our sacred children

Their prey

11:13 pm
transcribed this time
12:22 am
written in relation to
some of the more evil activity
going on around the recent Tsunami
And the kidnaping of a western 12 year old boy
There...stolen from his family

Not that I don't believe this to be
a generally applicable sentiment
Toward this activity in general


Sunday, January 02, 2005

Stinking Racist Gringos

Stinking Racist Gringos

All they’ve ever got are complaints
Like they never heard of Guadalupe
Like they never heard of a Saint

Whitey ain’t nuthin but an oppressor
And a taker of people and land
And as soon as they are overwhelmed
Then they’ll understand

Here comes the flood of illegal immigration
Of excuses corruption and pain
Here come the diplomats stonewalling
Like they can’t hear you call their name

But the press is certainly sensitive
They know exactly what to do
They know exactly who to blame
And what rights need to be pursued

By the culture first lawyers
With their outstretched greedy hands
With their under the table mordida
And they’re tangle it all up plans

Here come the Latin gangs
Spreading out their web of connections
Extending into Mexico and Al Queda
Who’d have guessed that direction

Except the brown hating people
Who stand in the new worlds way
It’s spoken in the Arts Organizations meetings
Getting their funding by the NEA

Stinking Racist Gringos

There time is almost over
All National Borders will end
And then La Raza will rise
And will put in power the real men

The movement is spreading
Who among us dares to speak out
Who dares to call it what it is
Who is not cowed by fear and doubt

10:22 pm
transcribed this time
6:43 pm