Monday, May 16, 2005

If I believed this I'd get a fellowship to Berkley

There never have been any terrorists

There are only people in the world
Who are misunderstood and depressed
People who by no fault of their own
Have become innocently dangerously obsessed

Enough to strap bombs on children
To fly planes into buildings in the USA
But no matter what it's not their fault
What have we done is what we should say

How have we brought this on ourselves
What did we do to deserve being killed
Maybe if we'd all sit Richard Gere like meditating
Our hearts with peace would fill

And it would all instantly be better
And we could all sing Ditzy Chick songs
About how wonderful the UN is
And how America is of course wrong

There never have been any terrorists
And those poor confused killers would go away
If we would all apologize and listen to the
Wise wise words that Michael Moore has to say

3:38 pm

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