Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Apologist

The Apologist is

A knee crawling tennis shoe licking squirmy worm
A symp wimp all the way down to his bones
Who can never face up to personal responsibility
And is scared to death to be alone

The apologist wants quotas for jobs
The apologist want to give reparations
The apologist always wants to say we
As if they speak for us all and all situations

The apologist is smug and self righteous
Is absolutely without a doubt right
An apologists wants to collect taxes
And give them away to every minority in sight

The Apologist is

Completely self decieved by false superiority
The apologist can't see that they're blind
The apologist deep down inside unequivocably
Definitely dedicatedly sincerely

Hate their own kind

9:37 pm
with some attention
added to grammatical detail
10:17 pm

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