Monday, May 30, 2005


On why not to give Zarqawi
The death penalty

That's a great idea ...

Give all the terrorists in Bagdad
Real long expensive trials and then
Real long expensive appeals

And then real long jail sentences
Where they get to play tennis watch tv
And are supplied counselors so they can
Work out how they feel

And if that takes books out of school
At least we were just and true
And if that takes food out of mouths
At least we did what good people do

And if that takes aways doctors
And nurses and medical supplies
Then that's the price that must be payed
We must approach this with understanding

Forgiving eyes

Besides the people of Iraq are used to it
They've been tortured and raped and killed
The least we should do is spend countless millions
On those who made sure those mass graves

Were over flowingly filled

10:40 pm
transcribed this time
10:49 pm


Anonymous said...

you know what i understand that terrosist schould get the death penalty but the iragi people dont deserved to get raped or tortured or sufferd in any other way because they are humans to. i would like to see you in there place. and then and only then will you understand what they feel and you will begg to died. this from a 17th year old MEXICAN american girl.and if wish to comment back here is my e-mail (

neilsthepoet said...

You seem to emphasize the MEXICAN part of

being a hypenated-American.

As in a MEXICAN american...

And you didn't even capitalize American.


Here's an idea...

Why don't you go down to Mexico and solve all their problems with your brilliance.

11:38 pm
ps....I'm not writting any randumb address and getting my computer hacked by the whacked.

But maybe that's beyond you.